Best Enduro Handguards, the best way to Protect your Hands and Handlebar

If you are looking for enduro handguards, it won’t be an easy task due to the availability of numerous brand options in the online market. Hence, to help you out of this struggle, we have curated the top nine best dirt bike handguards and their features. Here are some of the best dirt bike handguards:

  1. JFG RACING Motorcycle Universal Hand Guards
  2. JFG Racing Dirt Bike Hand Guards Handguards
  3. Acerbis 2072670002 Uniko White Vented Handguard
  4. PowerMadd 34204 Star Series Handguard
  5. Acerbis 2041780001 Uniko Black Handguard
  6. JFG Racing Handguards Dirt Bike Hand Guards
  7. Fast Pro Hand Guards
  8. AnXin Handlebar Hand Guards
  9. GOOFIT Motocross Hand Guards

Do you like to travel a lot on your bike? That will be a great experience, isn’t it? However, have you ever faced any accidents where your bike’s gear would be broken and on top with the severely injured knuckles?

If you have, then you must know the value of handguards. We have made a list of some of the best and top-rated best motocross handguards. Handguards are one of the essential pieces of equipment which should be attached to the handlebars of your motorbike.

However, the position of the handguard’s attachment either to the inside or top or under of the handlebar is solely dependent on the model of your bike and your choice of the handguard. Handguards are highly beneficial in protecting your hands and knuckles against various dangerous external factors such as hard rocks, mud, cold wind, and extreme climatic conditions.

9 Best Enduro Handguards

Handguards are also defined as the reinforcement of the gloves. Whatever your bike model is, whether its motocross, off-road bike, or enduro, it is imperative to begin your riding with the handguards to ensure your protection and bike safety.

Out of all roost is the most dangerous obstacle for the riders, hence the best enduro handguards could protect your knuckles while saving your cables and lever around the handlebars. While you are looking for handguards, you would find most of the handguards are universally fit. However, some of the handguards are also available with an adjustable option based on your expectations.

In short, if you have the best handguards while traveling, then you don’t need to spend much on any repairs or for your treatment.

JFG RACING Motorcycle Universal Hand Guards

Best motocross hand guards
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JFG Racing Motorcycle universal handguards top the list of best dirt bike handguards due to their durability. Despite the additional benefits, the handguard is available at an affordable price.

They are produced with a combination of aluminum and plastic materials. With this blended body of the handguard, it can save you from bumping into dirt and rocks and withstand cold weather.

It works efficiently and is quite suitable if you are a beginner while running your bike. You might be concerned when you are riding your bike for a long time due to the fatigue in your hand or fingers.

However, when you have this best handguard, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. The package is included with a universal installation kit, which makes the installation process quick and straightforward.

It doesn’t compromise with the storage space, as it got expansive room for storing your brake cables and other accessories. This is the Best Seller Hand Guard of Amazon with 544 reviews and 4.0/5 stars.

  • It is the best mix handguard, which is composed of both plastic and aluminum materials.
  • With the available accessories, the product is relatively easy to install.
  • The design and style of the handguard would improve the appearance of your bike.
  • The handguard is made with quality, which reduces the fatigue in your hands and fingers.
  • It fit all the handlebars and safeguards you from brush, rocks, mud, and cold wind.


  • Universal mounting feature
  • Prevents fatigue in your hand or finger
  • Compatible
  • Extensive storage for brake cables
  • Easy to set up


  • Low quality if installation hardware accessories

JFG Racing Dirt Bike Hand Guards Handguards

best dirt bike handguards
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JFG Racing Dirt Bike handguards is another perfect product delivered by the same manufacturer, its benefits, and features. This motocross handguard is recommended for a reasonable price by the users.

It has a dimension of 12.5 x 6.6 x 3.9 inches and 1.74 pounds of weight. The handguard is manufactured with a superior aluminum bar that won’t be a victim for shedding the paint. Hence, you can expect extended-lasting usage of the product.

It is available with a warranty period of 180 days after the sale. Apart from the complete storage room for the brake wires and cable ones, they are also efficient in protecting the hands. Prevent the accidents against brush, muds, rocks, and any erratic cold wind, and nothing could stop you from riding the bike.

The product is a blend of both plastic and aluminum alloy, which has a higher resistance impact and has more sturdy quality.

  • It is equipped with protective features to protect your fingers and hands from fatigue while driving.
  • You will be provided with plenty of room for brake control wires and other accessories.
  • It will give a perfect look to your bike with its magnificent black color.
  • The design of the product makes it suitable for all the dirt bikes, enduro handlebars.
  • The package is available with a set of handguards along with a universal mounting kit.


  • Simple installation process
  • Sturdy manufacturing materials
  • Worth your money
  • High durability


  • Gaps found between the mounting brackets

Acerbis 2072670002 Uniko White Vented Handguard

best MX hand guard
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Acerbis Uniko Vented Handguard is produced from the firm, which keeps its product best and perfect. It is one of the best dirt bike handguards, and it is made with various beneficial features.

The design has stimulated good airflow, which makes it suitable to ride in hot climates. It could deliver high performance according to the numerous reviews from the customers.

It is one of the best enduro handguards due to its easy setup and a manual guide. Due to its manufacturing with polypyrene lightweight materials, it won’t be a burden to your motorcycle.

It weighs only 10.5 ounces with a height dimension of 10.4 x 5 x 4.3 inches. This product is also included with a universal mounting kit, which makes you position the guards and adjust the levers’ angle.

Even though the handguard is available with a nylon mount kit, you can also get the aluminum race mounting kit if you want. The versatile nature of the handguard makes it suitable to use for your MX bikes.

  • The product is designed, which is suitable to use while riding in areas with hot climatic conditions.
  • It is manufactured with polypropylene, which is less in weight and could provide proper ventilation.
  • The handguard has excellent performance and high durability.
  • The package is also included with a nylon mount and aluminum race mounting kit.
  • The users can place the angle of the lever as per the need with the universal mount kit.


  • Lightweight and easy installation process
  • Affordable price
  • Available in different colors
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Only has roost protection
  • Mounts are made with nylon which is lower than aluminum

PowerMadd 34204 Star Series Handguard

dirt bike handguard reviews
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The manufacturer is not only known for its best motorcycle ramp but also handguards. PowerMadd Star series handguard is one of the best cheap dirt bike handguards if you have ATV, Snowbike, or motorcycle.

However, the brand doesn’t compromise its quality despite the affordable price. Another advanced feature of the handguard is that it is available with different options of colors.

It safeguards your motorcycle, ATV, and snowmobiles. It belongs to the favorite list of the customers due to the presence of removable vent covers. The option improves the flow of air whenever you need it. In case you are traveling during the cold season, you can snap it back to provide warmness to the skin. 

If you got mounting hardware accessories with you but only need the handguard, then you can go for this handguard, which comes within your budget. Whatever the model your bike is, the handguards fit into them and won’t disappoint the users.

  • The handguard is available with innovative design to protect your ATV, Motorcycle, and snowmobile.
  • The product also supports mounting kit, snap-in extensions, and add-on mirrors, which could be purchased separately.
  • It also allows the users to remove the vent covers if they need to improve air circulation.
  • If you need cooler weather, then you can snap out the vent cover back.
  • Unlike other handguards brands with single color options, this powermadd handguard provides various user color options.


  • Detachable vent covers
  • Used in various ways
  • Available in different colors
  • Fits to complete range bike models
  • Reasonable price


  • Need to purchase the mounting kit separately

Acerbis 2041780001 Uniko Black Handguard

Best mx hand guard
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Acerbis Uniko Black handguard, which is highly recommended for its quality, is the best MX handguard, ensuring both durability and safety.

Besides, it improves the look of your bike with a sleek and beautiful design. Wherever you are riding either a forest or a desert, you don’t need to worry if you got this Acerbis handguard with you.

The unique feature of the product is that it makes the installation process simple. So, you don’t need any professionals to help fit it, and it won’t be much of your valuable time.

It provides incomparable protection to the user and, at the same time, gives excellent airflow to your hands. The increased airflow would make you comfortable during traveling.

This excellent ventilation is due to the presence of top and bottom ventilated areas in the product. It could safeguard your knuckles and hands from any obstacles like small shrubs, roots, massive rocks, and tree branches.

Due to the high protection facility, it is mostly used by professional racers too. The product is lightweight to fit the bike due to the polypropylene materials.

  • It is available with a universal mounting kit for the easy installation process.
  • With the excellent black color of the handguard, it never fails to promote your bike’s look.
  • The materials used in the production of the handguard makes it suitable for hot climatic conditions.
  • It is also equipped with a large ventilation area, which stimulates the airflow through space.
  • The product is highly efficient, safe, and durable for long time use.


  • Comfortable and safe to use
  • Easy to mount on the vehicle
  • Provide maximum protection
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Mostly compatible for MX bikes

JFG Racing Handguards Dirt Bike Hand Guards

best motorcycle hand guards
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The brand is known for its production of various best dirt bike handle guards, and these JFC racing dirt bike handguards also come with the same quality and durability.

The handguard is known as universal fitment due to its ability to fit into all motorbikes. It is also available in vibrant colors, including red, white, and blue, black, and orange. Due to its perfect diameter range, it would fit into all the range of handlebars.

Like the other product of this brand, it also protects your hands from fatigue and rocks, brush, rocks, and cold weather. You don’t need more time to fit this to your bike with the help of a mounting kit.

The product is highly durable due to the blending of both PP plastic and Aluminium alloy.

  • It is designed to make it fit for all the bikes with handlebars range of 7/8” AND 1 1/8”.
  • The package is available with a set of handguards along with the mounting kits for easy setup.
  • The handguard is produced with the combination of both PP plastic and aluminum alloy.
  • You have comprehensive color options like Red, white, black, orange, and blue colors.
  • It is manufactured in a way to make it suitable for almost all the motorbikes.


  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Great thickness material
  • Worth investment


  • Variations in color when compared with the picture
  • Not included with the manual instruction guide

Fast Pro Hand Guards

best dirt bike handle guards
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It is another handguard that is available with attractive red color, and it enhances the appearance of your bike. These handguards are manufactured by Fast Pro Company, which does not compromise on the quality of the product no matter what.

It is lightweight with 1.8 pounds and a dimension of 13.9 x 6.61 x 4.88 inches of height. Despite the features, the handguards are only compatible with the dirt bikes alone.

The company also provides 90 days warranty to the users once they purchase the product. The customers can also enjoy the 10% offer on the sales of handle sets.

The quality of the product is detected with the PP Plastic and aluminum alloy. The customers prefer them due to their low prices with the best features.

  • The red color of the product gives a magnificent look to your dirt bike.
  • It is the perfect match for the bike with the handlebar range of 7/8” 22MM and 1 1/8” 28 MM.
  • The manufacturer provides a 10% discount on handle sets with the handguards.
  • The product is curated with the combined materials of both PP plastic and aluminum alloy.
  • It has an expansive storage area for storing both cables and brake lines.


  • Great Durability
  • Robust materials
  • Simple installation method
  • Affordable price
  • 90-day warranty


  • Not fit for all the bikes
  • Installation might be challenging for the beginners as it did not include the instruction guide

AnXin Handlebar Hand Guards

AnXin 22mm 7/8” Handlebar handguards is an entire brand new one produced with top-quality materials such as PP plastic and aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy in the handguard makes the product both sturdy and durable. You are provided with various options of colors where you can select the suitable one.

Best Enduro Handguards
CC: Amazon

The clamp option for the product is 7/8″ 22 MM where you should be measured before making the decision. Depending on the clamp area of the handlebar, they have the choices of mounting brackets.

The package is included with a mounting kit, which induces the easy installation process. It is also highly efficient in safeguarding your hands and knuckles not only from fatigue due to long traveling but also from brush, rocks, mud, and cold wind.

There is vast space for brake cable controls and other parts.

  • The handguard is available with a wide range of colors where you can choose one to fit the bike.
  • It is primarily used in protecting your hands from fatigue due to a long time traveling.
  • The product is available with the mounting kit, which aids in a fast and straightforward installation process.
  • It is available with a clamp option of 7/8 inches 28 MM and various mounting bracket options.
  • It is made of 100% high-quality materials combined with both PP Plastic and Aluminium alloy.


  • Great value for the money
  • Committed customer service
  • Entirely brand new
  • Mounting kit
  • Efficient protection


  • May not be a good fit for all types of bikes
  • Not included with the manual guide

GOOFIT Motocross Hand Guards

Best dirt bike handle guards
CC: Amazon

GOOFIT handguards are one of the perfect products from a trustworthy company. Goofit main aim is to provide its best to the customers with their quality services.

It was found in 2000, and they are not only experts in the production of handguards but also ATVs parts, Go Karts parts, Dirt bikes parts pocket, Moped scooter parts, and others online through their website too.

Along with a pair of handguards, the package also comes with a Goofit keychain. It is known to save your hands against brush, rocks, cold wind, and cold wind.

It also has plenty of room for the brake cables control and others. It is the best replacement for almost all types of off-road vehicles and motorcycles. During long travel, the handguard works efficiently in minimizing the fatigue in your hands or knuckles.

  • The sleek design of the handguard makes your bike look royal and elegant.
  • It is the perfect replacement for all types of 22MM or 28 MM diameter, handlebar ATV, dirt bike, street modifications Universal handlebar, and other model bikes.
  • It is designed with anchor ear holes spacing of 22 MM or 7/8” along with 14 MM to 20 MM diameter of tension pipe.
  • The exterior part of the handguard is made with sturdy plastic, while the inner is aluminum.
  • The manufacturer provides excellent customer service if you need any replacement or refund.


  • Simple installation process
  • Reduce the fatigue
  • Excellent protection to your hands
  • Good customer service


  • Difficult to bend the aluminum bar

Use of HandGuards

The role of handguards while you are riding your bike is significant, and we had some reasons to justify it.

  • The primary role is to protect your hands from outdoor conditions such as weather. It saves your hand from cold wind and rain while you are traveling at high speed.
  • When you have hit any external objects like a rock during an accident, the handguard will protect your bike’s brake and clutch levers.
  • Due to the previous reason, it also aids in saving your money instead of spending it on the repair of those critical parts of your bike.
  • It doesn’t save your money alone, but also you’re valuable. When you get the best handguards, it means you will not face any situations to repair the bike due to accidents.
  • It acts as a shield to your body parts like hand, knuckles, and fingers and safeguards them from any injuries due to the stones, sticks, and mud.

Types of Dirt bikes handguards

If you consider the dirt bikes handguards, there are two types as Motocross handguards and heavy-duty handguards.

  • Motocross handguards: It is also called open or standard handguards, and the professionals highly prefer it. They are produced with plastic, aluminum, and other choices. With strength and flexibility, they protect you from the roost, debris, and strong wind.
  • Heavy-duty handguards: Unlike the above option, heavy-duty handguards could fit around the handlebars. It is the perfect option for enduro riding, which shows more durable and has a robust nature. The handguards are also highly efficient in protecting the levers from dangerous accidents.

Things to have in mind before buying a Handguard 

We didn’t want to let you with the list of top enduro handguards alone. Hence, we have discussed the things you need to consider before deciding to get your product.

  • Protection: The first place for choosing the handguards is for safe riding. Hence it is vital to make sure the product has enough protecting capacity than the other brands. With assures protection, the handguards could able to protect yours from any type of riding. They protect various outdoor elements such as trees, roots, rocks, or others.

When you notice, you can see that the handguards could be attached to the top or below or inside the handlebars, which proves the maximum protection of your bike parts such as clutch levels. Thus, even though you are met with an accident, the handguards will maintain your bike’s good condition.

  • Durability: There are various options of handlebars that assure and proved their durability. However, the primary compound used in the product is a molded plastic shield. This material results in extended robustness and provides strength to the handguards. The handguards with high durable nature are said to provide maximum safety and protection to the riders.

If it’s made with a rubber edge, then it has both flexibility and durability. It protects your hands with strong material. The handguards made with the reinforced composite molded plastic have more durability than the former materials due to its flexing during any accidents. The thick plastic enduro shells in the product would increase the durability.

Installation Process: The best handguards should be easy to install, which could be done in a shorter period. It would be better if your choice of handguards as the manual instruction guide attached to the package.

The addition might help the beginners if you are one, to fit the handguards to the bike with ease. If it’s added with mounting hardware, then it will be a rapid and straightforward process.

Most of the handguards are available with a universal mounting kit, which would require a simple process. If not, there are products available with a mounting kit that could be adjusted to your handlebar’s size. Even though you are detaching the handguards, you should not spend much time fitting them.

  • Features and Performance: The handguards should have the chance to protect you from every danger while riding. It means the best options will have excellent features and performance to withstand any dangerous outdoor external conditions.
best dirt bike handguards

Whether it’s a massive rock or an unstable weather condition, the product is always expected to save the day. It’s essential to get the handguard, which has got the necessary features. These features should aid in improving the functionality of the product.

The lightweight handguard is also best in performance and fits all the handlebars easily. The handguard with the aluminum brand is highly preferable due to the durable and long-lasting nature.

The aluminum-made product not only stands for strength but also prevent the formation of rust in it. It should have a complete room for storing the cables and brake line connections. The messy wires might affect your comfort and lead to accidents.

  • Ventilation: The best handguard would provide not only protection but also has an excellent ventilation process. The handguard should have a large vent area to stimulate the airflow to your hands with ease.

It is recommended to purchase the handguards which have the removable vent cover. This option in the product will give you access to adjust the airflow according to your need.

In case you are riding in massive cold weather, then the products should have a snap cover, which helps you cover the vent area. It might protect your hands from cold wind and maintain the warmer temperature. The proper ventilation aids you to continue riding in your comfort zone and makes it more convenient to use the handguards. 

  • Price: You should also consider the cost of the handguards before making the decision. It’s not that everyone could not afford the best handguards with additional features. If you retake a look at our best enduro handguards list, you may get our point. There are several products available with high benefits and also at a reasonable price.

Even though the handguards come with the price more than your budget, you can get it. Nothing is more important than our safety, and it won’t hurt to spend a few more on the product than the expenditure after a fateful accident.

  • Reviews & Ratings: The last but most important thing to buy the best handguards is to look for reviews and ratings from previous users. Analyze the pros and cons and the specification to make sure the product is worth your investment.

It is important to inspect every information as purchasing the handguards is nearly matter your life. It is also possible to research and predict the top handguards based on their customers’ ratings. If you search for a product in an online market, you can see all the users’ comments about the specific product. The review will be beneficial in your decision.

We hope you found our ultimate buying guide on getting the best enduro handguards relevant and helpful. It is essential to compare the features of the products. It should fit your bike style and meet your expectations to make you comfortable as well. As a rider, you might be looking for the best motorcycle ramp or dirt bike lift stand. We have made a detailed list of the best motocross Goggles and the best dirt bike Gloves.

Besides them, it is highly essential to get the best enduro handguards to save your bike and your life. Now, what are you waiting for? Lookup for our list and guide for the best motorcycle handguards to have a safe journey. Below are some of the best selling motorcycle handguards from Amazon:

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