Best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson: Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for the hidden antenna for your Harley Davidson? There are many types of hidden antennas in the market, but which one is best? We have made a detailed list of the best-hidden antenna Harley Davidson. These are some of the Best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson, that you can buy right now:

Harley-Davidson is one of the classic bike companies, and every bike lover wants to have these bikes in their garage. These bikes are built with muscular and athletic looks and match well with you if you have a dynamic personality and a bike lover. 

From police bikes to a fully optimized traveling motorcycle, this bike is a beast in every terrain. But what makes Harley-Davidson so unique is its engine’s sound. Its engine’s sound is very differentiating and especially; its sound is undoubtedly a noticeable sound from any other bikes on the road. 

The mechanism behind this is the engine pistons. The pistons are so well coordinated that one piston fires on one revolution, and the other piston fires on another revolution. Every time the exhaust valve opens, the popping sound of the piston can be heard. 

Its appearance is also one of the leading factors that play a vital role in making these bikes unique. Most of the bikes are quite large, and Harley-Davidson also produced some smaller sized motorcycles. 

Some of the engines that were used in the past Flatheads, Fheads, then knuckleheads, Panheads and Shovelheads, and now Twin Cam engines and Evolution.

Best Hidden Antenna for Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson bikes have a burly, stocky, and a very stylish appearance. You can stylize your bike more too, like mounting an antenna. Antennas are very favorable equipment for picking up radio signals. 

Some people like regular antennas to install on their Harley-Davidson which sticks out of the bike’s body, and some like the antenna to be hidden, classic bike lovers might like hidden antennas because these hidden antennas do not distort the original appearance of your Harley-Davidson.

In this article I will tell you about some best-hidden antennas for Harley Davidson along with their pros and cons, if you have fairing installed over your Harley-Davidson, then also you can continue this article

Rydonair Antenna

Rydonair Antenna is one of the best hidden antennas for Harley-Davidson. It is a superb antenna and is built for you if you are an on-the-go type of person. This antenna is undoubtedly one of the best short antennas for Harley-Davidson and is very fashionable and elegant.

Best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson
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The Rydonair Antenna comes with an optimal length of 7-inch. The antenna has an aluminum base and is provided with a rubber tubing, and a column base made up of carbon fiber and a premium rubber exterior.

 The premium rubber exterior has a superiority of handling challenging weather conditions and also increases the durability of the antenna, even if the antenna is exposed to corrosion, the rubber exterior helps in maintaining a long life span.

Now, coming to the carbon fiber column, it increases the mount’s grip so that there should be no problem regarding the antenna’s position placement. Your antenna can be placed anywhere you want.

The aluminum base provides maximum durability and strength to the antenna over other antennas with plastic support. This antenna has a robust metallic configuration due to which it receives and transmits FM/AM frequencies smoothly. Rydonair Antenna is also provided with Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Compatible with every model
  • Reliable FM/AM connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ideal length (7 inches)
  • It is a very Low Profile body, no one will notice it easily.
  • It has great reviews and ratings (3500+ Reviews)


  • Excellent material quality
  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Installation


  • A bit expensive

CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna

best hidden antenna for Harley Davidson
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Cravenspeed is one of the most trusted brands and is manufacturing premium quality antennas for a long time. Cravenspeed Stubby Antenna has striking looks and performance.

This antenna is constructed from an aluminum (Aluminium 6061) bar and has high durability. Aluminum 6061 is an alloy composed of Silicon, Copper, Magnesium, Iron, Chromium, Titanium, Zinc, and Manganese.

The significant advantage of using this alloy is that it enhances the antenna’s quality and strengthens the antenna’s body, which is not available in any other antenna at this price.

Chromium, which is used to male Aluminum 6061 alloy, is very light in weight, which also makes the antenna lightweight (2.4 ounces). Yet, there are other antennas available in the market which are lighter than this. Chromium also prevents the antenna from being destroyed. 

Now coming towards its design, Cravenspeed Stubby Antenna looks very stylish and is powder coated, provided with a textured black finish. The protective powder coating keeps the antenna’s exterior from being faded when exposed to severe weather conditions.

Its installation is also quite easy, and unlike other all fit antennas, Cravenspeed Stubby Antenna does not come with masts and adapters. This antenna is best suited for UltraTriGlide, Road Glide, Electra Glide, and Street Glide.

  • Made up of Alloy 61s for better strength
  • The optimum length of 4-inches
  • Low Profile
  • Resistant from Corrosion
  • Powdered Coating for protection from challenging weather
  • East to Install, you can install it very easily and the weight is also very light


  • Easy installation process
  • Superb in durability
  • Stylish Look
  • Best quality in its price range


  • Slightly heavy

Trunknets Short Antenna

Tekk Short Antenna is one of the most compatible antennas for mostly all types of Harley-Davidson bike models that launched with 1998-2020. So, if you have a Harley-Davidson, you can go for Tekk Short Antenna. Tekk Short Antenna has a perfect length of 4.8 inches, neither too long nor short. It will fit significantly on your bike.

This antenna is undoubtedly one of the best hidden antennas for Harley-Davidson. Tekk Short Antenna looks very sleek and modern because it is provided with superior ABS quality along-with surface coating. Its design will look attractive and stylish when you mount it on your bike.

best harley davidson hidden antenna reviews
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Now looking over the quality of Tekk Short Antenna, this antenna is very well built and looks stocky. Its composition makes it resistant to corrosion and wears, buying this antenna will be a one-time investment for you, you don’t need to repair or replace any of the parts of Tekk Short Antenna.

The company has focused superbly over the connectivity quality of Tekk Short Antenna, it has a double copper interior, which provides excelling conductive properties, so this antenna receives radio signals with greater accuracy and swiftly. However, some users have reported that they face connectivity issues a little far from the central city.

  • Premium ABS quality
  • Surface Coating treatment
  • Wear and corrosion resistant
  • Good connectivity
  • The perfect low profile of 4.8 inches


  • Ideal length
  • Looks stylish and attractive
  • Smooth installation
  • Compatible with almost every model


  • Slightly heavy
  • Sometimes I have to face connectivity issues

KEYO1E STUBBY Short Antenna

KEYO1E is a well-known manufacturer of external accessories of vehicles and has also jumped into the market of the production of hidden antenna for Harley-Davidson. According to the customer reviews, their product has not disheartened a bit.

KEYO1E Stubby Antenna has been provided stylish looks and design, given a length of 4.9-inches; this is one of the best short antenna for Harley Davidson with extraordinary performance in receiving FM/AM signals with enhanced accuracy.

best hidden radio antenna for motorcycle fairing
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This antenna is also provided with ABS material to keep the antenna sturdy in severe weather conditions and wear and heat resistance. Its sleek look with smooth black finish looks attractive when mounted over a Harley-Davidson.

A highly conductive copper coil with a signal enhancement chip is fitted in the antenna, providing the best connectivity and has very splendid build quality. However, the weight of this antenna is slightly heavier than that of other antennas.

The company has provided special screws with it to make sure that the antenna fits perfectly on your motorcycle and stays healthy all the time, and its installation is effortless.

KEYO1E Stubby Antenna is built from 304 stainless steel to make sure that the antenna remains resistant to corrosion and reliable, so there are very few chances of getting rush over it, and it also helps in enhancing its life span.

  • Robust FM/AM connectivity
  • The low profile of 4.9 inches
  • Built from 304 stainless steel
  • Resistance from heat, corrosion and extreme weather
  • Premium ABS material


  • Looks very stylish
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent connection accuracy
  • Highly Durable


  • A little heavy
  • Expensive as compared to other antennas

VOFONO Spiral Antenna (2 Pack)

best short antenna for harley davidson
CC: Amazon

VOFONO Short Antenna is also one of the best short antennas for Harley-Davidson that has successfully provided excellent connectivity and accuracy at a very reasonable price. 

Generally, sleek and sturdy antenna’s connectivity is somewhat suppressed by their looks, and they are unable to deliver the best functionality with stylish looks. Here VOFONO Spiral Short Antenna’s performance, along with looks, stands out of it.

This antenna is just 4-inches in length and is capable of providing excellent FM/AM connectivity. Even if you are on the outskirts or far away from the central city, the signals do not distort even a bit. However, this antenna is not compatible with GPS and CB.

VOFONO Spiral Short Antenna comes with a unique spiral design covering all over its length, as its name shows. To make sure that these spirals look unique and stylish and perform extra functioning, these spirals are provided with wires in them, which shows that the company hasn’t compromised with its functions and looks.

The rubber material provided all over the antenna can withstand harshest weather conditions and is made up of flexible material. Also, the antenna is supplied with high-quality metal.

  • Excellent connectivity in every area
  • The low profile of 4-inches
  • Flexible rubber
  • Compatible with every Harley-Davidson model
  • All-weather resistant


  • Superb Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Great Connectivity
  • Lightweight


  • Durability not great
  • Not compatible with CB or GPS

Maxracing Short Aluminum Antenna

best short antenna for harley davidson
CC: Amazon

MAXRACING Short Aluminium Antennas are the most primitive short antennas for Harley-Davidson in the market and is very well known for its durability and compatibility Harley-Davidson models launched from 1998-2019.

 Manufactured from 7073 aluminum, Maxracing’s short aluminum antenna offers a rugged and sturdy design, which also provides excellent durability and corrosion resistance. 

This antenna has a longer life and can hold out against extremely harsh weather conditions compared to other antennas.

The company has provided hard black anodized finish over the antenna, which helps the antenna fade resistance. This is a one-time investment and offers a much longer life span so that Maxracing Short Aluminium Antenna will be one of the best choices.

However, there has been a dispute among various users regarding its performance. Some users have been highly influenced and are satisfied with their performance, while others didn’t find it much satisfactory. The antenna works excellent in main areas but is not able to pick up long-distance signals.

Some users have also reported falling off of antennas during high wind pressure, so you have to make sure regarding your antenna’s installation that every screw is tightened correctly.

  • Built from 7073 Aluminium
  • The material used offers excellent durability
  • Longer life span as compared to other antennas
  • Resistance against wear, corrosion, and bad weather
  • Good connectivity


  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Compatible with every Harley-Davidson
  • Unique design


  • Not able to receive long-range signals

AntennaX 50 Cal Silver Bullet Antenna

 best hidden antenna harley davidson
CC: Amazon

AntennaX is a newly established brand in the antenna industry compared to other antenna brands; AntennaX has succeeded in gaining customers’ trust by providing excellent quality products. 

The main focus of the company is to produce car antennas. Still, AntennaX has manufactured some unique short Harley-Davidson antennas. 

AntennaX 50 CAL Silver Bullet Ammo Antenna is the example of one of the best-hidden antennas for Harley-Davidson in the market.

AntennaX 50 CAL Silver Bullet seems like a real bullet, and AntennaX has made this bullet antenna quite pointy. Provided with a very vigorous finish, this antenna will be a marvelous choice for you, Harley-Davidson.

AntennaX Silver Bullet looks very shiny and smooth to touch from the design point of view, and the company provides a narrow and slim look.

The AntennaX bullet antenna’s length is 5.5 inches, it is comparatively longer than other antennas, but it looks very bold due to its bullet design. AntennaX Silver Bullet comes in different colors also.

AntennaX Silver Bullet is made up of high quality T-6061 aluminum, which makes its durability quality excellent. The antenna’s outer part has given anodized finishing, making it resistant to corrosion, wear, and preventing it from being faded in lousy weather conditions.

AntennaX Silver Bullet has a long life span. It has excellent radio reception quality. Whether you are in the central city or on the outskirts, the AntennaX bullet can receive signals.

This antenna is compatible with different Harley-Davidson models, and its installation is also effortless.

  • Strong connectivity
  • High quality T-6061 aluminum
  • Luxurious look
  • Good Durability
  • Resistant to corrosion and adverse weather conditions


  • Easy installation
  • Exceptional design
  • Compatible with cars and bikes


  • Hefty (6.2 ounces)
  • Expensive

Things to have in mind while buying a Harley Davidson Aantenna

There are lots of things to be considered before buying a Harley Davidson Antenna. They come very cheaply, but if you didn’t pick the right one, then you might face some issues while riding your bike and no one wants to face that. So, it is better to understand first which one to buy.

Length: Apart from looks, the antenna’s length has a direct connection to the frequency to be received or transmitted. There are two types of antennas-

  • Long Antennas
  • Short Antennas

The average length of long antennas is about 19-inches, and the maximum range of long antennas can go up to 31-inches, whereas the average length of small antennas is approximately 4-inches. 

What is the difference between short and long antenna?

Many of the Harley-Davidson has doubts about the short and long antenna. People often worry about any problems they face if switches from a long antenna to a short antenna, but there are some reasons because the antenna’s length is a factor. The long antenna has a broader range of receiving and transmitting signals as compared to the short antennas, short antennas transmit and receive lesser signals. But the looks provided by long antennas are not so elegant compared to that of the short antennas, so bikers prefer using a short antenna. It is just a matter of choice of having a long antenna or a short antenna over your Harley-Davidson. If you like a long antenna and if it looks useful to you to show itself, you may use a long antenna; otherwise, you can go on with small antennas.

Frequency is the factor because of which the length of long and short antennas are decided. So, like long antennas, short antennas also perform quite well in receiving and transmitting signals and keeping the antenna hidden.

Reception: The reception of any antenna is the ability to transmit and receive signals and is the most principal factor to keep in mind. Without its proper functioning, you won’t be able to listen to audio or music while driving. 

The reception has the potential to have antenna compatibility with AM/FM, GPS, CB, etc. So, the reception capabilities of the antenna you are buying should be checked. You should review the reception specifications when you are purchasing the antenna, you should check for the number of channels it is providing and reception boost capabilities.

Durability: Since the stock of the Harley-Davidson is long, there are chances of breaking down the antenna. So, here comes the factor of durability; it is a vital feature to keep in mind while buying an antenna, durable the antenna, the longer will be the antenna’s life.

Generally, most brands use high-quality materials like 61 Alloys and many more so that they can give assurance of an antenna for being durable, sturdy, resistant from corrosion, etc.

So, always check what quality of the material is used in making the antenna so that you may not face any problems while you have your ride. 

Brand: The brand of an antenna is one of the most crucial factors that should be considered while buying. You should always hire a trusted company’s products that are available in the market or online so that there should be an assurance given to you that if anything happens to the antenna in between the warranty period, the company should always be available to help you. 

Buying any random local brand’s antenna might result in wasting your money because local brands provide no service if you later have any problem with the antenna.

There are various brands available in the market, like Cravenspeed, Rydonair, Tekk, Maxracing, Vofono, KEYO1E, AntennaX, etc. You should consider buying from these and other reputed brands.

Price: Price has a direct connection with the brand; local brands may offer you a meager amount but they will surely lack in their performance, functioning, quality assurance, durability, etc. On the other hand, reputed brands will not be going to charge you a considerable price. 

Still, they will provide their products at a reasonable price, worth buying in terms of performance, quality, service, and durability. So, you may regret it if you are going to buy a cheap local antenna.

 Always make sure that the antenna you are buying for you Harley-Davidson, is worth buying according to the features it is offering. So you should hunt for various antennas available and buy the best, which is suited for you according to your specifications.

Design: Small antennas come in different designs as compared to long antennas. Some unique designs which I also have written in this article are the AntennaX Silver Bullet, which looks exactly like a bullet, and the other is VOFONO Spiral Short Antenna. 

Which also has a unique spiral design, as these brands, there are also some different designs of antennas available.

According to best Harley-Davidson hidden antenna reviews, the bullet antenna design is the most liked antenna preferred by bikers. However, it’s a bit long, but it gives a very classy and stylish bullet look over your Harley-Davidson and provides excellent reception, durability, etc. 

Don’t compromise the features of the antenna with the beautiful design when you are buying an antenna. We have also covered detailed article on Best Harley Antennas.

How to install the Harley-Davidson antenna on a motorbike?

To install an antenna over your Harley-Davidson, you need to have these tools-
1. Lockwasher
2. Antenna Mounting Brackets
3. 2 Hex Nuts
First of all, you need to remove the nuts and screw lock and then fix the antenna mounting brackets. Then secure the back left docking point to docking support.
After securing, tighten the back docking point and screw to around 20.3 N.m. Now you only have to fix the antenna over the joint assembly.

Or you can watch this detailed video:

Harley-Davidson is every bike lover’s dream bike known for its glamorous muscular body and sturdy design. Many Harley-Davidson lovers save their funds just only to purchase this beauty.

Short antennas are one of the most lovable accessories and upgrades for Harley-Davidson and look great on these motorcycles. If you have any questions regarding our article about Best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson, you can comment down below. We are happy to help you.

 Some Harley-Davidson also comes with fairings installed and the products described in this article are the best-hidden radio antenna. So, go on and buy one according to your preferences. Happy Biking!

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