Best Hydration Pack for Dirt Biking (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Looking for a hydration pack for dirt biking? There are hundreds of varieties to choose from, but which one is perfect for you and your needs? We have handpicked some of the top-rated best hydration packs for dirt bike riders.

Couple dozen horsepower on your wrist, Constant plays with velocity, locked and loaded with helmets, jackets, gloves, and a new track to conquer every day.

It’s all fun and games till you feel drained, thirsty, and a drink is all you need. Welcome to a complete Hydration pack guide, where we bring you the Best Hydration backpack for motocross and comprehensive information on how hydration packs work and how to choose the best dirt bike hydration backpack as well.

Hydration Pack for Dirt Biking

Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack 900D Capacity: 2.5L
Reviews: 2400+
Ratings: 4.5/5
Camelbak M.U.L.E. Mountain Bike Hydration PackCapacity: 3L
Reviews: 150+
Ratings: 4.7/5
Vibrelli Hydration PackCapacity: 2L
Reviews: 1700+
Ratings: 4.5/5
Mubasel Gear Hydration BackpackCapacity: 2L
Reviews: 2200+
Ratings: 4.5/5
Water Buffalo Hydration Pack Capacity: 2L
Reviews: 2600+
Ratings: 4.6/5
K.U.Y.O.U. Hydration Pack Capacity: 2L
Reviews: 3700+
Ratings: 4.4/5
MARCHWAY Tactical Molle Hydration PackCapacity: 3L
Reviews: 1600+
Ratings: 4.7/5
M.I.R.A.C.O.L. Hydration Backpack Capacity: 2L
Reviews: 3000+
Ratings: 4.6/5
T.E.T.O.N. Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration PackCapacity: 2L
Reviews: 5300+
Ratings: 4.6/5
OGIO Adult Baja Hydration PackCapacity: 2L
Reviews: 20+
Ratings: 3.9/5
U.S.W.E. Ranger 9 Black Hydration Pack Capacity: 9L
Reviews: 8
Ratings: 4.2/5

Now Dirt biking is indeed a package, giving an adrenaline rush, a pounding heart, and that raw muddy adventure feel. But whether it’s about having a good time with the squad or a championship at stake, water break is a bummer.

So what if we say you can hydrate yourself without having to keep a big bottle that takes up a lot of space? Or, without even opening any caps, you can quench your thirst?

It’s the 21st century, and we have Hydration packs to make drinking easy and efficient. Hydration pack backpacks can be used as storage units for gear as well.

1. Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack 900D 

Best Hydration Pack for Dirt Biking
CC: Amazon

First up in the best hydration packs for dirt bike riders, we have the Unigear tactical hydration pack. This Bag is a perfect fit for mountain biking and dirt riding. 

It has a 2.5L bladder capacity and is made up of Rugged 900 Denier Polyester heavy-duty construction material in a rocking camo design. 

Comes with tear and abrasion resistance and gives you a hands-free hydration experience, where gently biting the bite valve enables water flow. 

Comes with a P.V.C. lining and adjustable straps for both chest and shoulders. It also has an Anti bounce chest strap so that the pack doesn’t cause trouble during movement. Two external pockets give enough storage space that accommodates all the required gear. Its sleek, compact design enables swift movement. 

Overall it is a durable pack and comes with decent after-sales service. 

  • Comes in a sporty design and easily accessible storage compartments.
  • Water Storage Capacity of 2.5L and Bladder is replaceable
  • Straps are adjustable up to 27″ shoulders and 50″ chest
  • Hands-free hydration – Don’t have to use hands to adjust the hose to take a sip


  • Wide diameter screw cap to add ice cubes and facilitate cleaning
  • Hands-free hydration
  • Excellent capacity: Lasts a whole day


  • Bladder leakage issues
  • Plastic like after taste for the first 3 to 4 uses
  • Chest straps might not fit appropriately over 45 inches

2. Camelbak M.U.L.E. Mountain Bike Hydration Pack

Best Hydration Pack for Dirt Biking
CC: Amazon

If you’re looking for some kickass storage and durability at its best, this made-for terrain pack with a 3L hydration and 9L cargo capacity storage beast is for you. A fantastic fit for mountain biking, dirt biking, hiking, and jogging. It comes with a crux plastic bladder, which gives up to 20% more water per sip than the other packs. 

With this Bag, you can store everything from snacks to your motorcycle tool pack. The handy refills and wide opening cap enables ice addition in summers. A narrow-gauge design made with sustainable materials makes it extremely stable and comfortable. 

An air director back panel and ventilated harness keep it cool towards your back and shoulders and a breathable mesh fixed at the end. It comes with five exterior pockets and a magnetic tube trap for hose stability. Well, it can essentially be said as the best enduro hydration pack.

  • Extremely light weighted to reduce fatigue and keep shoulders free
  • Best cargo storage under 3L hydration capacity class
  • Air director Back Panel: enables airflow to keep you cool
  • A Removable Stability Belt is given for extra stability during movement.
  • Sternum Strap: gives a custom fit
  • Secure Phone sleeve: easy to access and can store personal belongings there.
  • Magnetic tube trap: Tube security and stability trap
  • Tool Organization structure
  • Anti-Microbial Hydro Guard coating to the Bladder which prevents bacterial growth
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Helmet and Armor Carry
  • Comes with an Elastic Pump Loop


  • Air channeling makes it a windy and more relaxed experience
  • Better water flow out of the bite valve because of the crux reservoir
  • Better water flow out of the bite valve because of the crux reservoir


  • Bladder leakage issues are reported sometimes
  • Screwcap not up to the mark in some models and gets stuck after first use

3. Vibrelli Hydration Pack

best hydration packs for dirt bike riders
CC: Amazon

Next up in the best hydration packs for dirt biking, we have this really affordable and highly hygiene conscious companion for you, the Vibrelli Hydration pack. 

This pack does it all. Fit for women, kids, and men. Meshy front with external bungee ropes and multiple storage compartments topped with taste-free hydration ability, all thanks to B.P.A. and P.V.C. free Bladder. 

Extremely lightweight with anti bulking smart storage pockets. 2L hydration capacity, an emergency whistle, and a rear reflector makes it a wholesome experience. 

Breathable shoulder straps keep it cool. The insulated bladder pocket sustains water temperature. Built to last a distance, and durability is promised. 

  • Come with a patented high flow bite valve where every sip has more water.
  • Made up of high-quality medical-grade material for clean and odorless drinking
  • Breathable chest and shoulder straps and an emergency whistle
  • Multiple storage compartments for better organization of belongings
  • Loaded with an insulated Bladder sleeve


  • Extremely lightweight: Weighs 415gm
  • Sleek look with smart storage pockets
  • No after taste


  • Bite valve placed improperly+ Cannot bite anywhere on the valve
  • Hose position fixation issues
  • Bladder leakage

4. Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack

best hydration packs for dirt bike riders
CC: Amazon

Another best affordable dirt bike hydration backpack, this compact hydration pack offers a 100% leakage-free 2L Bladder. 

This Bag is exceptionally lightweight (365gm) and includes a multiple-use Bladder with a 132lb weight tolerance enabling itself to be used as a pillow. 

A large opening cap for the Bladder helps in adding ice cubes and makes it extremely convenient for the user to clean and dry it. Three large storage compartments and a large mesh pocket with S.B.S. zippers make it a rough but tough companion. 

Foam padding and mesh layer at the back gives in ventilation and comfort. Conveniently small Bag at an excellent price with a decent build quality earns this pack a place on our best hydration pack for dirt biking list.

  • 16.5 * 9.85 inch multiple storage compartments
  • Multiple usages of Bladder – Bladder can be used as a pillow. 
  • The Bladder’s wide opening makes it extremely easy to clean and dry it.
  • Tasteless hydration: Food grade B.P.A. Free Bladder


  • Lightweight makes it easier to carry
  • Value for money
  • Large quick-access mesh pocket
  • Every part is made from a breathable material that gives more comfort


  • The reservoir retaining clip might come off at times

5. Water Buffalo Hydration Pack

Best Hydration backpack for Motocross
CC: Amazon

When going for a classy look with compatibility for trekking, mountain biking, and dirt biking, this Bag is a good fit. 

Whether it’s the racing gear for motocross events, or it is a comfortable ride on your Harley when you want to carry a good hydration backpack, this backpack offers storage for every purpose. 

Finding itself a place on our Low price hydration pack list, Water buffalo comes with a ripstop lining and a sturdy material zipper. A 2L bladder capacity makes it one heck of an affordable deal. Insulated Bladder keeps the temperature steady for about 5 hours, and the ventilated padded straps and back ensure comfort. 

Rocks with an inner sleeve, an exterior compartment with a bungee. Ergonomic design for greater agility and uninterrupted movements.

  • Comes with a 2L Hydration capacity
  • Dual tube clips and an extra compartment for rain jackets.
  • Featherweight light material to reduce stress on shoulders.


  • Low price + Better build – Better value for money
  • Easy accessibility to cargo compartments
  • Ample water storage capacity for a day


  • Bladder leakage issues are often reported
  • The valve’s durability is questioned

6. K.U.Y.O.U. Hydration Pack 

best enduro hydration pack
CC: Amazon

This Bag is known for its attractive design, so if you’re looking for lightweight wear and tear-resistant pack, this is for you. It has a 2L hydration capacity reservoir, which ensures odorless and B.P.A.-free water storage. 

This unit’s mouthpiece comes with an on-off valve that prevents accidental leakage. The water hose is detachable. his pack is not fit for storing other drinks like juice or milk. K.U.Y.O.U.

The hydration pack comes with adjustable mesh shoulder straps and fits all sizes comfortably. 

  • 2L anti B.P.A. reservoir for water storage which prevents the plastic aftertaste
  • Tear resistance which prevents wear and tear of the unit
  • On-off switch with bite valve 
  • Odorless hydration


  • Large bladder opening, which makes cleaning and drying convenient
  • Durable unit because of its abrasion resistance


  • Reservoir leakage issues reported

7. MARCHWAY Tactical Molle Hydration Pack

best enduro hydration pack
CC: Amazon

This high-end hydration pack is your perfect choice for dirt bike riding, walking, mountaineering, and hiking. Comes with a 3L hydration tank capacity and is built with water-resistant material to protect the belongings inside. 

Two front pockets to store cargo and one large sleeve for the hydration kit is provided. It has a MOLLE suspension to carry even more items at the back. 

Air channeling at the end with mesh pads to keep it cool. An insulated Bladder keeps the water cool. It is topped with a stylish and sleek appearance as a cherry on top.

  • Water repellent material which prevents the Bag from getting wet
  • Durable and impact resistant straps which keep the Bag in place
  • Anti fading material helps to prevent color loss.
  • 3L of water storage capacity which is highly recommended for one-day trips


  • The 360-degree rotatable mouthpiece, which means “Easy sipping.”
  • Fit for light as well as hardcore adventures
  • MOLLE suspension gives room for external storage of extra gear


  • Bladder cap issues- cap gets stuck and don’t open sometimes
  • Hose flow restriction issues- hose needs cleansing after every 3-4 uses

8. M.I.R.A.C.O.L. Hydration Backpack 

best dirt bike hydration backpack
CC: Amazon

If you are a smartphone person or a photography enthusiast who might need to take their phones out anytime to click something spontaneously, this Bag is for you. 

Miracol hydration bags come with a quick access pocket on both sides where cards, keys, phones can be stored. 

This Bag has a 15L storage capacity with 2L water and 13L cargo storage. It comes with thermal insulation that keeps water cold or hot for up to 4 hours. 

Even after it’s incredibly lightweight, it provides military-level durability. It comes with multiple storage compartments of different sizes that fulfill any storage needs. 

A bungee rope is given on the front of the backpack with light objects suspension cloth hook. It is a perfect outdoor companion.

  • Best cargo storage capacity offered under 2L water storage class
  • Made from extremely lightweight nylon fabric, which is an anti-stress measure for shoulders.
  • Quick-access pockets on the exterior to grab snacks or tools swiftly
  • Replaceable 2L Bladder makes the need to get a new bag in case of leakage issues go away
  • Multipurpose hydration backpack, which can easily be used for different sports and outdoor activities.


  • Excellent durability with good customer reviews
  • Lightweight and has thermal insulation
  • Can be used for any outdoor activity


  • Valve and bladder issues are reported

9. T.E.T.O.N. Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack

best dirt bike hydration backpack
CC: Amazon

This hydration pack backpack comes with a shock-absorbing chest strap making it one of the best hydration packs for motocross. The chest straps reduce the bounce to almost null.

A lot of water-retaining capacity is provided with 18L of total storage. Low profile perfect fit manufacturing makes it everyone’s choice.

It has multiple storage compartments, and a front bungee cord, all below 2lbs of weight, too lightweight for the utilities this Bag is providing.

Customers pushed it into the best-rated hydration pack backpacks list on the web. Whether you’re build up or have a lean physique, this Bag gives the best fit – all thanks to its highly adjustable straps.

The pack has four zippered pockets with a separate small pocket for phones, keys, etc. Water bottle holders are given on both sides of the Bag. 

  • Shock absorbing mesh and padded chest and shoulder straps for stability
  • Perfect fit for everyone with its adjustable clip straps
  • Zippered pockets give extra security for belongings
  • Best mid-range cargo storage option under 2L water storage class 


  • Velcro strap in the bladder compartment to hold the Bladder in place
  • Multiple stability straps


  • Fitting issues for women were observed
  • The excess gap between the back and the pack sometimes decreases stability

10. OGIO Adult Baja Hydration Pack

best dirt bike hydration backpack
CC: Amazon

Armored design – The first thing that shows this Bag is made for motorcyclists. There is ample storage space for a day ride, and this Bag is compact too 17.5″x10″x8″. 

Comes with an anti slosh bladder and five storage compartments. The insulated bladder sleeve retains the fluid temperature. It has a separate electronics pocket for your phone and an on-off valve for the hose. 

Padded shoulder straps and multiple adjustment clips make it easy for the Bag to adjust to the worn up gear. The anti sloshing bladder and armored exterior make it the best hydration pack for motocross.

  • 3L water storage reservoir
  • A total gear storage Capacity of 12L 
  • Anti-sloshing hydration bladder compartment comes with a cooler fabric lining for the bladder compartment that keeps liquid cool for 30% longer
  • Expandable front storage pocket 
  • Side mesh pockets on both s for quick access.
  • Ergonomic padded back with air channeling technology
  • B.P.A. free, zero waste, and odor-free.
  • Fabric: 150D mini honeycombs rip stop with TPE backing and 420HD Oxford nylon with a polyurethane backing.


  • A Stabilizing handle for easy handling and cleaning is at the top
  • Expandable front storage with armor and air ventilation
  • Padded back and directional airflow
  • Too light: weighs around 2.1lbs


  • Leakage issues are reported
  • Fit issues observed in women

11. U.S.W.E. Ranger 9 Black Hydration Pack 

Best Hydration Pack for Dirt Biking
CC: Amazon

USWE makes the best hydration packs for motocross and specifically for other dirt bike riding events and motorcycle championships. 

It comes with a 4 point suspension harness design, which makes the Bag heavily stable and prevents bounce even in terrains’ roughest. A compact unit with dimensions 16.9″ x 11.4″ x 3.1″. 

It has stretchable shoulder straps making it easier for the Bag to adjust to the user’s body. Ranger 9 supports extremely convenient cleaning due to the reversible Bladder inside. 

The Bladder is made up of 0.25mm T.P.U. (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which makes it extremely durable and flexible. It comes with a versatile baffle. The baffle has a zip to slim the Bladder or can be unzipped to increase fluid volume and turn it inside out to clean it.

  • Bladder Capacity: 3L with an elite Hydration Bladder with plug-n-play coupling.
  • Cargo Capacity: 9L
  • Breathable back panel to keep your back cool
  • Patented NDM (no dancing monkey) harness technology
  • Water Resistant mobile pocket
  • Dual-port exit for the tube from the H2O compartment
  • Multi-size adjustable loops: M-XL (Chest 84-120cm)


  • Extremely stable due to the four harness system
  • Light as a feather with all the gear included as well
  • Reversible water bladder for convenient cleaning
  • Lightweight pack at just 1.17 lbs (563 gm)


  • Bladder’s durability is questioned
  • Leakage issues reported

How to Choose a PERFECT Hydration Pack

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind before buying a hydration pack, but very few riders know that, so we are mentioning some of the points that you need to keep in mind. Here are some features one should consider while purchasing a hydration pack:

  • Insulation

Adventure sports are all about dirt, sweat, constant use of body muscles, and with all that happening, thirst seems deadly. Temperature plays a vital role in quenching your thirst. 

Many hydration packs are not insulated. They are not fit for storing cold water or icy water as the extreme heat will warm up the beverage inside, so preference must be paid on getting a hydration pack with at least one layer of insulation.

Layers can vary from Bag to Bag. The more significant hours of temperature retention offered, the better.

  • Weight

While riding a dirt bike or cycling or even running or walking, you don’t want a heavy bag on your shoulders. So while purchasing your hydration pack, make sure the weight is under 700gm. The lighter the weight, the better the experience, and more significant is the utility derived from the product.

Weight depends on the storage space provided (as more material weighs the Bag up) and the material used in making the kit. Nylon, P.V.C., and polyester bags are the lightest.

  • Holding Capacity

How much water or any other beverage the Bag can store is the most crucial thing to pay heed to while getting yourself a hydration pack.

An average water holding capacity of 2L is provided by almost every Bag, but you can go for more. Along with the hydration capacity, the gear capacity is equally important.

Some bags can fit up to 9L of cargo in them. Depending on the sport and material you’re going to carry with yourself, determine the capacity required.

  • Material

A bag may look good and decent in quality and yet suffer wear and tear after 4-5 uses.

While purchasing a hydration backpack, make sure it is abrasion-free and handle rough conditions, thus preventing it from tearing out and having the best dirt bike hydration backpack look for meshes around the back and straps as they make the bag material breathable by channeling the airflow, thus keeping the user’s back cool and sweat-free.

Foam padding adds to comfort, so you might as well add that to your cart.

  • Water Resistant

Going hiking or skiing or a muddy dirt biking track, Bag will contact water sooner or later. Now with your belongings in the Bag, you will not want the water to enter it. That’s where water resistance plays its part. Some hydration bags do not offer water resistance, so read the specifications thoroughly.

  • Price, Reviews & Ratings

Competitive markets give riders the advantage of choice. The buyer needs to log in and read both positive and negative reviews about his shortlisted bags. Some warranties are mere hoaxes, and the company’s claim is never right. Price varies with the durability and the material of the Bag. Price usually ranges from $22 – $120.

You can read this detailed buying guide of how to pick a perfect hydration pack by Now hydration packs were introduced to make drinking efficient, and with time they’ve been improved. Two strap shoulder bags are not convenient to carry sometimes, and that problem has been tackled with Waist hydration packs.

They’re small pouch-like bags, which are tied around the waist like belts. Waist hydration packs are convenient. They don’t have a water tank and hose system; instead, they have water bottles in them and a lot less cargo capacity than the conventional shoulder strap ones.

Gear varies from sport to sport and activity to activity. It can be just three energy bars, or it can be ropes, knives, and even campfire material. So keeping in mind the material to be carried with us, we choose the right bag capacity. The period before which a refill is possible also decides for a user.

The track, the location, and stay time are other factors one can consider while deciding for the perfectly suited Bag.

Hydration packs come in all sizes. In the previous section, we’ve learned how to choose the perfect hydration pack backpack, but choosing from hundreds of thousands of products is never easy when you don’t know how to narrow it down.

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For that, we need to decide what’s our type; yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t only work when we are to pick up someone from a party. In this case, we classify the bags into categories and then identify which one we need.

This categorical classification is done in two ways. One is capacity wise, where we decide the r required and then look up the brands and buy one. The second one is the activity for which we’re making this purchase. Let’s get straight into it.

Types of Hydration Packs

Hydration packs come in all sizes. In the previous section, we’ve learned how to choose the perfect hydration pack backpack, but choosing from hundreds of thousands of products is never easy when you don’t know how to narrow it down.

For that, we need to decide what’s our type; yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t only work when we are to pick up someone from a party. In this case, we classify the bags into categories and then identify which one we need.

This categorical classification is done in two ways. One is capacity wise, where we decide the r required and then look up the brands and buy one. The second one is the activity for which we’re making this purchase. Let’s get straight into it.

  • Running Hydration Packs

Running hydration packs follow minimalism. They are intended to be as light as possible. Fits: Running vests and Running backpacks fit the torsos so that stability is maintained even while running and bounce is prevented. Every person needs to find their perfect fit: the vest size or the chest and abdomen strap size.

Short and middle distance races or run sessions need lesser supplies than marathons and long-distance races and run sessions. Needs may vary from mere water to rain jackets, trekking poles, shades, binoculars, etc. Accordingly, the capacity can be increased.

Best Hydration Pack for Dirt Biking
Photo by Vedran Miletić from Pexels

Running vests have two pockets on the shoulder straps to stow water bottles, and some have a bladder at the back. Vests do not have a hip belt. They come in mesh materials to keep the vest as breathable as possible and keep it cool. Some vests are padded as well for extra comfort.

Bungee ropes and suspension systems are also supported somewhere you can carry trekking poles and other stuff at your vest’s back. Hydration and Storage capacity ranges from 1.5L to 12L combined. 5L bag capacity does not always mean that the vest or Bag can store 5L of water.

Sometimes they add the cargo capacity with the water-holding capability and then reveal the total storage. Camelbak Ultra Pro W and Camelbak Nano are two of the best hydration vests out there.

  • Cycling/Biking hydration packs

The information below is suitable for one-day rides, for longer trips/events, go for a higher capacity. Serious cyclists and Professional bikers know the importance of staying hydrated.

A dehydrated body prevents optimum performance. With staying as streamlined and light weighted as possible, it becomes evident for the Bag to be as close to the back as pod material used in its production to be feather-light.

Cycling and biking both needs for the rider to be comfortable and cool. For that reason, 2-2.5L capacity is considered best. It lasts a good span and can be refilled.

Air channeling technology and mesh backs with padded straps add comfort. Riding gear like gloves, shades, skins, and a small repair kit can be stored in the storage compartments. Camelbak Lobo and Osprey Katari are the two most ideal packs for cyclists out there.

  • Hiking Hydration Pack

Hikers demand mixed capacities. Some carry minimum material, and some like to pack lunch, take other necessary gear with them. Hiking hydration backpacks are pretty straightforward. They are better than the standard bags with multiple storage compartments and an average 2.5L water storage capacity. Regular backpacks are often heavier, bulky, and wear out.

Every drawback corrected one thing, one smart purchase, and It’s Hiking Hydration Pack backpack. Whether it’s a single-day trek or an overnight stay, Hydration packs can accommodate almost everything. With the suspensions on the back and mesh pockets on the side, Trekking poles and quick snack storage becomes easy. Some bags have hooks on the side that are widely used as a binocular hanger.

  • Skiing and Mountaineering Hydration Packs

Great cargo capacity is needed for mountains. Maps, Sunglasses, axes, extra clothing, fire starters, compass, and more make up most of the mountaineering essentials kit.

To store them all and have quick access to some of them is the sole challenge for the hydration pack. 2.3-3L of water storage will easily last for a 1day expedition and can be refilled later on.

How to Clean a Hydration Pack?

It is advised to clean hydration packs after every use. If you are using a different beverage, other than water, then cleaning the reservoir after every use is a must.

Cleaning the reservoir helps prevent mold, foul smell, and funkiness, thus granting a healthy hydration every time. Here is the stepwise process of How to Clean a Hydration backpack at home:

  • First, take out your Bladder and detach the hose from it.
  • Open its lid and thoroughly wipe it up with a paper towel and drain the remaining water out of the reservoir.
  • If you have a good diameter opening, Put in your hand and wipe it off with a paper towel. Keep the Bladder aside and let it dry.
  • Detach the bite valve and blow air in it to get rid of the water and do the same with the hose.
  • Now, if you want to clean your hose from the inside, use paracord. Tie knots on the cord and put it inside of the hose and clean it.
  • In case the Bladder is dirtier and needs a hard cleanup, use 91% isopropyl alcohol. It kills the bacteria and germs and gets rid of the foul smell and mold.
  • If you want tools to clean your hydration backpack completely and religiously, go for the best mini tool kit for motorcycle, the Hydration Pack Cleaning Kit. Professional tools are sold by companies like Camelbak, including cleaning tablets, dryers, and brush kits.

When using a cleaning tablet:

  • Fill up the Bladder and drop one tablet in it.
  • Let it sit for an hour.
  • Run some water through the Bladder and dump it all out.

An inexpensive and D.I.Y. trick to clean your Bladder is vinegar. Cleaning the Bladder with white vinegar does not leave any odor and works as a disinfectant at the same time.

A solution of vinegar and iodine is also used to clean up the Bladder. Freezing the Bladder after every use is also widely popular. It keeps the Bladder clean and crisp by preventing any bacteria or mold growth inside of it.

How Does a Hydration Pack Work?

Hydration packs are easy to understand; it’s not rocket science. It’s basically like a tap, where we turn it on, and water comes out. Except for the complexity added to it to make it portable. Let’s break it down. A Hydration pack has a liquid reservoir, which is also called Bladder, a pipe that’s termed as the Hose, a clip, and a Mouthpiece called the Bite valve, all fitted on a regular backpack.

That’s how we got the term Hydration pack backpack. This Bag includes one separate sleeve for stowing Bladder. This sleeve can be insulated. Both Bag and Bladder have a connecting port for the hose, which is usually an opening.

A hole in the Bag makes an opening, which allows the hose to come out at the user’s shoulder. A mouthpiece is attached at the end of the hose, which initiates the flow of water from the Bladder to the user’s mouth.

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It’s just like using suction for drinking cola from a cup with a straw, just fancy. Users are also provided with a switch /lock sometimes to restrict leakage from the bite valve when the hose is hanging idly on the shoulder.

The Bladder will not stop dispensing water even if the water is at 10% of the full capacity, Thanks to the strategic place of the hole. The hose is usually detachable, either a screw cap fixing mechanism or a click in switch mechanism.

Filling up the Bladder is easy and convenient. A cap, openable just like a water bottle, Is there. It’s usually bigger in diameter (about 7-9cms) hence allowing the user to put ice cubes into it. Bladders are replaceable as well. Bladders can be like a small pouch or a box made up of Crux plastic.

Both are widely used, but Plastic ones are more preferred due to higher tensile strength and multiple purposes. Adds 100gm add on weight to the unit, but compensates with durability.

While using a hydration pack, one can clip the hose to the shoulder strap of the Bag to prevent it from getting displaced off its position. Some hydration kits offer two hoses, one on each shoulder to increase ease and comfort.

This explanation might’ve answered How Does a Hydration Pack Work working of a shoulder strap conventional backpack. We have waist hydration packs as well, which are tied around one’s waist like a belt.

It doesn’t use a hose or any kind of pipe, but rather has a plastic bottle is taken out of the Bag anytime the user is thirsty. It’s one’s choice as to whether the bottle will stay on the front, i.e., the stomach or the body’s back. Utility almost remains the same.

How to Make a Hydration Pack at HOME?

Hydration packs can be made at home as well. They are pretty easy to make. To make your hydration pack, you will need:

  • A backpack with a laptop sleeve
  • Platypus Plastic pouch( any plastic pouch will work)
  • A Knife to make holes in the Bag and Bladder
  • A vinyl hose ( It probably will come along with the plastic pouch, In case it doesn’t, get one)


Make a hole in the Bag on whichever side you want the hose to hang on. Keep in mind, when the Bag is in front of you, the right side hole means the hose will be on the left side once you wear the Bag, basically keep in mind the mirror effect while making holes.

Place your pouch in the laptop sleeve, which we will call the Bladder, and that’ll act as the water reservoir. If the hose came attached to the pouch, then your work is done. If not, make and seal a hole in the pouch and attach the vinyl hose to it.

You can use a plastic water bottle as well to work as a reservoir. To make it into a hydration pack, read the following steps:

  • Get yourself a medical urinal bag and detach the hose from it. On one end of the hose, you will get a pre-fixed valve, and the other end will be open.
  • You have to attach your bottle’s cap to the open end of the hose’s valve-less end. Now you will have a hose with a valve on one side that will restrict the non-voluntary flow of water and a cap on the other side that will get screwed on the bottle you took.
  • Turn the bottle upside down and stow it into the laptop sleeve of the Bag,
  • Pull out the hose from the hole you did onto the strap of the Bag and open the valve.
  • Suck on it for 3-4 seconds, and water will start flowing out of the Bladder into your mouth.

How to Find PERFECT Fitting for Hydration Backpack?

While running or riding, you don’t want your backpack to stoop too low down your back or make you look like a kid when it’s too above your hips. That’s why measuring and purchasing is the best way to save you some embarrassment.

Knowing which Bag is appropriate for you, measure your chest size, hip size, and torso length. To get the proper chest size, Use a measuring tape, and measure the area just below your armpits.

Make a complete round, going from the front to back and then back the starting point. Note down the measurement in inches. To measure the hip size, wrap the measuring tape around the end of your spine, just above the hip bones.

Note that down as well and that too in inches. To measure the torso length, look down and try to locate the bump downwards on the backside of your neck. Ask someone to take the measuring tape and start from the bump to the hip bones area, i.e., the last vertebrae. Note that down as well in inches.

When you have all the measurements, look for the back pack’s dimensions. They are provided at the manufacturer’s or the company’s website. Compare and purchase.

Professional Riders Using Hydration Packs

Professional bikers use the best hydration packs for motocross, and they know how much it matters for better performance. A race can be lost by an inch, and to prevent that from happening, one must work on every small detail. Here are some of the best dirt bike riders in the world:


Jonny Walker started riding at the age of 9. he maintained his name in the top-three riders until 17. He was the youngest-ever winner of The Pinhard Prize, an accolade awarded to under-21s deemed the highest achievers.

Although he was a rookie, in his first full Enduro season, he enjoyed remarkable success. He had an impressive Hell’s Gate ve and the British Enduro Championship until he started killing it at international events.

So well, you will always want the best endure hydration pack. He was Red Bull Hare Scramble title in 2012 and 2013 with registering Red Bull Sea to Sky. In 2014 he won the Battle of Vikings and Red Bull Romanics.

In 2015 he took a big leap when he won hard enduro grand slams, including the Red Bull Romanics, Red Bull Hare Scramble, Hell’s Gate, and Red Bull 111 Megawatt. He also took third at the 2015-16 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship. 


Cody Webb is from California, who was one of the firsts to challenge Europeans in hard enduro. Cody was bred on a diet of trials, winning two American national titles and scoring six silver medals before making the switch to enduro.

That technical trials grounding has held him in good stead at the world’s toughest hard enduro and enduro cross races, where’s he’s known as one of the most fluid and smooth racers. Cody first began to make waves in the tight, frenzied confines of ENDUROCROSS courses.

He established himself with medals at the X Games and title-winning performances in the AMA ENDUROCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP in 2014 and 2015. Still, it’s in the fearsome ERZBERG QUARRY where Cody has shown his real hard enduro chops. The 2016 Red Bull Hare Scramble is widely considered the toughest and most demanding race on the calendar.

Cody stunned the established hard enduro order when he stormed to an unexpected second-place finish, becoming the first American to score a podium in hard enduro’s premier events.

Cody has firmly established himself as a serious contender since. He scored his first-ever stage win during the 2017 Red Bull Minas Riders race in Brazil, where he again finished second, and then backed up his breakthrough Red Bull Hare Scramble result with another podium finish in the 2017 edition, this time a third.

In late 2019 Cody switched from K.T.M. to the Sherco team, but his focus remains on finishing well at the W.E.S.S. Enduro World Championship events and spraying that champagne comes the season’s end.


Taylor Robert started playing with dirt bikes at the tender age of 4, with most time spent on motocross tracks and big motorcycling amateur events. He constantly improved and maintained a top 5 finisher record. At 15, h broke vertebrae at a national event. But he didn’t know that this accident would turn his career upside down.

During this accident’s recovery, Taylor lost interest in motocross and saw the world off-road championship series as the next thing(W.O.R.C.S.)his father had competed in worcs 2006.

Taylor was in on for the full series and got more backing from the industry and better sponsorship deals than he ever got from motocross. Till 2008 he had bagged pro2 class championship and stood beside other two world-class champions at the podium as a pro racer.

By 2009 he had full-time pro rankings, and by his last race that year, he finished 4rth. 2012 brought his first wrocs championship victory, after which he started in multiple tournaments with Xgames, Endurocross, beach races in Argentina ISDE, Baja, and some extreme enduro events.

He won 3 golds from ISDE and has been the top placing American for several years. 2016 saw him help the U.S.A. to its first-ever I.S.D.E. win. Taylor is on the success ride after competing in multiplex games and gold in EnduroX.


Hydro packs are a necessity when it comes to taking riding /biking seriously. At least for the initial training days, it is a must-have. People who like to do multiple activities and are into every game and outdoor routines shall get one.

After considering all the packs that we explained above, we have decided to pick the top 3 out of them:

  1. Camelbak M.U.L.E. Mountain Bike Hydration Pack
  2. MARCHWAY Tactical Molle Hydration Pack
  3. OGIO Adult Baja Hydration Pack

Every other Bag is great, but these stand out because of those 4-5 additional and super useful things they possess. The under $25 club has the following bags:

All bags discussed above are suitable for camping, hiking, and some of them for running purposes. Most of them are B.P.A. free and promote a hands-free drinking experience. Padded shoulder straps and mesh backs with air channeling are also provided by most of the low and high-priced backpacks.

These are the some of the Best Hydration Pack for Dirt Biking, if you have any questions regarding our list of Best Hydration backpack for Motocross, you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

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