Ownership Review of Fodsports M1S PRO Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

Have you ever come across the times when you lost touch with the other riders in your group? Well, that’s a difficult situation to get caught in. Often on long rides over bikes, it’s difficult to keep up with your fellow riders, and you lose communication with them. 

However, with proper motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms installed on your bikes, you can make sure that the troops stay together even when they’re riding at far-off distances.

Not only will these intercoms provide smoother communication channels for your road trips, but they’ll even make them more fun and engaging by giving you a stereo-like music listening experience on the go over bikes.

Fodsports M1S PRO REVIEW

That being said, Fodsports has been a known name for its motorcycle gears, and it hasn’t stayed back in coming with a fantastic intercom either. 

I am talking about the Fodsports M1S PRO Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom. I have loved using it, and I am sure you’re going to love it too. So, let me directly jump to my review of this amazing product that has added much to the fun and entertainment of my adventurous road trips.

The company has been designing and creating high-quality motorcycle intercoms for many years. With the introduction of their newest model, the Fodsports M1S PRO Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, they have done it again! 

This intercom is a sleek and lightweight design with various features to make your ride more enjoyable. Read on to find out more about this product!

Here is the quick specification table of Fodsports M1S Intercom:

Range2000 m
Bluetooth v4.1
Riders8 Riders
Charging Time3 hours
Water ResistanceWaterproof
Battery Backup12 hours
Dimensions16.54 x 9.45 x 2.36 inches

Fodsports M1S PRO Review

When you look for a motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, you really want to go for the industry giants. Of course, they’re costly, but you know you’ll get the quality. 

However, trying out budget-friendly and affordable products once in a while doesn’t do you any harm. 

In fact, in this case, where I, for once, checked out the Fodsports M1S Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, I am happy that I did so. It’s amazing as a product and really compelled me to pen down a review for it.

Fodsports M1S Pro review
CC: Fodsports

For starters, this Bluetooth Intercom is extremely easy to set up. Most of the time, while I love the intercoms, I face a real struggle in setting them up. But that wasn’t the case with this particular product. 

This particular product is a sleek and lightweight design with various features to make your ride more enjoyable. In order to find out exactly what these features are, keep reading!

It has a very simple design and comes with extremely easy to understand instructions for set-up. Once you look through the instruction manual, adjusting this product to your helmet, whether full face or open face, is a breeze.

All you’ve got to do is attach the clips to your helmet and then attach the Bluetooth headset to those clips, and you’re all done. The only thing you need to take care of when doing this attachment is choosing the right mic for the connection. 

The intercom comes with a hard mic and a soft mic. The soft mic is for full face helmets, while the hard mic is for open face helmets. So, check the helmet you’re using and then attach the mic.

Once you’ve set up the Bluetooth with your helmet, you’re good to go for your ride. Along with this easy to set up design, the Bluetooth is set up with easy-to-operate buttons as well that you can use for pairing, volume adjustment, and starting and connecting to the group intercoms. 

FODSPORTS M1S Pro Motorcycle Headset

Not only could you do this with the buttons on the headset, but you can even connect the Bluetooth to your smartphone and integrate it with voice assistants like Alexa and Google to operate the entire system through voice commands. Now, if that isn’t easy and convenient, I don’t know what is.

Moreover, pairing is highly advanced too. It’s not just one device or functionality you can connect and pair the Bluetooth for. You can connect it with two different devices at once and simultaneously operate intercom, navigation, and music over it.

Talking about operating the intercom, the Bluetooth Intercom can support up to eight riders at once and works within a range of 2 kilometers. 

So, as long as your group stays within this distance, you’ll never lose touch and can keep enjoying your rides together by talking and listening to music.

Moreover, even if someone goes out of this range, the Bluetooth will connect them back to the intercom automatically as long as the disconnection is for less than five minutes. 

In case it takes longer, the rider can simply press the connect intercom button on the Bluetooth or give a voice command to get back into the connection as soon as he/she is back in the 2km range.

So, the connection and communication with this Bluetooth intercom are excellent. Moreover, the talking would be seamless on the go, too, without you ever having to strain your ears or voice when listening and speaking. This is because the sound quality is par excellence.

FODSPORTS M1S Pro Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

The speakers have excellent bass and even come with noise cancellation features. So, you can talk to your troop on the go without any disturbances, and listen to music and entertain yourself in a stereo-like sound setting.

The only problem with sound would come when you take higher speed and in windy weather. In such conditions, the speakers will cause disruption and hamper your exemplary listening experiences. But in any other case, you can be really happy with the sound quality.

Also, you can enjoy this sound quality for as long as 20hours once the intercom is fully charged. Moreover, if you have a portable charger, you need not stop using this Bluetooth Intercom. 

You can just connect it with the charger and keep using it. In any case, it will charge in just 3hours. So, you’re never off the music or connection on the go when you’re using this Bluetooth Intercom.

Another great thing about this Bluetooth Intercom is that it’s dust and water-resistant. So, you need not worry about weather conditions and can go as adventurous as you would like to go while adding the fun element to those adventures with this Bluetooth Intercom.

With all these features, this is an amazing product for the picks, and while I didn’t think it would happen, I have absolutely loved it to the core.

The Fodsports M1S PRO Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom comes in three colors: black with silver trim, grey with red trim, or all black. 

The package also includes everything you need to install on your helmet so if you have an open face helmet, half helmets, or modular helmets, almost no modifications will be required. This is a nice touch because not all intercoms provide this kit.

This particular model of the Fodsports M1S Intercom series comes with a number of features that make it easy to install and use on your motorcycle. 

FODSPORTS M1S Pro Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth

The first feature is an included microphone adapter kit which provides two options for installation: on either side of your helmet or inside your helmet depending on your preference. 

A nice addition to these adapters is the fact that the wire from the microphone can be passed through one of several vents in order to prevent any noise from being picked up by the microphone itself while you are driving on your motorcycle.

The next feature that makes this product stand out among others in its class is the on-board music control. This means you can now listen to your favorite tunes without having to reach for your phone or MP3 player while riding! 

The controller is located conveniently on the right earpiece of the device so that you will have no problem reaching it even if you are wearing gloves. 

Simply hold down one button for three seconds in order to turn it on or off, and use the others as playback controls. The batteries are also rechargeable so you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing them.

As with other models, this Fodsports M1S PRO Intercom comes equipped with a noise reduction microphone which provides clear audio without any background noise interference. 

You can simply wear this headset over your helmet if you have an open face helmet, half helmets, or modular helmets.

fodsports m1s pro intercom review

This product also has Bluetooth 4.1 compatibility so you can connect it to your smartphone for hands-free calling as well as fast pairing with other devices. 

I was able to pair this intercom easily with my iPhone 6S Plus within seconds of turning it on, which is definitely a plus in today’s technology world where everyone expects things to happen instantaneously without wasting time.

Another feature that makes this model stand out from the crowd is the built-in FM transmitter function. So even if you are not looking to make phone calls or listen to music, you will still be able to tune into your favorite radio stations while riding! 

The range of this transceiver is quite large as well, covering a distance of up to 30 feet. This means you will be able to listen to your favorite station anywhere in the vicinity without having to worry about static or crackling noises.

The Fodsports M1S includes everything you need to operate it, such as two noise-canceling microphones and an FM transmitter set. 

This is because it can easily connect with either one microphone for those who prefer hands-free calling or full-duplex mode.  You can also share your music with others by connecting the FM transmitter to the auxiliary port of your car or stereo at home.

The Bluetooth connection itself is very strong, which is great news for those who are relying on it to make calls. It has a range of up to 30 feet so you will be able to place your phone wherever you want in order to connect with this device.

Finally, the battery life on the Fodsports M1S PRO lasts about 9 hours before being charged again so even if you forget to charge it overnight, you won’t have any long-term problems as far as that aspect goes. 

The controller itself also turns off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use in order to save the battery.

This product also has an advanced battery life which allows you to use it for 12 hours before needing a recharge. With only 4 hours needed for charging, this is definitely a plus when compared to other models on the market today. 

The advanced noise-canceling capabilities of this device were a major factor in my decision to purchase it. With other models, I had a difficult time hearing the person on the other end of the line because there was simply too much noise interference going on. 

This is even more important if you are traveling at high speeds and therefore need to be able to receive calls without straining your ears or making out what they are saying.

In addition, it has excellent microphone quality so you will have no problem being understood clearly by those who are receiving your phone calls. The people I spoke with all said that I sounded completely clear and they could not tell that I was riding a motorcycle at all!

All in all, I find that five characteristics differentiate this model from other intercoms on the market today:

  • Bluetooth 4.1 compatibility
  • Noise reduction microphone for clear communication with others
  • Advanced battery life of 12 hours before a charge is needed again
  • Range of 30 feet to ensure it functions properly in any environment
  • Built-in FM transmitter function for non music related activities 

The ability to connect via either one microphone for hands-free calling or full-duplex mode is definitely a plus as well, especially when you’re riding at high speeds where there is more wind noise and therefore more chance that the person on the other end will not be heard clearly if it’s only paired to one microphone. 

I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who rides motorcycles because it has everything you need and then some in a quality package that is affordable as well.


  • Easy to install and use : The installation of the intercom was considerably easy. The packaging was complete with microphones for both integrated and modular helmets. 

Large buttons allow the user to comfortably operate the device. One of the most impressive features is the Google Assistant function.

  • Sound quality : Advanced CVC technology allows the device to block the ambient noise, the background noise for incoming and outgoing audio is also blocked. The sound system allows the rider to have noise free audio calls even at high speeds.
  • Large battery : A large 900 mAh battery allows the device to work continuously for 20 hours while requiring only 3 hours of charging. The an additional power detect function allows the user to check the battery percentage before travelling.
  • 2000m Maximum Distance: Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 version, M1S Pro allows communication of the group for a distance of 2000 meters in absence of obstacles such as buildings. The effective communication between two motorcycles is 500 meters. The overall system is compatible and stable.
  • Voice control: The intercom system and the Bluetooth connectivity allows the riders to stay in contact. With the hands on the handle, a voice command allows the user to access the device, just tell it what services you need.

Quick Summary:

  • Highly compatible with multiple device types.
  • Easy to set up, connect, and operate.
  • Excellent sound quality with thumping bass and noise cancellation features.
  • Quick charging and 20-hours long battery life.
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Supports Intercom for up to 8 riders within a 2km range.
  • Voice Assistant Support



  • It has excellent sound quality to help you listen to music and have conversations without any disturbances.
  • It charges quickly and provides a very long battery life.
  • It’s easy to set up and operate.
  • It’s compatible with a range of devices.
  • It’s resistant to water and dust, so weather conditions are never a problem.
  • It’s very economical and affordable.


  • Volume buttons can be hard to press on high speeds with gloves on
  • Universal pairing issues
  • The sound quality falters and goes down when the weather condition is not good.
  • The noise cancellation features will not work well if you ride at a higher speed.


The M1S Pro Bluetooth communication system is an impressive, safe, and dependable device in the intercom market. The device is equipped with a long-lasting battery perfect for long travels. It is easy to install and operate, which makes it perfect for newbies.  

I had hardly believed that a cheap and affordable product like the Fodsports M1S PRO Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom would compete so well with the other giants. I was very skeptical before getting this, but as I used it, I kept falling in love with it.

It has amazing features and functionalities that are generally difficult to find in products at this range. So, owing to what it offers, I am highly impressed.

The audio quality of the device is its best feature, the intercom is powered by Bluetooth 5.0, this system allows clear and easy communication between the rider group. 

The range of the device is about 2000 meters with clear communication for a distance upto 500 meters. 

It’s easy to set up, has amazing sound quality, connects well with multiple devices, has voice assistant support, provides a good connectivity range, and is even resistant to water and dust. I mean, what more could you want in a Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom?

Voice control allows the user to operate the device by just using a voice command, this feature adds particularly to the overall accessibility feature of the device.

Of course, the voice disrupts in harsh weather and higher speed, but that’s something you could live with.

Being cost-effective, the device is highly recommended for new users who would want the best quality device for the lowest of prices. Purchase the product and enjoy its long list of features. 

It’s the perfect product for any rider or bike enthusiast who looks forward to adventurous road trips while keeping in touch with the world.

In fact, if you’re someone who often goes riding with a group, and that group is small, you must get this Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom. You’re going to love it to the core!


  • Will it connect to other brands and do the same?

    This Bluetooth Intercom features high compatibility with devices. So, it can connect with multiple devices at once and support different brands as well. So, yes, the Bluetooth Intercom will easily connect with other brands and function very smoothly by providing you with the most amazing listening and communication experiences on the go.

  • Will this work with a GoPro?

    The intercom may connect with the GoPro application. However, if you’re looking forward to making a recording and opening the application at the time of that recording, we’re afraid that the Fodsports M1S PRO Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom will not work in that case.

  • Can you fit it with Half Face Helmets?

    Yes, the M1-S Pro helmet Bluetooth has a soft mic and hard mic, suitable for all helmets. You can use the hard mic for fitting the intercom with a Half Face Helmet. That will work well with it.

  • Can both the driver and passenger listen to music from the driver’s cellphone?

    Absolutely. You can listen to music independently and push the button to speak to each other. I’m a massive fan of these intercom units. They are extremely easy to install, and you can purchase additional speaker setups if you have multiple helmets that are very inexpensive. If you ask for my opinion, this unit is way better than Sena. Hope this helps!

  • How many cell phones can I connect with Fodsports M1S PRO?

    This is another good stuff about this unit; it can connect with multiple devices simultaneously and is compatible with all types of devices. As for the cell phones, you can connect two cellphones at once with Fodsports M1S PRO. So, if you use different devices and numbers, you need not worry. All of them will easily get connected with your intercom, and you’ll never miss a call.

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Intercoms for Your Needs 

Motorcycle intercoms are a great way of keeping in contact with your motorcycle riding buddies, whether on cross-country trips or just around town. 

If you don’t like this one then you can choose from so many options out there it can be hard to know which ones are right for you, so we’ve compiled this handy guide full of information on how to choose the best motorcycle intercom system for your needs.  

Down to business. So how much will you need to spend on a motorcycle intercom? In short, it can vary quite dramatically. 

There are several factors that determine just how much you’ll need to shell out for an intercom system, including durability, features, and of course the overall quality of the product itself. 

As with many other kinds of technology, you can pay anywhere from $20 to upwards of $600 for an intercom system. The higher-end models are generally packed with the latest technologies and capable of much more than their entry-level counterparts. 

If you’re looking for a basic motorcycle intercom that will simply let you communicate with other riders (and perhaps even allow you to listen to music), expect to pay between $100 and $300. 

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line motorcycle intercom with all kinds of bells and whistles, you could be paying in the vicinity of $600+, though there are many models in this price bracket which offer very little in terms of features and technology.

Another thing to note is that while many motorcycle intercoms are similar in their basic design, there can be a huge difference between one system and the next when it comes to durability and water resistance. 

If you’re planning on riding your bike in all kinds of conditions, spending a little extra on something more durable is recommended. 

If you’re not going to be riding in the rain, it may be worth considering something less expensive. Here are a few other things to consider while shopping for motorcycle intercoms:

– What kind of helmet will you use? If you have an open face or modular helmet, you can opt for any type of motorcycle intercom system. 

If you have an all-in-one full-face helmet, however, you’ll need to look for one that has earbuds that allow external sound in so that your bike’s other sounds are audible through the intercom speakers.

– Does everyone who will be using the intercom want their own microphone? Some systems offer this option whereas others do not When selecting a motorcycle intercom, be sure that your needs are being addressed. 

While it’s great to have an affordable option that can accomplish most basic tasks, it’s always better to opt for something higher quality if you know you’ll be using the system frequently and in various conditions.

Visibility is key when operating a motorcycle. Whether wearing full gear or just your favorite jeans and t-shirt, purchase helmets with safety features built-in. 

You can find novelty helmets at local bike shops; these come in all kinds of shapes and designs, but may not provide the protection needed if you fall while riding on two wheels.

Take into consideration styles of headgear while shopping for motorcycle intercoms. If you wear glasses while riding, it can be annoying to adjust them every time you put on ear protection. 

If the glasses are bulky, your gadgets might not fit under the earmuffs. Another thing to consider is that motorcycle riders typically wear helmets with face shields, which make it difficult for other users wearing sunglasses to hear anything. 

You should purchase an intercom system that allows for easy adjustments to compensate for various types of headgear.

Intercom also helps in making navigation through crowded streets easier and safe. While riding on busy roads, motorcycles need all the care they deserve. 

With a constant flow of traffic around most parts of cities, you can probably understand why using a pair of headlights or even turn signals could become tricky at times. 

Intercoms allow riders to communicate between themselves while keeping up with their own safety at the same time.

Motorcycle intercoms are available at various prices which vary based on some factors like sound quality, durability, and size. 

Oversized motorcycle riders can consider wearing earphones that hook over the ears for better noise protection. 

Though these usually cost more than the standard riding headsets, they provide noise-canceling features to keep your mind relaxed even on long drives or rides through noisy streets.

Another thing is to check out the sound quality of an intercom. There are quite a few options in terms of the technology available, but most companies offer good sound quality as well as noise cancellation depending upon your needs and budget. 

You should also take into consideration whether you’ll be using them mostly during festivals, sunrise or sunset times.

Intercoms are not all about fun and comfort. It means improved safety as well. You can keep track of everything that’s going on around you with the help of other riders in your group who are also having a pair of intercom headsets nearby. 

When riding fast it becomes very hard to listen to music but using an intercom allows users to hear all sounds around them even while listening to either any type of music or talk shows. 

Directional microphones attached to the system let you focus on important traffic sounds like braking vehicle horns etc.

There are loads of options available out there waiting for you so be ready to take your pick! But remember, before taking your final decision do some research work because many companies are offering different types of intercoms these days.

A quick note about motorcycle intercom systems: Before I forget when you are on the market for motorcycle intercoms, be sure to pay attention to the battery life. 

Even though most products come with rechargeable batteries, they may not last for longer periods of time depending upon the way you use them. 

If they are in constant use by multiple riders at a time, try finding one that uses easy-to-change AA or AAA size batteries.

Technologies and Design Styles

Intercom systems used for motorcycles offer advantages like improved safety and comfort during long drives both inside and outside cities. 

There is no dearth of options available in terms of price and features, but you need to pick the right one. In this second article of our series, we will be exploring some of them along with factors to consider while buying a motorcycle intercom system.

Motorcycle intercom systems come in two types: wired and wireless models. While wired variants offer better sound quality than their counterpart wireless counterparts they require installation and involve more risk as well. 

The latter is more common amongst riders which is easier to set up and offers connectivity without any hassles. 

It also helps that most new models are now USB rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about carrying or using too many batteries as long as you remember your charger cable.

The size of the actual hardware used in the design of these sets also varies. Most riders use intercoms that are either half or one inch in height. 

This allows them to sit at the far end of their helmets which is much more comfortable if they don’t happen to be wearing full-faced models.

You should also keep your preferred choice of music medium in mind while shopping for intercom headsets. There are two types available: FM Radio and Bluetooth. 

The first offers better sound quality at lower prices but it comes with fewer features, so you may have connectivity problems during long rides. 

By contrast, Bluetooth systems offer better music management options as well as noise-cancellation capabilities depending upon their price points and ease of connectivity to various devices like smartphones, MP3 players, etc.

On that note, you should consider the way you’ll be using your motorcycle intercom headsets as well. 

If it is mostly for enjoying music during sunrise or sunset times then purchasing a device with reduced overall volume levels will suffice, but if you want to keep up with traffic sounds and other important things then look for one that offers better sound quality with increased volume levels.

Intercoms come in three different varieties these days which are universal, stereophonic, and monaural. 

The first two types offer similar audio output, but it’s worth noting that most new models are now offering stereophonic systems due to their superior noise cancellation abilities compared to older designs at similar price points.

Monaural units on the other hand are less expensive than their counterparts because of their limited noise cancellation capabilities and smaller speakers, but they can be used as replacements for older designs that offer similar audio performance.

Pay Attention to Battery Life and Charging Options

Intercom systems come with rechargeable batteries these days which supply power for hours of continuous use before they need to be recharged again. 

Even though most products come with this option you may still want to pay attention to their battery life depending upon your individual preferences. 

If you like to take long rides with your friends then make sure the one you choose offers enough battery life or else it will become useless very quickly after the initial purchase.

That said we should also mention that most new models function on replaceable AA and AAA batteries which you can pick up from your local retail store instead of shelling out more cash for another model. 

You should also consider the ease with which these batteries can be replaced by checking their design and accessibility before making any final decisions.

Some models also come with smart chargers these days, but they are rare so it’s best to check if the one you’re purchasing comes with one or not because it will save you time and money in the long run.

Check Your Helmet Compatibility

The Motorcycle Intercoms that we recommend in this article are all compatible with most types of helmets, however, if yours is an obscure brand then there may be compatibility issues depending upon its design, so always double-check the product description before purchase.

Remember that intercoms are designed to be used with regular motorcycle helmets which have a slim chin area instead of a typical snowmobile or scuba diving mask, so if you want to use this kind of device then make sure your helmet fits the bill first. 

Most units come with small metal clips which can be attached to helmets made from hard plastics but owners of leather helmets will have to improvise since these devices are not yet compatible with them.

Motorcycle Intercom Buying Guide Part 5: Pay Attention To Build Quality and Design

When it comes to building quality there’s no denying that some headsets offer better durability than others depending upon their age, manufacturer, etc., but some generalizations can be drawn as well. 

For instance, most second-generation models are more durable than their predecessors because of the introduction of better materials but are advised that build quality also depends upon individual units so manufacturer’s claims should always be taken with a grain of salt.

On top of that, you should also consider your intercom’s design when it comes to its overall durability since some products are considerably more robust than others. 

Most high-end headsets come in small sizes which can fit in your pocket or handbag effortlessly, but bulkier devices that offer similar audio performance will usually manage commutes without much fuss as well.

Durable Cases are Worth Considering

Since these motorcycle communication devices are usually carried around either in your pocket or on your person it’s a good idea to purchase a durable case for them if you want them to last. 

Most of the motorcycle intercoms we’ve recommended in this article come with one standard, but if yours doesn’t then consider purchasing an extra accessory because they can help protect your device from minor damages effectively over time.

Consider Wired vs Wireless Options

Wired intercom systems are usually cheaper than their wireless counterparts these days, but they also have some unique uses which owners of wireless models will never get to experience unless they upgrade or invest money into additional accessories. 

One such example is the ability to create party lines between multiple riders by using simple cables instead of special features like VOX or FM Radios which can be found in some advanced wireless models.

On the other hand owners of wired intercoms will never get to enjoy the freedom of movement such as hands-free calling or playback control (for music, GPS instructions, etc.) unless they invest in special add-ons like Bluetooth adapters and FM Transmitters, so it all comes down to individual needs and budget restrictions in this case.

Make sure you know what you need before making any purchase because options without compromises usually cost more than their simpler counterparts these days, but since we received a lot of requests for advice on wired vs wireless motorcycle intercom devices we decided to include the topic in this buyer’s guide series as well.

How We Chose the Products for this Review

Now that we’ve covered all the basics needed to find a solid intercom unit for motorcycle riders it’s time to reveal our choices so you can get an idea of what products are worth your hard-earned money. 

We primarily based our recommendations on personal research and testing which also included detailed conversations with manufacturers, but since everyone has their own preferences and budget restrictions we decided to include some cheaper choices as well even though they are not considered high-end communication devices.

Wrap Up

Well, that’s about it folks! We hope that our guide helped you find a suitable communication system for your riding needs, but keep in mind that there are many more models out there which we didn’t cover simply because they weren’t up to our standards. 

This also means that the motorcycle intercoms we’ve listed in this buyer’s guide are not necessarily perfect for your needs, so feel free to ask your questions and leave your opinions in the comments section below.

One last thing – please don’t forget to use the social buttons at the top of this article if you want to share it with others who might benefit from reading our buying guide series!