Ownership Review of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet (5 Years)

A helmet is one of the most essential gears for any rider, and everyone wants to own one that’s best in every perspective. It’s not just about safety, but the looks and design of the helmet matter too. As such, the retro helmet market is pretty famous.

The cool and vintage look that any retro-style helmet gives is just fantastic. Now, when it does come to such helmets, you cannot think of anything better than the Bell Bullit Helmets. 

Bell has been in the industry for over 60 years and has a phenomenal collection of retro-style, vintage-looking helmets.

It’s not just about what I’ve heard about these helmets, but I speak from my personal experience that Bell Bullitt is a helmet you’re going to love (at least I do!). 

So, if you’re looking out to get one for yourself, go ahead and read this review to help you come to a better decision!

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review

Bell Bullit Helmets are a popular name in the retro helmet market, and they own it. They have a cool design with the perfect retro look that will totally match the looks of your vintage bikes. 

So when this helmet came out, I was eager to try it, and I don’t regret my decision at all. 

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review

It’s been five years since the Bell Bullitt Helmet has been my safe companion on the roads, and I felt like a review was on the charts to help other riders know how great it is.

So, here is my ownership review of the Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet to help you understand and know how great it is in every aspect. Here are the things that we have found in our testing and review.

  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Weight: 1426g +/- 50g (Size M)
  • Safety: DOT & ECE Certified
  • Warranty: 5 years


Bell Bullit Helmets are most famous for their stellar design that perfectly resembles a retro and vintage look. The helmet has various color options, and all of them are just fantastic. 

I own the Gloss Black colorway option of the helmet, and the paint is excellent with stunning uniformity.

Even the interior design of the helmet matches the exterior colors. The interior is made with brown leather and suede fabric that is breathable and soft, making the helmet very comfortable.

Additionally, the exterior of the helmet is designed with some amazing graphics that enhance its look. A major highlight in the helmet design is the shell sculpting in the rear and the chrome winds in the front and lower portion. 

These design additions further enhance the retro and vintage look of the helmet. Overall, the helmet design is very attractive and appealing, and I am totally in awe of the vintage look it provides. You can customize the outer shell according to your needs and likes from the official Bell Bullit website page.

Outer Shell

The outer shell of the helmet is fantastic, with excellent exterior sculpting that adds to its retro look and vintage style. Additionally, you shall have no problem finding the right shell size for your head, given the fact that the helmet comes in three different shell sizes.

This part is important given the fact that a wrong shell size will compromise the protection that the helmet can guarantee. Moreover, it will be uncomfortable and make you look very odd. With Bell Bullitt, you at least need not worry about any of these issues.

Generally, manufacturers don’t come with many shell sizes in these lower-budget helmets. However, since Bell has offered that, and that too in a manner to fit all kinds of heads, we can see the dedication it has to its helmets.

In addition to providing the right shell size, the outer shell is strong as well, built with lightweight and composite fiberglass material.

So, the outer shell is built for comfort, flexibility, and safety. That’s all you can ask for in a great helmet!

Inner Foam Material

The inner foam material plays a great role in deciding the comfort level that a helmet offers. For the Bell Bullitt helmet, the comfort is pretty amazing with the soft suede leather fabric used for the inner lining of the helmet.

Additionally, the helmet uses EPS foam for the interior padding in the helmet. 

This foam material is not only soft but lightweight as well, which makes sure that the padding is not heavy on your cheeks and head or takes up too much space. 

With all that, the helmet remains comfortable, unless you have got a smaller size which gives a problem with the fit as well.

Moreover, the inner foam and lining of the helmet are entirely perforated, which adds to the ventilation offered by the helmet. 

So, you have enough breathing space, and the air will easily pass in and out of your helmet in all kinds of weather.

During our testing and usage, we have found it is comfortable to wear for long rides as well, the liner inside it is lightweight and comfortable and doesn’t create any problem.

Fitting of Helmet

Until and unless a helmet fits your head perfectly, you can neither be comfortable nor be safe wearing it. So, you need to get a helmet that offers a proper fitting. 

Luckily enough for the Bell Bullitt helmet, fitting is never an issue. Not only does the helmet come in three different shell sizes to fit your head, but you can also find six different fitting sizes of the helmet, and every size has a very snug fit.

However, it shall be wise on your part to go for a slightly larger size, ideally, one size larger than the size of your head. 

With this, even if your head grows quite a few inches during any season, you shall not face issues with the fitting of the helmet. 

Moreover, having a helmet that’s one size bigger than the size of your head feels more comfortable as it gives you enough breathing space too.


Safety is the most important aspect of a helmet. You wear it to protect your head and skull as you ride your bike. 

So, it’s important that you pick a helmet that meets all the essential safety standards. Fortunately, Bell Bullitt helmets meet most safety standards and requirements, which makes them great for the picks.

Although the Bell Bullitt Helmet has not gone through the Snell test yet, it is a DOT and ECE-certified helmet. 

That’s a significant mark and evidence of its safety and protection. Additionally, the helmet has got a SHARP rating of 3 stars out of five. That’s a pretty good score.

Additionally, you can identify the strength and safety of the helmet just by looking at its material and build quality. 

Being made of lightweight fiberglass material in the outer shell and soft suede leather used for the inner lining, the helmet looks pretty great in terms of its strength and will surely protect your head well.

Given all these materials and build quality, as well as the ratings and certifications from known associations and bodies, we can trust Bell Bullitt for a good performance when it comes to safety.

It has, after all, kept me protected for over five years now, and given the kind of adventures I experience during my rides, I would say that I am pretty impressed with the safety and protection that this helmet offers.

Windshield and View from Helmet 

I totally love the view from the helmet. The shield has a pretty wide aperture that offers an excellent view, and I can watch things over a wider range without needing to turn my head a lot. In that sense, the helmet feels quite an open-face helmet, even with the shield on.

I even love the fact that the helmet has two different shield styles, the flat shield, and the bubble shield. 

Bell Bullitt Review
CC: Coolhunting

I personally recommend using the bubble shield given the fact that the flat one offers very little space between the face and the shield, thereby restricting the breathing room. Moreover, the bubble shield looks more retro in its style.

The way you can carry the shield is also great. You have three options to keep your shield on. You can either keep it up, down, or somewhere between the up and down position. 

Now, this is quite flexible, but I would rather have had one more position that could keep the shield slightly open in the bottom when in the down position, at least in the colder temperatures.

Since the shield lacks this position, it becomes pretty difficult to have a clear view during the winters due to fog build-up on the shield. Nonetheless, it’s nothing that an anti-fog treatment cannot solve, only if you are willing to spend some extra dollars on the same!


A helmet needs to be breathable, and that’s something that Bell Bullitt has an established name in. The Bell Bullitt Helmet is known for its excellent ventilation, and I have had first-hand experience in the same.

The helmet has multiple features and functionalities in its design that ensure proper ventilation within the helmet. 

The helmet has five different metal mesh vents that ensure a smooth flow of air within the helmet. Additionally, there is a vent in the rear of the helmet, which helps the air to further pass over the top of the head.

Besides that, the vent around the chin bar of the helmet is adjustable, and you can open or close it as per your comfort and convenience.

In addition to all these aerodynamic vents in the helmet, the interior suede lining and the foam are entirely perforated. This perforation in the inner foam and lining further helps the air to pass through the helmet more smoothly, thereby adding up to the proper ventilation.

The breathing room and ventilation do restrict a little due to lesser space between the face and shield (when the shield is flat), but this hasn’t come as a problem to me, given the fact that I opted for the bubble shield that increased the space for me.

Overall, the helmet has a good breathing room with proper ventilation channels and will never cause discomfort, even when you wear it on longer rides for invariably long periods.



  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Comfortable material for the inner lining and foam
  • The wide aperture of the windshield offers an excellent viewing range
  • Excellent ventilation channels provide enough breathing room
  • Vibrant and cool colors to choose from for the perfect vintage and retro look
  • Excellent and comfortable fitting with multiple shell sizes and fitting sizes
  • High safety standards with DOT and ECE certification and a good SHARP rating


  • The lack of space between face and shield when you opt for the flat shield
  • The noise that the helmet makes when you ride at higher speeds
  • The fog build-up on the shield when riding in colder regions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How safe is the Bell Bullitt?

    Bell Bullitt Helmet has not gone through the Snell test yet, it is a DOT and ECE-certified helmet. So, yes it is a safe helmet that you can wear while riding a motorcycle.

  • How long does a Bell helmet last?

    Every helmet has an expiry date, but the company recommends the helmet every 3 years, but one should change a helmet after a minimum of 3-4 years of use.

  • How does Bell Bullitt fit?

    Bell Bullitt comes in three different shell sizes to fit your head, it is best suited for a round shape face, but one with a lean face can make it fit using thicker cheek pads.


So, this was my ownership review of the Bell Bullitt Helmet. I absolutely love the design and build of the helmet. 

It’s very comfortable to wear, and I love how there are so many different sizes so that the helmet might fit all kinds of heads.

The safety with the SHARP rating and DOT and ECE certification is also guaranteed, and I have first-hand experienced the protection that this helmet offers.

Although there are some issues, such as the fog build-up and the excessive noise that the helmet makes. Nonetheless, it does not negate the good in the helmet.

Overall, the helmet is excellent. I have loved using it, and I still do, and you shall not regret buying it. So, go for it, and let me know how much you like it!

Important things to keep in mind before buying a Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmets are an important part of a rider’s safety gear and should be worn every time you ride.

Choosing the right helmet for motorcyclists is a crucial decision. It not only protects their head and face but also their brain.

There are a lot of different styles and brands to choose from and it can be overwhelming when trying to make the decision on what the best helmet may be for your needs. To help with this, we have compiled a list of tips to keep in mind when considering which helmet is best for you.

There are many factors to consider while buying a helmet. The most important one is the safety of the rider and how well it will protect them in an accident. 

The second thing is to find out whether the helmet will fit the type of vehicle they are driving or planning to purchase in the future. 

Thirdly, narrow down on your budget and buy a helmet that fits into your budget range without compromising on quality and safety features.

The safety of the rider, the helmet’s fit, the helmet’s weight, and ventilation are all things one should keep in mind before buying a motorcycle helmet.

The most critical thing to keep in mind while buying a motorcycle helmet is that it should protect you adequately. As well as being comfortable, light and ventilated.

Motorcycle helmets are designed to offer protection for the most vulnerable parts of the head. They are made of shatter-resistant plastic or fiberglass. The shell is made of several layers that use a system of crushable foam, which is designed to absorb the energy from an impact and prevent it from reaching your skull.

Since your helmet protects you in case of accidents, it is important to take some time before buying one so you can make sure you’ve done your research and know what brand, type, and style will best suit your needs.

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