Are Sports Bikes Good for Beginners? (7 Reasons WHY)

Picking your first motorcycle is very difficult, there are many new riders who want to buy a sports motorcycle as their first motorcycle. Sports motorcycles attract the mind of beginner rides so much. But there are always two sides to a coin, there are some goods and some bad about sports category motorcycles. And today we are going to show you all of them.

Are you a beginner learning how to ride? Are you looking to buy your first motorcycle on which you intend to learn? Do you intend to speed through traffic and experience the thrill of going fast in the near future? If the answer to the questions above is yes, then you are heavily inclined to buy a sports bike.

There is a major question that arises from this situation though. Are sports bikes good for beginners? Sports bikes are powerful and expensive machines, which are designed to go for high speeds, and for beginners, it can be difficult to control the power. You can go with some small engine sports motorcycles to learn how to control them.

Sports bikes have some of the most advanced riding systems found on a motorcycle. And riding a sportbike requires a lot of skill & experience, and knowledge of the bike that a beginner rider is unlikely to have.

But if you still want to have a sportbike, then you can go with 200-400cc sports bikes which are relatively affordable and easy to control, and you can learn from them about all the basics of riding and motorcycle features. And after that, you can move to a higher-capacity sports bike.

Beginner riders who are learning to ride a motorcycle are unaware of road conditions. While learning to ride, the main focus of the rider is to improve their balance and clutch throttle coordination. They do not have a great feel for riding in general and also have lapses in judgment and coordination, which could end up in mistakes being committed.

The common issues that a beginner faces while riding include missing their braking points, losing their balance, and stalling the engine. As a result, they require a low powered motorcycle that is easy to handle, less complicated, and get adjusted to initially.

This helps the rider learn without having to be worried about the consequences of making a mistake. If you are still wondering why a sportbike is not meant for beginner riders, read on as we explain our reasons in detail.

Sports bikes are Powerful

Sports bikes are designed to provide riders with quick acceleration and high top speeds. This means they come with large and powerful engines that provide high torque and power outputs. 

A beginner who is not used to the motorcycle may find the engines too powerful to control. As a result, this may result in the bike stalling and prevent the rider from making much progress. 

Another issue with powerful engines could occur while turning. If the throttle application is not smooth through the corner, it may cause the bike to jerk, which could throw the rider off balance and result in grievous injuries.

Most sports bikes have top speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour. While it may seem thrilling to many, getting to those speeds requires intricate knowledge of the working and conditioning of the bike. 

A beginner is highly unlikely to have this information while learning to ride. As a result, they may make mistakes while riding. However, a sports bike can amplify those mistakes thanks to its increased speed and power, which can result in serious injury or even death. 

Sports bikes are Expensive

Sports bikes involve the latest technology in the market. These bikes are built to go fast and are amongst the most highly competitive segments in the motorcycle market.

As a result, companies ensure the parts on the bike are of premium quality, with state of the art designs for stability, engine efficiency, and aerodynamic input. The resulting costs of these bikes are quite high as a result.

As a beginner, purchasing such an expensive bike is not just a safety risk, but a questionable decision financially. Apart from the sports bike, the rider will also have to invest in good safety gear like helmets and riding jackets. The resulting cost for the beginner will be much higher than initially anticipated.

In the unfortunate event of a crash, which is highly likely when you are a beginner, very few garages are equipped with the tools, parts, and paint finish needed to restore your bike. This will result in a hefty bill that may ruin your whole experience of owning a sports bike. 

Sports bikes require constant Care and Maintenance

Sports bikes are designed in a way that they demand the absolute maximum from all the components involved. This means the tolerance of the parts on your bike is very low.

If these tolerances are exceeded, the performance of the bike falls off a cliff with very noticeable performance and efficiency drops. 

keep a check on your motorcycle health
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Sports bikes are also designed for a very specific riding style. A different riding style not only reduces the performance but could also have adverse effects on the motorcycle in the long run.

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As a result, riders have to take extreme care to ensure their ride is in good condition and performs at optimum levels. It requires professional service and maintenance checks to ensure the bike has no issues. 

As a beginner, the rider may be unaware of these requirements and may not realize the symptoms of any issue. This could pose a safety risk to the rider as the failure of any of the parts could result in a high-speed accident that could prove costly.

Sports Bikes require Skill and Experience

Sports bikes are very powerful machines. Just like Spiderman said; “With great power comes great responsibility”. In the motorcycling world, great responsibility also requires great skill, which comes with experience and a good road sense that develops over time. 

Wear Proper Riding Gears
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Experience helps riders develop a good sense of judgment on the road. This is extremely crucial as the reaction times are very less for the rider at high speeds. Sports bikes are provided with drive-by-wire throttle responses which help you accelerate instantly. 

They also have very powerful braking and suspension systems that are not commonly found. The handling and stability of these bikes, especially while cornering is also a challenge for most riders. 

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Experienced riders are aware of these factors and pay attention to these details. As a result, they get used to the bike quickly. As a beginner, these factors are a lot more challenging as they do not have a general road sense or feel for riding.

This may create a lot of anxiety for the rider, which will cause them to make more mistakes and lapses of judgment. This could result in the bike stalling, a loss of balance, or even a serious accident.

Sports Bikes have Low Fuel Efficiency

Sports bikes have large and powerful engines. These engines have high torque and power outputs that require increased engine capacity. As a result, sportbikes are gasoline guzzling machines that provide some of the worst fuel economies. This will result in the rider having to make frequent stops at gas stations to top up their ride before they can get going.

Being a motorcycle, these bikes are restricted by aerodynamic and weight limitations. This makes it more difficult for the riders to store extra fuel in the event of long distances between gas stations. As a result, sports bikes are not suited for highway and adventure touring.

As a beginner, a rider may be caught unaware of the fuel efficiency of the bike. On long trips, they could have very little time to react to a low fuel warning. As a result, they may run out of gas, which could leave them stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Sports Bikes are Uncomfortable to Ride

Sports bikes are designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. This means the rider’s posture is fixed in such a way that their body does not add additional drag to the riding experience as this could slow down the bike.

As a result, the posture of a rider on a sports back is very aggressive, with the rider leaning forward and the drop handlebars ensuring you remain tucked in. While this may look great and classic, it is also a very uncomfortable position to remain in for extended periods of time.

Sports Bikes are Uncomfortable to Ride

The rider faces unusual stress on their backs and shoulders as they are not in a relaxed state. It could also result in a slightly uncomfortable wrist position as reaching the brake and clutch pedals can be quite the stretch.

To allow increased lean angles, the ground clearance, and the seat height of the bike are also increased. This can be quite a stretch for shorter riders, who may end up tiptoeing while coming to a stop.

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The posture also results in difficulty while handling as you will require a larger effort from your entire body to lean the bike into corners and turns. As a beginner, a rider may find the posture hard to adjust to. The discomfort could keep them preoccupied, which further increases the chance of mistakes, especially while cornering.

Sports Bikes are not All-Weather Motorcycles

Sports bikes were designed primarily for track use, with many racing features being integrated into the bike. However, the sports bike needs the maximum traction from the road in order to have the necessary grips at high speeds and lean angles. However, weather can affect the performance of the bike quite dramatically.

Rainy conditions reduce the friction of the tires with the road due to the presence of water. Sports bikes are equipped with slick tires that are designed for dry conditions to provide maximum grip.

In the wet, they do not have the required grooves to remove water from the point of contact. This can result in a very slippery ride, with the bike sliding all over the place. 

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The high torque of the bike adds to the complications. Even skilled riders with wet weather experience may find it challenging to tackle these conditions.

As a beginner, these conditions will be near impossible to tackle, with the sports bike making things all the more difficult. This may really stress the rider out and can lead to errors that could result in an accident.

Best Sports Bikes For A Beginner Rider

If you are still keen on learning to ride on a sports bike, then here are a few options that you can consider. These bikes offer great performance but are easier to learn and get used to compared to other models which may have more power and cost you more. 

Yamaha YZF-R3

The Yamaha YZF-R3 belongs to the R-series of sports bikes manufactured by Yamaha, wIth aerodynamics and bodywork similar to that found on its MotoGP bikes. Its sleek and stylish looks make it one of the most visually appealing motorcycles on the road, making it hard to miss.

Coming to performance, the bike offers a liquid-cooled inline 2-cylinder engine that is smooth but produces high amounts of torque and power. Thanks to its smooth 6-speed gearbox, riders enjoy great performance and acceleration from the motorcycle, making it ideal for highway cruising. 

The lightweight chassis and balanced design also ensure superb handling and cornering ability, allowing you to maneuver through traffic with ease. Despite being a sports bike, it has comfortable ergonomics that do not put too much stress on your body while riding. 

With a mileage of around 50 miles per gallon, this makes it a great choice for riders looking to enjoy the occasional long ride.

Other features of the bike include LED lighting for improved visibility especially during nighttime, as well as ABS braking systems to improve rider safety and improve the overall riding experience.

Kawasaki Ninja 400

The Ninja series of bikes have a huge fan following thanks to its trademark designs and high octane performance. The Kawasaki Ninja 400 is one of the most popular models in the under 400cc motorcycle segment, finding several customers looking for a ride that offers a great balance between performance and everyday usability.

This model from the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has a twin-cylinder engine that has the best-in-class specifications in its category. It has a 6-speed gearbox that ensures smooth power delivery.

The clutch is light and easy to operate while coming with an assist function that helps new riders shift without stalling the bike. It also helps accommodate several riding styles and thus has an easier learning curve.

The chassis is lightweight and aerodynamically fared. As a result, riders have improved top speed and better stability, ensuring highway riding becomes a pleasurable activity. It also helps improve the handling and cornering characteristics of the bike, making it the perfect choice for riders looking for a complete riding experience.

Features like ABS, disc brakes, and LED headlamps to help improve the stopping power and safety aspects of the motorcycle, which makes it a great model for beginners. The Ergo-Fit design of the chassis ensures a comfortable riding position that allows riders to be at ease. 

A mileage of 65 miles per gallon makes it the best model to choose for beginners looking to enjoy a daily commuter motorcycle with great performance.

KTM RC390 or Duke 390

The KTM RC390 is an Austrian sports bike that is ideal for beginner riders looking for a nimble and performance-oriented motorcycle. Its attractive paint schemes and features make it a popular choice amongst younger riders looking to experience the thrill of speed. 

While the RC390 is a fully-faired version with aerodynamic bodywork, the Duke 360 is its naked version with similar performance specifications.

Thanks to a unique intake design combined with a fuel injection system, this bike offers high torque and power outputs that provide it with a burst of acceleration. The 6-speed gearbox allows riders to cruise at high speeds, while a ride-by-wire technology allows riders to have instantaneous throttle response when commanded. 

With an average mileage of 67 miles per gallon, this bike allows you to go on long rides without having to worry about running out of gas.

The bike has a lightweight chassis with clip-on handlebars that improve the handling characteristics of the bike. The center of gravity thanks to the weight distribution allows riders to turn in quickly, making it a fun ride on twisty roads. As a result, one can enjoy the bike on track as much as they would on regular roads. 

With bodywork integrated headlights, ABS, and an LCD cluster, riders enjoy a good blend of technology and safety, allowing them to focus on the ride ahead. It also has comfortable ergonomics and a semi-upright riding position that allows riders to commute comfortably in daily situations. 

Suzuki GSX250R

The Suzuki GSX250R is a bike that carries an aggressive visual appeal from the minute you set eyes on it. This fully-faired motorcycle from the Japanese manufacturer is a mix of high performance and great reliability, making it a favorite amongst regular riders as well as beginners looking for a sports bike.

The 248cc engine has a crisp response and delivers a good amount of torque at the low and mid-range, giving riders a good amount of acceleration from the minute they let the brakes go. This is further assisted by the 6-speed gearbox that allows riders to cruise at high speeds as well as accelerate quickly in urban traffic.

The fully-faired aerodynamic package on this bike reduces drag, while its styling pays homage to its Japanese roots. Its double cradle chassis frame and adjustable suspension action allow riders to adjust the bike according to their riding styles, making it a great model to learn and improve your riding skills.

If you are considering owning a sports bike that allows for long-distance riding, the comfortable ergonomics of the GSX250R coupled with a total range of 280 miles makes it an ideal choice. Clip-on handlebars also improve the rider’s posture without causing too much strain to the body especially over extended periods.

Yamaha MT03

The Yamaha MT03 belongs to the Mt series, another popular line of motorcycles from the Japanese manufacturer.

This naked sports bike is designed with the visual appeal of street fighter motorcycles and is coupled with features that contribute to its enhanced performance. This makes it a popular choice amongst riders looking for a lightweight and powerful motorcycle that is built to thrill.

The liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine provides a large amount of power and torque throughout the rev range. The smooth throttle response and light clutch further allow riders to accelerate quickly whenever required. Offering a mileage of 56 miles per gallon, it is a great option for those looking for something that works well on track and highway distances.

The diamond frame on this motorcycle ensures great strength to the chassis of the motorcycle while ensuring improved handling and stability. The mass-forward tank design and naked looks give riders a better balance, allowing them to turn the bike quickly around corners and through traffic.

With comfortable riding ergonomics and a semi-aggressive stance, riders get a sporty feel while riding, without causing too much stress on their body over long distances. Advanced features like ABS, LCDs, and LED headlamps and indicators enhance the overall rider experience.

Honda CBR300R

The Honda CBR300R is one of the oldest and most reliable sports bikes available to date. Building on years of experience in the superbike industry and Japanese engineering, this motorcycle offers great performance and a thrilling experience, without costing you a substantial amount of money.

The single-cylinder engine is designed to maximize efficiency without reducing the performance characteristics of this motorcycle. Coupled with a 6-speed transmission allows riders to ride at high speeds without straining the engine too much. It provides good amounts of power throughout the rev range, making it an ideal ride for beginners looking for a sports bike.

The classic styling of the bike attracts the visual appeal of many riders with a love for superbikes. It also allows the chassis of the bike to be narrower, making it more aerodynamically efficient. This reduction of drag combined with a low seat height improves the handling and cornering abilities, making this one of the most efficient sports bikes to date.

With the best fuel economy of all the bikes on this list; a whopping 71 miles per gallon, this sports bike is the perfect ride for riders with an innate desire to go on long-distance tours. It also has the option of adding ABS, making it a safer ride for beginners looking to master the braking aspects of these powerful machines.

Important Things to Remember before Buying your First Motorcycle

  • Take a Motorcycle Safety course

Riding a motorcycle is a dangerous activity that involves a high amount of risk. However, undergoing professional courses or riding for many years helps develop instincts and reflexes that might just end up saving your life.

Motorcycle courses are a good place to start if you are a beginner. These courses not only detail various aspects of riding but also prepare you for situations that will require quick thinking and presence of mind.

This helps develop your instincts and better focus while riding in the real world, allowing you to be in control of your ride at all times.

  • Get Essential Riding Gear

Every rider is at risk of meeting with an accident someday or the other. In such situations, riding gear can be the difference between light and death.

As a beginner, you are more susceptible to making errors in judgment or panicking in tricky conditions. As a result, you are at a higher risk of meeting with an accident.

The helmet is the most important riding gear that must never be ignored. Buy a good quality helmet that offers good protection and comfort. Riding boots and gloves offer improved protection to your limbs, helping you stay safe and in better control of your ride.

Riding apparel like jackets and pants offer additional padding to other areas of the body, which can come in handy in situations involving high-speed impacts. They are also designed to keep you comfortable and mitigate weather conditions like rain and wind to improve your stability while riding.

  • Do your Research

The excitement of purchasing a new motorcycle can easily cloud your judgment. It is important to keep in mind that buying a new ride is a long-term investment that is meant to serve you for many years in the future. Therefore, it is important to understand your requirements and preferences as a rider and make a wise choice.

Have a good idea about the kind of motorcycle you are looking for beforehand. Ensure that you have a budget and a set of features that you are not willing to compromise on.

Also, make a note of service and spare parts costs to ensure you do not spend too much money in the future to keep your ride in shape. This will help you make a prudent investment that serves you well for a long time.

  •  Learn about motorcycles as much as you can

If you have a liking for motorcycles, then try to gain as much knowledge about the different types of bikes that are available in the market. Try to join local riding clubs which allow you to get in touch with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts with multiple years of experience. 

The internet also offers you information about virtually every single part of a motorcycle. Experts in the industry and riders from across the world write blogs about different bikes and advances in technology, making it a great place for you to gain more information.

  • Take test drives of the bike that you like

Once you make a shortlist of 4 – 5 models across different brands, make sure to visit a showroom and do a test ride. This will help you understand certain real-life aspects of the motorcycle that vary from person to person. This includes aspects like ride height, ergonomics, and riding posture which can be crucial in the long run.

Do not try to race your motorcycle during the test ride. Speak with the showroom salespersons to get a better idea of how to go about your test ride. Once you have completed test riding all the options, you will have the best idea of which motorcycle is the best fit for you.

  • Buy a New Motorcycle

Purchasing a second-hand motorcycle can be a cheaper investment. However, it carries the risk of having issues that cannot be detected by the naked eye. You may have to make additional inquiries on the previous owners and insurance on the bike, which makes it a cumbersome process for new riders with little knowledge.

You may also be scammed by riders looking to make you a deal that you can hardly believe, only to realize later that you have an expensive service or repair job that could cost you more than you would like. 

If it is your first motorcycle, it is better to go for a new model. Not only do you get access to company-authorized services like mechanics and spare parts, but you can also seek additional support and warranty in case you encounter any issues.

It is also a more transparent process that makes sure you know exactly what you are paying for.