Best Motorcycle Camping Chairs – HandPicked & Tested

While long rides on a motorcycle can be very rewarding, a good break calls for a great camping chair, easy to carry and comfortable at the same time.

I have tested four motorcycle camping chairs for you. Read on to know more about them and figure out which one suits you the best. 

These are the four camping chairs on the list, that I feel are the best in the market and each one of them provides a great bank for the buck.

From being one of the most affordable to being one of the most comfortable, you will find varieties of them on the list, and we also have the most funded portable chair, recommended by editors. Read on to know more about them! 

1. Cliq Camping Chair – Most Funded Portable Chair

If you are on a search for a portable yet comfortable camping chair for long rides, then the Cliq camping chair is surely the one to look for.

Priced at around $100, it provides a great amount of comfort after a long and tiring motorcycle ride and also supports your back without you having fear of falling back. 

As far as the weight-bearing capacity of this chair goes, it supports up to 300lbs, which is more than enough for a full-size adult. However, the weight of the chair itself is just 3.65 pounds, which makes it ultra-portable and easy to carry. 

Best Motorcycle Camping Chair

Setting up the Cliq camping chair takes up just five seconds, so you don’t need to worry about joining the parts or carrying additional nuts and screws along with it. 

The patented design of this chair along with the aircraft-grade aluminum used in the construction makes it sturdy for rough weather conditions, and also makes it usable in sand, mud, and dirt.

Best Motorcycle Camping Chairs

You will be surprised to know that with all these capabilities, the Cliq camping chair folds down to the size of just a water bottle that you can easily slide in your backpack. 

For additional maneuverability, Cliq also provides three carry bag options with the chair (sold separately), to carry all your things in one hand. 

However, no camping chair is perfect and the Cliq camping chair also comes with some design flaws. 

In my experience with this chair, the pockets on the side of the chair are a pass-through from one side to the other, which is large at the top and narrows down at the bottom. 

This results in things getting just below your posterior side, making it uncomfortable for some scenarios. To give my verdict, I have made a list of things I like about this chair and the things which I did not, so that you will be able to figure out whether it suits your preference or not. 

Things I like

  • Great on portability. 
  • Affordable price point. 

Things I don’t like 

  • Quality issues were reported from some customers. 
  • Pocket not designed as per the convenience of the customer. 
Weight3.65 Pounds
Dimensions3.4 x 3.4 x 13 inches

2. Helinox Camping Chair (Most Comfortable)

Next up on the list, we have the Helinox camping chair, which comes at a price point of around $150.

This speaks a little premium over the Cliq camping chair, but when it comes to having a great comfortable seating experience during long journeys, this wins the competition against the Cliq camping chair. 

With its high beach back seating position, the Helinox camping chair provides great comfort to your back. Along with this, the chair comes with a carry sack that doubles up as a pillow, so you don’t need to worry about fatigue during long motorcycle rides. 

motorcycle camping chairs

The chair weighs around 3.25 pounds, which is marginally less compared to the Cliq camping chair. However, it doesn’t fold up in the shape of a bottle, but when folded it measures 4.5 x 5.5 x 15.5 inches, which isn’t complainable, considering the features and comfort that it offers. 

Talking about the seating capacity of the Helinox camping chair, it can accommodate upto a 320-pound adult, thanks to the strong aluminum chassis. 

Also, the camping chair is sets up from a folded position to a full-fledged chair with the support of just one bungee internal chord that self-assembles the poles, so you don’t need to worry about assembling it. 

While using it with my fellow riders, some of the riders above 350lbs and 6’ 5’’ find it comfortable and easy to use. This is really commendable considering the fact that this chair is rated to hold upto 320lbs. 

Motorcycle camping chair review

However, no camping chair is perfect, and with the Helinox camping chair, you sit a lot lower to the ground than you would usually prefer, so you need to keep this in mind before making your decision. 

For my verdict, I have made a list of things that I liked about this chair and the things that I did not, so that you can get a glimpse of whether this camping chair will be a good buy for you or not. 

Things I like 

  • Great for comfort. 
  • Suitable for even plus-size adults.
  • Head pillow is a bonus. 

Things I don’t like 

  • Less portable compared to other options. 
  • Slightly expensive. 
Weight1 Pound
Dimensions21 x 10 x 6 inches

3. Travelchair Joey Camping Chair 

With a similar design profile as the Cliq camping chair, the Travelchair Joey chair is a compact and portable option for anyone looking for a camping chair. 

Priced at around the $70 mark, it is cheaper compared to the Cliq camping chair and comes with a strong anodized aluminum frame. 

If you are a plus size adult and worried about the carrying capacity of this chair, then you are safe until 300lb, which is appropriate for a full grown adult.

And from my experience with this chair, I can say that the carrying capacity won’t be a concern if you are an average sized adult. 

Motorcycle camping chair reviews

Another thing that I liked the most about this chair is the anti-sink feet, which is very useful for motorcyclists like me who love to travel in and around off-road conditions with soft and muddy surfaces. 

During my travel time, I was concerned about the portability of the chair, but it was not very cumbersome to carry it around, and I did not face any such issues regarding the portability of the chair.  

The Travelchair also comes with breathable mesh panels in the seat which helps provide ventilation and prevents you from sweating in hot and humid conditions. And from my experience with this chair, I did not feel sweaty or hot at the back. 

Overall, in my opinion, the Travelchair Joey chair is perfect for anyone looking for a compact and easy-to-carry camping chair for their long motorcycle ride. 

However, there are some shortcomings with this chair too, some of which you should consider before making your decision. Firstly, as per a user review, the seating on the chair is a little loose, so there is some sort of side-to-side movement when you are seated. 

This might be ok for people who take short breaks in between long journeys, but it might be problematic if you intend on spending hours sitting on this chair. 

Secondly, some old-aged users had a concern about assembling the chair on soft surfaces like sand or mud, which might not be an issue for most people.

However, some of the other camping chairs provide a 5-second assembly, which might be useful for people looking for ease of use. 

motorcycle camping chair

For my verdict, I have made a list of the things that I liked about this chair and the things that I did not, so that you can figure out whether this camping chair suits your needs or not. These plastic ends help to keep stable while in the sand or on a loose surface.

Things I like 

  • Great on compactness and portability.
  • Comes at an affordable price point. 

Things I don’t like 

  • Might not be very comfortable for long durations. 
  • Assembly time is greater than other options. 
Weight2 Pound
Dimensions7 x 19 x 8 inches

4) TravelChair Slacker Camping Chair

The last camping chair on our list is the TravelChair Slacker Chair, which is the most compact and affordable chair on our list. Coming at just around the $25 mark, the Slacker chair is made for motorcyclists looking for a quick and easy solution for their camping needs. 

The Slacker chair stands on a tripod frame and supports weights upto 275 pounds, which is great considering the size of this mini camping chair. The frame of the chair is powder-coated and made of durable steel material, which amounts to its feather-like weight of just 1.9lbs. 

As for the materials used in the making of this chair (polyester fabric along with the high-quality nylon connectors), makes it suitable to withstand adverse conditions and also makes it resistant to wear and tear. 

affordable motorcycle camping chair

This grade of quality is ensured by the Travelchair company by lab-testing the chair so that there are no quality issues by the customers. 

No camping chair is perfect, and despite all the advantages of portability and affordability that goes with this Slacker chair, comfort is something that takes a hit, due to the fact that there is no backrest and there are chances of you tipping over. 

With that being said, the Slacker Chair is good for short durations, and suitable for people looking for an affordable and compact camping chair for their touring needs. 

best compact motorcycle camping chair

For my verdict, I have made a list of things that I liked and the things which I did not like about this Slacker Chair so that you can choose the best among the list according to your preference. 

Things I like 

  1. Most affordable camping chair on the list. 
  2. Great build quality. 

Things I don’t like 

  1. No back support. 
  2. Has a risk of falling over on soft surfaces like mud or sand. 
Weight0.95 Pound
Dimensions11 x 11 x 18 inches

Important things to have in mind before buying a Camping chair

Well, if you don’t exactly know which one to choose from the list given above, follow this section where I lay down the important things to have in mind before buying a camping chair. 


You might like the Helinox camping chair for the comfort and back support that it provides, but, keep in mind your usage and whether you will need that kind of comfort between your journey breaks. 

For instance, if you go on a solo ride, and need a camping chair for just a tea break, then any kind of camping chair with decent support will do the job. 

However, if you go on day-long trips and spend nights on camps, then a comfortable camping chair will be a good choice, as you may want to sit in that chair for hours, and need proper back support for that purpose. 

Also, if you are someone having back problems or you need to take short breaks even during short motorcycle rides, then consider getting a camping chair with good back support and something that doesn’t sag you in the ground. 

This will help you to maintain a proper posture, and also support your back, so you don’t have fatigue at the end of the day. 

Size Requirements 

This is unarguably one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing camping chairs. Different motorcyclists with different physiques will have varying needs when it comes to size requirements.

Most camping chairs will not have any adjustable straps to increase or decrease the size of the chair. 

So, it is best advised to visit a local store and check the camping chair, so that there are no size issues once the chair is bought. Also, there are markings on the weight carrying capacity of the chair, which you should always check before buying. 

In most cases, your weight will be well under the maximum carrying capacity of the chair, however, if your weight seems to go beyond the maximum mark, then consider going for a stronger and more rigid camping chair, that doesn’t break in adverse conditions. 

Also, look for the height of the camping chair that you are trying so that you get an idea of whether it is suitable for you or not. Camping chairs that are high above the ground will make it easier for you to get on and off the chair without having discomfort and back pain.  

Design choice

After you have shortlisted the chairs based on your usage and size requirements, then you can figure out your design choice and what kind of chair you prefer.

There are various types including two-legged, three-legged chairs. We will discuss that in the next section. 

Now, the main thing to consider before making a design choice is to figure out your preferences of the size that you want, and the portability that you want from that chair.

Generally, chairs that have a backrest take up more space compared to chairs that don’t have back support.

So, if you are tight on space when traveling, then you should consider small and compact camping chairs, which can fit in your backpack. 

But, if you are traveling with other bikers, then you can consider going for a more comfortable camping chair to spend some time during the break and relax. 

Read on, as I discuss more the different types of camping chairs in the next chairs, so that you get an overall idea about the different varieties of camping chairs available in the market. 

Types of camping chairs

Based on the kind of usage that you have, you can choose from the different types of camping chairs available in the market. I have made a list of five types of camping chairs, with varying physical aspects to choose from. 

types of camping chairs

Suspended chair: The name of this chair comes from the suspended nature of the seat that hangs below the frame of the chair, just like how you would sit in a bean bag. This results in a good amount of grip and it does not sink in soft surfaces like sand or mud. 

However, if you are someone with back problems, then you should consider getting a flat chair with back support as these types of chairs are not the best when it comes to back support. 

As far as the design goes, the frame is made up of two rods that diverge going down into four legs of the chair, imparting stability and comfort to the chair. 

Scoop chair: As the name suggests, this type of chair resembles a scoop-shaped structure and can be considered a backrest version of the suspended chair. 

For the backrest support, the back portion of the frame is longer on which the seat is stitched. Other than that, the overall frame of the chair is the same as the suspended chair and you would sit a fair bit low to the ground as compared to the suspended chair.  

If you want a camping chair with back support, then you can definitely look for something like this. Keep in mind that scoop chairs will not be great for portability, considering the backrest that they come with. 

Two/Three-legged chairs: As we have seen from the list of camping chairs above, there are two-legged and three-legged chairs which are among the simplest camping chairs that you can get. Made with durable materials, they are usually very affordable and serve you the need. 

However, if you need a backrest, then there are very few options when it comes to two and three-legged camping chairs, but you can get some options with a backrest. 

In the three-legged version, you sit a little higher from the ground, and the seat is a little flatter compared to the two-legged version. However, in the case of a two-legged chair, you sit in a scoop-like position and very low to the ground.  

Camp stool: The last type on our list is the camp stool, which is a very basic type of camping chair and also comes at a very affordable price point. Talking about the construction, it stands on a three-legged frame and has a three-point structure holding the mesh seat. 

There is no backrest in camp stool, as they are made for just casual seating purposes and are best for shorter durations. Also, compared to the other camping chairs, they have slightly lesser weight carrying capacity, so always check that before making a purchase.  


Here we come to the end of our review and buying guide of the best camping chairs for your motorcycling journey. As a motorcyclist, I have always had trouble choosing and buying the best camping chair for myself, and for that particular reason, I wanted to share this with you. 

Now, as far as my requirement goes, I would go with the TravelChair Slacker Chair, as it suits my motorcycling needs, and I usually take short breaks during my journey. 

So, for that purpose, I would need a compact and portable chair, which can fit easily in my backpack, and I can assemble it quickly whenever and wherever I need it. 

I am very satisfied after choosing the Slacker chair, as it is very cheap compared to some of the other options on the list, and also gets the job done. 

And, in my usage, I have never faced any issues with the product, like tipping over or having wear and tear of the seat. Also, this chair is so cheap, that you can buy two or maybe three of them at the price of a full-fledged camping chair, and can use it with your friends or family. 

I found this camping chair very useful for seating during short breaks during a day-long motorcycle ride, and especially in the areas where there are no areas to talk a halt and relax. 

The only downer with this chair is that you don’t have a backrest, but it is something that you compromise for portability.

In my opinion, most motorcyclists would not need a camping chair with back support as it is usually made for comfortable seating, and they also take up a fairly large amount of space compared to the non-backrest ones. 

When I was choosing and buying a camping chair for myself, I liked the comfort and seating of some scoop and suspended chairs, but they simply did not fit in my luggage, so I had to go with a more portable and compact option.