Best Motorcycle Panniers (TOP8) Reviews & Buying Guide

Searching for Panniers for your Motorcycle? There are various options to choose from, here are some of the best motorcycle panniers that one can find online. We have compared all the top products to pick the best among the best.

Here are some of the top motorcycle panniers:

  • GIVI E22N Side Cases
  • Givi Trekker Outback Case And Luggage Rack Kit
  • Nelson Rigg (SE-3050-BLK)
  • Nelson-Rigg RG-020
  • OGIO 110093_36 Stealth Saddle Bag Duffel
  • GIVI OBK37BPACK2 Trekker Outback
  • Issyzone’s Motorcycle Saddle Bags
  • Tusk Off-Road Aluminium Dual sport Adventure Panniers

Don’t you think riding a motorcycle is a far better choice than riding a car? Yes, it is. Imagine yourself traveling for a long time on a highway, feeling the air in an open area, looking around the scenario, and the roaring sound of your engine. Doesn’t it sound like an adventurous dream? 

These things could not be achieved if you chose to travel in a car. However, the only limitation you have got in your motorcycle is storage facilities. You don’t have the advantage of carrying even the grocery items. 

What is a motorcycle pannier? Pannier is an additional product that could be equipped to your motorcycle to carry your things from groceries to your raincoat. As you know, your bike doesn’t have the option of the trunk like the car to store things while traveling, and it is vital to fit a pannier.

The panniers are available in different sizes and models in the markets which ensures that you can comfortably carry your luggage. Panniers are available either in the form of saddlebags or boxes which might be designed with metal. Based on your choice, you can select between soft or hard case saddlebags.

It is not a safe option to hang the items in the handle. What should you do? Now you don’t need to struggle anymore as we got the perfect solution – Motorcycle Panniers.

8 Best Motorcycle Panniers

Once you got the best motorcycle pannier, they serve you better than anything in any kind of situation. Despite the harsh climatic conditions, the motorcycle panniers would always aid in carrying your belongings for a long-distance. 

There are different styles of motorcycle panniers where you would be struggling to choose the best pannier. Even though you are badly in need of a pannier to your motorcycle, but it’s not appropriate if you end up with a bad one. 

To help you with this situation, we had shortlisted the ten motorcycle panniers depends on the various Motorcycle Saddlebags reviews from the customers. Scroll down further to find our options with its features. 

GIVI E22N Side CasesLoading Capacity: 22 liters each
Material: Plastic
Reviews: 82
Ratings: 4.3/5
Best All Over Motorcycle Panniers
Givi Trekker Outback Case And Luggage Rack KitLoading Capacity: 36 liters each with 42 liters top box
Material: Steel
Reviews: 48
Ratings: 4.3/5
Best Loading Capacity Motorcycle Pannier
Nelson Rigg (SE-3050-BLK)Loading Capacity: 27 liters each
Material: Tarpaulin PVC
Reviews: 150
Ratings: 4.4/5
Best Rated Motorcycle Pannier
Nelson-Rigg RG-020Loading Capacity: 15 liters each
Material: Nylon
Reviews: 86
Ratings: 4.4/5
Best Off Road Motorcycle Pannier
OGIO 110093_36 Stealth Saddle Bag DuffelLoading Capacity: 30 liters (15 each)
Material: Nylon
Reviews: 68
Ratings: 4.2/5
Best Soft Motorcycle Panniers 
GIVI OBK37BPACK2 Trekker OutbackLoading Capacity: 37 liters
Material: Aluminum
Reviews: 7
Ratings: 4.6/5
Best Adventure motorcycle Hard Panniers
Issyzone’s Motorcycle Saddle BagsLoading Capacity: 7.4 liters each
Material: Leather
Reviews: 101
Ratings: 4.1/5
Best Compact Motorcycle Pannier
Tusk Off-Road Aluminium Dual sport Adventure PanniersLoading Capacity: 37 liters each
Material: Aluminum 
Reviews: 4
Ratings: 3.6/5
Best Underrated Motorcycle Pannier

GIVI E22N Side Cases

Best MotorCycle Panniers
CC: Amazon

GIVIE22N side cases are one of the best motorcycle panniers which top in our list due to its ability to fit in any kind of motorcycles.

The versatile nature and gear storage capacity are added features to the product. Despite the style of your bike, this pannier could fit into the bike due to its design. 

Whether you need to pack for a trip or a long riding period, these panniers will be the perfect solution. They have manufactured with plastic a material which makes the product to be compact and lightweight.

These materials also make the product to be resistant against water and provide high durability.

Each case is produced with a storage capacity of 22L, which is the best place for the package sleeping bag, equipment needed for the maintenance, your clothes, water bottles, and others. 

The elegant look of the panniers improves the appearance of your bike along with other benefits. Once you use this product, you would decide that these saddlebags are much better than the leather or vinyl bag. 

Even though you have a small motorbike, these panniers could fit on them without any difficulties. The presence of first trap aid fits in both larger and smaller bikes. 

  • The cases are available as pairs.
  • It could cover the storage capacity of 22 liters.
  • It is specially designed with mono-key technology.
  • The bags are made with plastic which makes it compatible and lightweight.
  • It is suitable for adventure touring and other rides.


  • Manufactured by a trustworthy brand
  • Best for all the bikes
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Mount


  • Small size and hence not suitable for all-purpose
  • Not included with mounting hardware

Givi Trekker Outback Case And Luggage Rack Kit

best adventure motorcycle panniers
CC: Amazon

GIVI side case racks are especially beneficially used for the mounting for Trekker Outback side cases and it also comes with complete luggage and mounting kit

The cases of this made up of Anodized aluminum/plastic composite. Similar to other Givi side case racks, this product is designed to be compatible with Givi trekker outback monokey side cases alone.

The side cases are manufactured with robust materials which protect the motorcycle while mounting the luggage to it.

These racks got stylish black enamel finishing where the steel construction will safeguard your things.

Its rough structure and the bolt-on application make the product to be perfect for the long adventurous ride where you need to worry about your belongings anymore. 

  • It is equipped with a bolt-on application feature.
  • The product is highly durable due to its construction with steel.
  • The side cases are suitable to be used with Givi trekker outback monokey side cases.
  • It has a stylish outlook due to the black colored enamel finishing.
  • The product is designed in a way to ensures a safe adventurous trip to the users.


  • Anodized aluminum / plastic composite
  • Single key unlock / detach
  • Fully removable side case lids
  • Complete package


  • Price is quite high

Nelson Rigg (SE-3050-BLK)

best soft motorcycle panniers
CC: Amazon

Nelson Rigg is a trustworthy brand for producing the best motorcycle saddlebags, and these products are 100% waterproof. The panniers are heat welded which prevents the entry of moisture. 

The bags are designed with four quick-release buckles and compression straps which make the mounting process to be quick and easy. If you want to get off the bag, you can just pull the straps with ease. 

As it contains two lightweight liners, any materials inside the package will be protected even though you are traveling at high speed. The product is also quite easy to clean due to the UV coating layer. 

It is one of the best soft motorcycle panniers, but it could be fitted into any rack system with its unique semi-rigid structure. It is produced with both hard and soft pannier system combination.

The shape is maintained by the removable stiffeners even though the container has no materials. As it is one of the soft panniers, it is attached with compression straps that hold the bag tight while you are riding.

The internal backplate supports the position of your bag with plenty of storage space of 27.53 liters. It is suitable to carry everything from groceries to camping things.

  • The saddlebags are available with UV coating to prevent the entry of water.
  • It is designed with two various vibrant colors.
  • The product is included with aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • The advanced features make the product to use conveniently. 
  • It protects your belongings against erratic weather conditions.


  • Heavy-duty and high quality
  • Lightweight product
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive
  • Poor quality straps

Nelson-Rigg RG-020

Best Nylon Motorcycle Pannier
CC: Amazon

Nelson Rigg RG-020 black dual-sport saddlebag is another best motorcycle saddlebag that has an expandable storage system that ranges from 12 to 15 liters. You will also be provided with the tool pouch, which aids in the maintenance of your luggage and blocks the bouncing of the items. 

The product is known for its smooth and quick installation process, and it takes only five minutes. It is included with the Velcro top strap feature which helps you to adjust the saddlebag as per the width of your motorcycle. The metal hooks would protect the bag from falling while you are in for a long ride. These hooks are present around the bottom of the product, which prevents rotation of the luggage. 

These are also included with optional straps for dual sports bikes which makes the process more stable. You need to secure the luggage using the front straps by connecting it to another point in the motorcycle. These bags have been featured with side cinches which aid in weight support and protect it from falling due to heavy load.

This saddlebag is the perfect choice for smooth riding where there will be no need to carry weight on your shoulders.

  • The product has a large storage capacity to make it suitable for more items.
  • The straps are included to attach the bags most securely.
  • The entry of water is blocked due to the airtight roll closure feature.
  • The product is made with an internal black plate that provides ultimate support. 
  • There will be no slipping of the bag with the outer coating material.


  • Heatshield panels
  • High visibility cover
  • Waterproof
  • Quick-release bags


  • Not suitable for all the bike models

OGIO 110093_36 Stealth Saddle Bag Duffel

motorcycle saddlebags reviews
CC: Amazon

OGIO stealth is another best motorcycle pannier which is specially designed for the road trip. They are produced in a way so that they can withstand against any type of harsh climatic conditions. 

The bottom of the saddlebag is made with heat-resistant silicone materials which makes it an outstanding durable product. You could also protect your things inside the bag from water during the rainy season with the presence of an integrated rain hood. 

The neoprene pad in the pannier prevents the scratching of your motorcycle paint. It could be easily fitted in your motorcycle, and it comes with extra storage space. 

The product could hold up to 66 lb of weight, and they are the perfect fit during your long day trips. The bag will not be affected by the exhaust pipe of your motorcycle with the presence of an attached silicone plate. 

These panniers could also be used as the regular bags, and so you can carry around them once you are finished with the ride.  The webbing mount helps in the attachment of the pannier to the motorcycle.

The robust straps held the saddlebags safely in the back seat. If they are not saddled, you can use Velcro straps to keep the bags together in place.

  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions during a long trip. 
  • The product is easy to mount and protects eh bag from exhaust pipes.
  • It could also be used as a regular bag after the ride.
  • It is included with Velcro straps that keep the bags together.
  • The bags can store up to 66 lb of weight. 


  • Available with rain hood
  • Heat resistant feature
  • Extra storage space


  • Non-waterproof
  • Paint might fade when it is exposed to the sun

GIVI OBK37BPACK2 Trekker Outback

best adventure motorcycle panniers
CC: Amazon

Similar to the other panniers from the GIVI brand, this GIVI trekker outback also has various benefits and advanced features. It is designed in a way that makes it suitable for all types of motorcycles.

With the quality materials used for the manufacturing process, these panniers are known for their highly durable nature. This outstanding trekker pannier is made with aluminum metal which makes it bulky and protected.

The aluminum fitting system in the product aids in holding up the rigors away from the road and could safeguard the gear present inside the bag. The outer layer of the bag is well protected with the layer of waterproof and weatherproof properties.

Givi trekker outback side case is one of the best adventurous motorcycle saddlebags. This pannier is produced with a smart lock system to protect the things kept inside the bag from fraud. You will also be provided with a Givi mounting kit with different sizes and capacities as per your need. 

You can load up to 2 pounds in the bag due to its robust design. There is no doubt that this Givi product is equipped with necessary facilities that are highly beneficial for long-time motorcycle riders.  

  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • The product protects the things with the aluminum fitting system.
  • It could hold up to two pounds of weight.
  • It is included with a smart lock feature to safeguard your properties.
  • The outer layer is covered with a waterproof layer.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Highly secure
  • Advanced features
  • Great Luggage Capacity


  • Not affordable by everyone

Issyzone’s Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Best MotorCycle Panniers
CC: Amazon

If you are looking for an excellent motorcycle saddlebag at a low price, then you can opt for the Issyzone’s Motorcycle Saddlebags. Despite the reasonable price of the product, it is available with various advanced features. 

These saddlebags are the perfect choice to protect your water bottles, purses, keys, or any snacks with the amount of 7.4 liters. The inner part of the product is manufactured with a robust plastic liner, which helps in maintaining its shape. 

You don’t need to worry about wetting the things inside the saddlebag, as they are designed with side flaps. 

This motorcycle saddlebag has quite an easy installation process. The package will be included with a cord to fasten the bags to the motorcycles without any difficulties. Apart from this, you can also release the bags with the presence of quick-release buckles. 

Hence, it is simple to find the necessary items like wallets, food, and water bottles. Besides the old model motorcycles, this compatible saddlebags could be a perfect fit for most of the motorcycles. 

This motorcycle saddlebag is known for its considerable design and its durability due to the PU leather. They can be used for medium-long trips with the robust nature of the product. 

  • The product is made with quick-release buckles which make it easy to detach the bags.
  • It is suitable to store the things which you needed most and often.
  • The things can be protected from the drizzle as it contains side flaps in the interior package.
  • The pannier is quite easy to install to the motorcycle.
  • It provides easy access to the things inside it.


  • Highly durable
  • Each bag hold 7.4 liters
  • Fits most of the motorcycles
  • Compatible


  • Partially waterproof and so not suitable for the heavy rainy season

Tusk Off-Road Aluminium Dual sport Adventure Panniers

best adventure motorcycle hard panniers
CC: Amazon

Tusk off-road is one of the best adventure motorcycle hard panniers that are sustainable to maximum weight. The product is available in pairs, and there will be a lot of storage space inside the saddlebag. 

When you got the more significant type of version, then it holds nearly up to 74 liters of matter. 

If you go for the medium size pannier, then you will be benefitted with 54 liters storage. Apart from their storage application, they are also known for their high-quality materials.

This pannier is made with an aluminum layer, which makes the product to be highly durable, and these boxers are also water-resistant. You can notice the well-maintained shape of the pannier. These panniers are covered with powder coating elements that protect the aluminum from blackening.

The unique feature about this brand is it is manufactured with a lock and key, and so you can protect any valuable things in it. The pannier is the perfect choice for adventurous rides as they are resistant to any tedious climatic conditions. It is available in compatible size which is suitable for most of the racks.

The footman loops in the lid aids in the attachment of other items to the boxes which extends the storage capacity. This can be the best adventure motorcycle panniers, and you can read the reviews of this product from the button provided below.

  • It is made with aluminum material which makes it both lightweight and durable.
  • They are designed with a style that makes it compatible with most of the bike models.
  • The product has the storage capacity, which is hard to overcome by the other brands. 
  • The powder-coated surface of the pannier makes it impossible to experience the blackening.
  • The pannier could be used against any kind of weather condition.


  • Extra storage capacity
  • Lock and key feature
  • Hold up to 74 liters
  • Maintains shape


  • Not included with mounting hardware option

Things to have in mind before buying a Motorcycle Pannier

Motorcycle Panniers costs a lot and it comes more important to know what are the things to keep in mind before buying or making huge investment, otherwise you will lose your hard earned money.

Before making a decision, few things have to be noted from the Motorcycle saddlebags reviews list we mentioned below:

  • Durability: Durability is another thing to look at in the motorcycle pannier. This one is such a necessary feature as it is the only choice to hold your gear.

So, whatever you want to keep in the pannier like grocery supplies or touring equipment, the durable nature of the products decides the protection level. 

You can look at the reviews from the customers too. Imagine when your pannier has less durability your belongings will be exposed to all the outdoor dangers. From road debris to the rain, it is essential to protect the things and maintain them safe and dry.

Best MotorCycle Panniers

Hence, it is crucial to select the saddlebags which come with the water-resistant quality with a waterproof cover.

Apart from the waterproof quality to avoid the rain, the product should also be equipped with a heat shield to safeguard the things from exhaust pipes and the heat expelled from the engine of your motorcycle. 

To check the durability, you need to check the quality and type of materials used in the pannier. Don’t go for plastic or weak quality ones. Instead, you could go for Polyester, aluminum, and other metal products as it would increase the robust nature of the pannier.

  • Types of Attachment: You should always review how you are going to attach the pannier to your motorbike. Generally, there are two types of pannier attachment.

One type is where you can fit the pannier directly to the touring racks while the other type of pannier whose attachment where you need a Velcro strap system. However, you need to decide your primary attachment type based on the setup of your bike and the design. Some of the motorcycles are designed with racks while the other models are manufactured only with the back seat.

According to us, using velcro strap saddlebags is the natural choice as they are applicable for almost all types of bikes. But here we can’t guarantee you safety when compared with the direct rack attachment option. The problem occurs when your bike doesn’t have a rack system, and so then it might cost you some amount to install one touring setup.

Here, we suggest you go for Velcro system attachment as it is easy to install and it’s simple to detach the luggage too. Even though they are sturdy as the rack, they are also eligible to provide some safety measures to your things.

  • Storage Capacity: Storage capacity is essential to look before deciding the panniers. Isn’t the first reason to begin your search for the best motorcycle panniers – for storing the things?

If you think you have to carry a lot of things, then you can buy the saddlebags which are available in pairs. Before that, it is recommended to check the storage level of each product.  There are a lot of options for smaller storage capacity panniers and larger storage capacity panniers.

best motorcycle saddlebags
CC: Amazon

The best motorcycle large panniers are usually manufactured with aluminum metal which makes the storage limit no less than 70 liters. Depends on the model, some may have a fixed compartment, and others are produced with expandable compartments. Expandable ones would increase the storage ability and thus suitable for the long traveling period.

But don’t forget that these expandable compartments could be more substantial when compared with the fixed compartments. If you have no problem with carrying this bulky pannier, then it would be the best choice. On the other hand, a fixed compartment is for local trips and to carry a daily list of your grocery items. Someones are equipped with side pockets to add further facilities to the organization.

  • Budget: Budget is the last feature you should be concerned. It’s not that you can get the a motorcycle panniers in the less price. Every perfect saddlebag might come little above your budget, but they will be worth every single penny. 

If you select the cheapest pannier, it won’t be much useful due to the inferior materials. So, if you try to purchase going below your budget level might cause unwanted consequences in the future. Such choices would be less durable and will not be suitable for protecting the gear on your motorcycle. You don’t want such things, do you?

However, there is no need to go for the expensive motorcycle panniers too. There are a lot of various pannier options available in the market where you need to spend a lot of thousands. For example, you can check out the list we mentioned above, and they are available at an affordable price to all the customers. According to us, you can choose the product within the budget of between $ 150 and $ 600.

The cost may vary on the quality, pair, or single bags and other superior features. Remember you are paying for the product of your choice with options.

  • Material: If you want the durability and warranty, then you should go for the last long and high-quality materials. So, here we can say that the most common materials used in the construction of motorcycle panniers are cotton, nylon, ABS, one of the types of plastic and others. 

These materials ensure the strong result, and therefore they could protect your belongings in the best way possible. Even the soft saddlebags are made with the materials which could be last long if it is adequately designed.

Make sure the stress points are reinforced, and the materials are attached in the right way. In case you are looking for stylish ones, then you go through the leather panniers. But they are not much water-resistant, which means your belongings will be soaked in water if you happen to travel in a rainy season. The both stylish and durable comes with the aluminum material panniers. 

They are considered to be excellent waterproof bags, but they are heavy and bulky. They could also stay in excellent shape for a long time. It is important to note that these aluminum panniers powdered coated to prevent the blackening of the surface. If not, appearance and quality would be affected.

  • Easy Mounting and Accessory Features
best adventure motorcycle panniers

Mounting is another option you should be careful before getting the saddlebags for your use. There will be no use if you got the one that could not be fitted in your motorcycle. You should select the pannier which has the benefit to mount on your bike easily yet efficiently. 

They come with two different mounting options as some with quick-release hardware elements while others with a cord.  We suggest using the cord as this option makes it easy to adjust the position of your bags and fit in the motorcycle conveniently. 

After all, everyone needs to protect their luggage until they reach their destination. So, the cord will make the process of putting and taking the bags off the bike, a simple one.

It’s not compulsory to look for additional features, but it would be an advantage to have them. These aspects would make your choice nothing but the best. From compartments to quick-lock feature, anything could be considered as a plus point to the product. 

Consider the pannier has a socket to keep your mobile phone safe and secure. Won’t you feel ecstatic? So, we would suggest you explore the options to be clear on what the pannier is offering to your needs than the others.

You can read more about the buying about How to buy a Motorcycle Pannier from this detailed article by MotoRess. You can watch this video which covers everything about motorcycle luggage and how to buy a perfect one which suits all your needs?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do panniers fit all bikes?

Yes, most of the panniers are specifically designed to fit all the types of bikes. However, there are particular brands available in which manufacturing supports only individual companies. Hence, it is crucial to look for the saddlebags or panniers which fit into your motorcycle. Sometimes you can purchase a few other accessories in the market to suit the panniers to your bike.

It should also be noted that not all bikes are manufactured to fit the panniers or saddlebags. So, it is important to note the features of your bike too. Generally, the pannier racks are mounted on the rear of the bike, or it can be fitted in the front if you want.

  • How do motorcycle panniers fit?

Some motorcycles are specifically designed to take the pannier with ease. Other motorcycles don’t have any feature to add panniers. Here, you can fit the panniers to your bike if you got the right tools. The perfect choice for racks is also should be purchased to make the process easy.

Whether the panniers are soft cases or hard cases, if you got the right racks, the installation process will be quite straightforward. The best motorcycle panniers would take a few minutes. There are features with buckles and release, which aids in rapid attachment and detachment of your belongings.

  • What are the best bike panniers?

The bike panniers would be considered as the best when they have been manufactured with advanced features and applications. Some of the best brands which produce bike panniers are Ortlieb Back-Roller classic, Elops 500 Waterproof bike bag, Thule Pack ‘n’ Pedal shield, and others. These products have the benefit of carrying the weight on them instead of your shoulder.

The panniers can be used by attaching with the rack of your bike. You can fit the pannier either beside the rear of the wheel or on the front of the frame. Once you mount the pannier to the bike, you can carry the weight for a long distance.

  • Can you fit panniers to a road bike?

Yes, you can fit panniers to a road bike. If you have the essential Trek and Ginat road bikes, then you will have the chance to attach the racks with the eyelets frame. However, these eyelets feature is not found in all the road bikes.

In case your bike doesn’t have the option, you may purchase some other essential pieces of equipment to fit the panniers to the bike. Such items are P-clamps, mounting clamps, and others. These tools aid the installation process by acting as a support to the bike panniers in the absence of an eyelet in the frame of your bike.

  • How do you carry groceries on a bike?

You might be tired of carrying groceries most difficultly on your bike. But you don’t need to struggle anymore as you can use the Panniers option on the bike.

All you need is a rack attachment that aids in the fitting of the pannier or saddlebag to your bike. Panniers are considered to be the best option when compared with the attachment of baskets. Here, panniers could protect the grocery items from rain and weather.

They are lightweight and available at an affordable price than the other options. The installation process is also quite easy and requires clips, bungee cords, and some hooks. Moreover, panniers have plenty of room to store your groceries.

The product you chose to store your luggage plays a significant role during your traveling hours. Accepting the wrong one might affect your comfort, time, and even your safety. Despite the budget, it’s necessary to consider from the size to the pannier to its waterproof before deciding the one.


As you know already, finding the best adventure motorcycle panniers whether it’s the best soft motorcycle panniers or the best hard motorcycle panniers, is a challenging task on this date.

Hence, we would highly recommend you to go for our list of best motorcycle panniers due to their advanced features and excellent quality materials. We hope you found our list of motorcycle panniers and the guidelines useful to make your purchasing easy and straightforward.

If you could just look for your needs and expectations from the list, then you are in the right way to begin your adventurous ride. Compare the products with each other and decide which would serve better for your conditions.

It is never late to go out and get the best motorcycle pannier of your choice. Now that you have a way to purchase the most-wanted motorcycle pannier, nothing would have the chance to stop your adventurous trip.

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