Fuelpak FP3 Review, Why You NEED this?

Many people dream of owning a Harley-Davidson thanks to the legendary status the brand has achieved over the years. The privileged few who do own a Harley- Davidson are offered with an experience like no other. If you’re a motorcycle geek with a desire to get something more out of your dream Harley, then this Fuelpak FP3 Review discusses one such product from Vance and Hines that can truly satisfy this desire of yours.

Fuelpak FP3 offers great compatibility with different engine and exhaust system settings. Performance-wise, the Fuelpak FP3 offers great tuning versatility. It offers features like decel-pop noise reduction and throttle progressivity, which help refine the riding experience. 

It can handle any stock or after-market additions and has multiple maps for individual combinations while accommodating parts that are not manufactured by Vance and Hines.

Dimensions5 x 3 x 2 inches
Weight4.8 ounces
Vehicle TypeCruiser/Touring, Street Bike, Adventure Touring
SmartphoneiOS & Android
InformationSpeed, RPM, Cylinder head temperature, Voltage, Gear selection

The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company has achieved cult status in the motorcycle world. It is one of the most reputed brands, with a loyal following of customers. They are widely attributed to have introduced the chopper-style thanks to their unique customizations. 

The company is known primarily for their heavyweight, air-cooled cruisers, but have also manufactured middleweight and VRSC models. Motorcyclists have different riding styles and expectations from their motorcycles. Some love a great performance boost while others are looking for a more comfortable and conservative ride which offers cleaner performance and better fuel efficiency. 

These settings are usually set by the manufacturer in common for all factory-made bikes. However, higher-end brands like Harley-Davidson offer connectivity to the onboard computer systems which control engine performance and give more flexibility to the rider.

Manufacturers tune their engines to cater to the needs of the larger public looking to purchase their product. However, those stock settings may not be what you are looking for as it does not cater to your requirements. 

In such situations, you will have to re-tune your engine, which usually needs expert knowledge of the process and the bike as well. This may also be an additional investment you do not want to bear regularly.

As discussed above, we shall take a look at the review, which offers the flexibility of quickly changing engine maps while making it a cheap and cost-effective way of making your dream Harley ride just as you want it to.

Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 Review

With rider needs evolving every day, there is a well-established aftermarket for motorcycles. Vance and Hines are one of the oldest and most reputed brands in this market. 

Founded in 1979, they are known for their innovations in the motorcycle industry. These innovations were so popular back in their racing days that there was soon a commercial demand for them. 

This is what led to the formation of the company. Vance and Hines work with major racing manufacturers like Suzuki, Ducati, and Harley-Davidson.

Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 Review
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In our Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 Review, we will discuss an ECU tuner that is designed specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is one of the best products out there for those wanting flexibility when it comes to their riding styles. 

An Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the brain of the bike. It is a computer unit that receives data from the various sensors of the motorcycle, processes this data, and sends out the obtained information to the required components to do the needful. The ECU is responsible for electronic systems like ABS and electronic suspension.

Tuners like the FP3 help adjust the stock ECU settings provided by the manufacturer, to suit the rider’s requirements.

We shall now discuss the various aspects of one such tuner review, highlighting why this product is a must for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

What is the Fuelpak FP3 used for?

The Fuelpak FP3 is an ECU Tuner meant specifically for motorcycles manufactured by Harley-Davidson. An Engine Control Unit, or ECU, electronically controls a series of actuators in an internal combustion engine to ensure the engine performance is optimum.

ECUs became a critical element of engines due to the increase in the popularity of Fuel Injection based engine systems. Stock settings of an engine are designed to maximize fuel efficiency and engine smoothness while also protecting the engine from damage over the long run, thereby increasing its reliability. 

This however compromises on factors like throttle response and power output at different RPM ranges, which can irk riders with very specific riding styles that are more focused on getting the best output from the engine.

ECU tuners help avoid regular trips to a tuning garage, which can also be an expensive affair. They flash the memory such that the preprogrammed ECU memory is erased and then the memory chip within the ECU is updated with newer maps and settings in the ECU. 

Vance and Hines are a reliable brand when it comes to products like tuners. This is because of their rich motorcycle racing heritage, which pushes them to innovate such that they help their customers remain the fastest no matter where be it the road or the track.

Is Fuelpak FP3 worth buying?

The Fuelpak FP3 is easy to install on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It uses the HD-LAN (CAN Bus) 6-pin connector to connect to the ECU. It is simple to install thanks to its small size and snug connector fit. The unit can then be connected to your iOS or Android smartphones via Bluetooth to then access the various features of the Fuelpak FP3. 

This product is married to the engine it is connected to. Once it has been set up to a particular engine, it loses its compatibility with any other engines, even if they belong to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. 

One of the benefits of this product is the small footprint and easy pin connection. It is also not a permanent installation. This means you can remove the Fuelpak FP3 when you do not need live sensor monitoring or autotuning while on your ride.

We shall now discuss at length, the features of the FP3, which will help you understand this product better.


  • The Fuelpak FP3 is loaded with features that make it a worthwhile after-market product to improve the performance of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  • The engine is recalibrated by using Flash tuning. This involves updating the programs of the ECU to which the tuner is connected.

This gives the user a quick, easy, and efficient method to tune their bikes from the comfort of their own garage while being provided with the flexibility of choosing settings according to their ride requirements, which keep on changing depending on the road and traffic conditions.

fuelpak fp3 autotune review
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  • The Fuelpak FP3 helps recalibrate various engine parameters depending on the data it receives from the various sensors through the engine’s ECU.

This product also provides extensive mapping for the exhaust systems, which provides the rider with many more options regarding how they want their bike to perform.

  • The Fuelpak FP3 comes with a supporting app from Vance and Hines. This app is designed for both the iOS and Android smartphone platforms, which is very beneficial for riders. The tuner, once connected to the ECU of your motorcycle, can then be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

This gives the user the ability to access the numerous parameters tracked by the tuner through their smartphone in real-time, which is recorded by the Live Sensor Data feature of the data.

These include RPM, voltage, display speed, speedometer calibration, fuel economy, torque, cylinder head temperature, gear selection, power, and so on.

With the help of this app, you can read and diagnose trouble codes, while having a real-time reference to the vitals of your bike.

  • The FP3 is equipped with an AutoTune feature. It collects data from the stock O2 sensor of your motorcycle, which then allows for the ride to be tuned in real-time, irrespective of the air cleaner, exhaust, or camshaft combination.

This feature works by changing the air/fuel ratio which helps improve the performance of your bike over time. This product is also capable of accommodating various changes made to the motorcycle while using the AutoTune feature, thereby helping shape a ride of your liking.

vance & hines fuelpak fp3 review
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  • The above mentioned supporting app offers unlimited access to maps dyno-tuned in house by Vance and Hines. These maps are designed for multiple combinations of motorcycles and performance parts, which you may have chosen while upgrading your ride.

These parts are not limited to just the exhausts manufactured by Vance and Hines, but other manufacturers as well. The app has a simple and intuitive interface, with easy access to the AutoTune and parts menus. This makes for great user experience while working on your motorcycle.

  • The Fuelpak FP3 has three different settings to reduce the dealer-pop levels that make your ride a rather unpleasant experience otherwise.

The FP3 also provides the riders with 4 different preset configurations of Throttle Progressivity, provided your bike is equipped with the fly-by-wire throttle systems. In doing so, riders can eliminate lag in throttle response, which makes the bike more responsive to throttle input.

These features help refine the experience provided to the rider while ensuring a hassle-free and quick way of getting the most out of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

  • For users with advanced technical knowledge with regards to motorcycle engine tuning, the FP3 provides complete access to critical ECU tables.

Riders can access these details conveniently through their smartphone, and give them the power to make changes to critical data like idle RPM, raising the rev limit, and making changes to critical tables.

  • Despite its extensive features, the Fuelpak does have its limitations which we shall summarize in short in the following pros and cons section.

Pros and Cons


  • Engine parameter recalibration and exhaust system mapping, multiple dyno-maps for different exhaust combinations designed by certified Vance and Hines technicians
  • Bluetooth connection to the app, available for Android and iOS, easy to set up, connect, and very intuitive to use
  • Connected to HD-LAN (CAN bus) 6 pin system, small footprint makes it easy to stow onboard
  • Live sensor data monitoring through an app, vital parameters can be quickly referenced while riding
  • Throttle Progressivity and Decel-pop reduction settings to enhance the rider experience
  • Negates need to go to a dealer for re-tuning, one-time investment helps with improving performance while being on a tight budget
  • Autotune feature for tuning on the go, backs up for short rides to accumulate the required amount of data over multiple rides
  • Made in the USA, good reputation of Vance and Hines brand


  • Placement of the device on some bikes is tricky, can lead to damage due to weather and water 
  • Limited to only Harley-Davidson motorcycles
  • Married to a single bike, cannot be used on another bike from the same manufacturer
  • Voids manufacturer warranty
  • The street legality of this after-market product varies from state to state

Customer Reviews

As part of our Vance and Hines Fuelpak 3 review, we looked up customer reviews on popular e-commerce websites like Amazon. The product has a great rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, with a total of 1,520+ customers rating it across the globe. 

Many customers were surprised by the ease with which they could complete the installation and setup of their Fuelpak FP3. The AutoTune was another feature that grabbed the attention of multiple customers, with many reviews pointing out a noticeably improved performance from their engine post using the AutoTune feature.

Many customers were also impressed with the support app that they felt was intuitive and easy to access the various tuning maps provided by the Vance and Hines company. 

vance and hines fuelpak 3 review
CC: Amazon

A few critical reviews regarding the product felt short of providing the same tuning experience as offered by tuning garages. They also highlighted the lack of a detailed manual to explain the various features of the product in print. 

Customer care was a major point of contention, with many reviews being extremely happy with the prompt service provided by Vance and Hines, while the others spoke about experiencing extremely long wait times and no response from the company when they tried to reach them through alternative forms of communication like emails and chat.

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Things to keep in mind before buying an ECU Tuner

After our review, you may believe that the Fuelpak FP3 is not the ECU tuner you were looking for. If so, here are a few tips from our side that will help you make a well-informed choice about the ECU tuner that suits your requirements and budget.

  • Cost: An ECU tuner is not a necessary expense unless you are a regular biker craving very different performance characteristics from your motorcycle on a regular basis. 

The process of tuning requires expertise from well-trained technicians who are proficient in working the software and tools required to tune an engine. This however could cost you a lot if done regularly. On the flip side, self-experimentation could result in severe damage to the engine and very poor fuel efficiency.

An ECU tuner should be an investment that is affordable but also easy to use and intuitive to someone who lacks the technical know-how of tuning an engine. Cost is a major factor as it ensures a good quality of tuning while allowing you to avoid frequent trips to your garage.

  • Compatibility: Most ECU tuners are made for a specific brand of motorcycles. This is because every manufacturer has its own design and engine philosophy, which is a trade secret. 

Therefore, depending on the motorcycle you own, make sure to check if the ECU tuner you are planning to buy is compatible with it. Another important aspect of the compatibility is the after-market upgrades you have made to your motorcycle with respect to parts. 

Many tuners are compatible only with after-market parts manufactured by the same company. If you have after-market upgrades on your bike, we would highly recommend checking out if all the parts are compatible with the selected ECU tuner.

  • Legality: Most ECU tuners vary the composition of the fuel mixes that are then combusted within the engine. As a result, it also changes the emission levels of harmful by-products like carbon monoxide and other such pollutants, which have an adverse effect on the environment. 

Therefore, many tuners are not yet certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). ECU tuners also remove safeguards like top speed and rev limiters. While these setting changes provide users with a more powerful ride, it also compromises the safety and security of the rider. As a result, many ECU tuners are not street legal and their use is restricted to trackside and racing applications.

  • Connectivity

ECU tuners are devices which often involve updating and reprogramming the ECU using Flash technology. Depending on the brand they are manufactured for, most ECU’s are provided with a connecting cable that will fit the port connecting it to the ECU. 

However, it is of great convenience to the rider if the ECU Tuner has a supporting app that is compatible across the iOS and Android platforms, and can be connected wirelessly. These give the user easy access to ECU tuning using a simple app instead of having to go through the hassle of having to connect the tuner to a computer with specialized software meant for ECU tuning. 

Such tuners also allow for monitoring of engine parameters in real-time, with these parameters being displayed on your smartphone screen. This is especially handy on long rides as you have a convenient point of reference for how your motorcycle is performing.

  • Size of units: ECU tuners need to be handy as they should be able to tune a bike even when you are in the middle of a trip.  Some tuners are very small, like the Fuelpak FP3, to the point where it fits within the housing of the electrical components itself. Such tuners connect wirelessly to a support app on a smartphone. 

Others like the Dynojet Power Vision are slightly bigger in footprint but come with a display and control buttons such that you can use just the Power Vision to view the multiple maps created for the bike of your choice. 

At the end of the day, look for an ECU tuner with a small footprint if you’re looking for a product with features like AutoTune and real-time monitoring, or you plan to install the device once and for all onto your engine. If not, you could look for software that can tune your ECU from your PC or laptop within the comfort of your garage.

  • Adjustments

Different ECU tuners adjust various critical parameters of the engine, which in turn affect the performance and output from the engine. The parameters changed include varying the fuel/air mix ratio as well as finding the right ignition timing. 

Doing so helps make your ride smoother, while also helping you add horsepower obtained from your engine. Make sure that the tuner you purchase is able to adjust the parameters you wish to change apart from these. However, we would like to add that tuning a bike without having any knowledge could cause severe damage to the engine if done wrong.

Please take the required precautions and ensure you have completely understood the various features of the ECU tuner you have purchased to ensure you protect your engine and motorcycle while tuning your ride. 

  • How does the Vance and Hines Fuelpak FP3 work?

The Vance and Hines Fuelpak FP3 is an ECU tuner. It senses data from the various onboard sensors of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle and then processes that data. Once it obtains information about the way your bike is performing, it makes adjustments to the factors like the fuel/air ratio, ignition timing, and so on. 

These adjustments help the rider get the required output from their engine, be it more power, quicker throttle response, or more fuel efficiency.

This is done by flashing the ECU memory, and then updating the newer programs and Dyna-maps, many of which are optimized and available on the Vance and Hines library depending on your configuration of motorcycle and after-market parts.

These maps can be easily chosen from your smartphone through the supporting app, thus making it a convenient and easy process to tune your ride. For advanced users with more complex requirements, ECU tables can be accessed through the support app provided by Vance and Hines. 

This allows the rider to make changes to these tables, while also changing features like the idle RPM of the engine, the rev limit of your motorcycle, and so on. 

  • Does the Fuelpak FP3 void Harley’s warranty?

Yes, the Fuelpak FP3 will void the warranty provided by the manufacturer, which is Harley-Davidson in this case. Harley-Davidson clearly states in their owners manual that the after-market, non-Harley-Davidson manufactured products will void the factory warranty provided to a customer on purchase of any of their products.

The reason behind this decision is because the Harley-Davidson company cannot guarantee the quality of parts and customizations that are done by a third-party. 

They will also not be able to support the product or the motorcycle itself in case of any issues. As a result, the warranty is voided to ensure the company is not liable for any customizations or engine tuning that is not done by Harley-Davidson itself.

  • What is the best auto tuner for Harley-Davidson?

After reviewing the FP3, this review would recommend it as a great ECU tuner if you own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It is a reliable product, manufactured by a company that has historically been well known for its innovations in the motorcycling world.

The FP3 has a simple and easy to understand interface, with a simple setup and connection being all the hard work required before you use the device. It also has Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, be it an iOS or Android phone. 

This gives you access to a plethora of options and features, while also accessing the Vance and Hines lab for various dyno-tuned maps created by certified technicians from the company. 

The FP3 also has an AutoTune feature that tunes the bike for optimum performance during the ride and gathers valuable data that can then be used to further tune the bike according to the rider’s requirements. 

It is a great option for those looking to buy an auto tuner that effectively substitutes frequent and expensive visits to a tuning garage.


At the end of our Fuelpak FP3 review, we summarize our opinions and conclusions about this product from Vance and Hines, meant specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. At first glance, we were mighty impressed by the ease with which we could complete the initial installation and setup of this product. 

It was easy to connect to both the bike as well as the support app via Bluetooth, while its small footprint ensured we could stow it within the housing of the electrical compartment of your motorcycle without having to disturb the internal arrangement of the other components.

The app is intuitive and easy to use. It offers great support to the rider by displaying the various vital parameters of the engine in real-time, thanks to the Live Sensor Data feature.

The app also gives access to the Vance and Hines library, which consists of many mapping programs that have been designed by trained technicians at the company.

It offers a plethora of options when it comes to various tuning presets, which cater to the riding styles of various riders. It offers improvements in throttle response, output power, and fuel economy, depending on the settings you choose. 

For those with advanced knowledge of ECU mapping, it offers access to ECU tables and provides them with an option to make changes to them. The AutoTune feature was the standout feature, thanks to its real-time tuning option which adapts to the requirement of the rider depending on the sensor input. 

By adjusting fuel/air mix ratios, this feature was reported by many customers to have had a very positive effect on the performance on the bike, while being very easy to access thanks to the support app on the user’s smartphone. This is also very beneficial for the reliability of your motorcycle engine in the long run.

Customers who purchased this product, which is designed and manufactured in the USA, were very satisfied with the product and its functionality. This was also evident with the high rating of the product on Amazon.

Overall, we were certainly impressed by how powerful a tool the Fuelpak FP3 was in taking your ride to the next level. It certainly is worth the money you spend on the product, considering its useful features and ease of use. 

It also is a very useful one-time investment as it helps you avoid frequent and expensive trips to a nearby tuning garage every time you have an urge to re-tune your bike. With this, we come to the end of our review. If you have any questions regarding this product, you can comment down below. Below are the best selling ECU Tuner from Amazon.

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