Ownership Review of HJC FG-17, Why you Should Skip it?

Confused about buying HJC FG17 Helmet, I know everyone is confused about buying anything online, and for this, we are making a detailed HJC FG 17 review so that you can make a better buying decision.

The HJC FG-17 is a good mid-spec that serves well as a road, sport, and entry-level track. At $150-$200, this DOT- and SNELL-rated also offers good value. HJC F17 is perfect for those who are looking for a lightweight, safe, and the cheek pads of this helmet are interchangeable as well to wash it easily.

BodyKevlar and Fiberglass Matrix Composite Shell
SafetySnell M2010, DOT Certified
Size8 options
ColorBlack, Silver, White, Mat Black
Warranty3 years

Biker Essentials consist of one of the most important things are the helmet. A Rider on the road should have an excellent quality biker helmet, protecting him from all the mishappenings. 

If you’re searching for a perfect helmet for yourself, then you are in the right place. The HJC FG17 gives you excellent quality and safety assurance. 

HJC FG-17 Helmet Review

The HJC FG-17 is a middle-ranged helmet of the HJC range, between the CL-17 and the top, ranged biker helmets like RPHA 10 comes the HJC range, the HJC FG-17 which is a middle-ranged helmet. It is specifically designed for your comfort and safety. 

HJC FG-17 Helmet Review

Here in this article, we will give you a full review of the HJC FG-17 with perfect points and features. To get all the details and the HJC FG17 review, stay connected and go through the article carefully. 

The HJC FG-17 biker helmet is just under the company’s top ranged helmet like the RPHA-10 race. Many specifications of the RPHA-10, such as its unique and central visor lock, are included in the HJC FG-17 helmet. 

It has a fiberglass composite shell, whereas most HJC helmets contain polycarbonate materials, made with shell technology. You can read about the company from here as well.

We can claim that the most important thing while riding a bike is a biker helmet. In 2015 the biker helmets saved a lot of motorcyclist’s lives. 

When they had an accident, they were wearing a helmet which protected them from all the mishappenings. The state may not impose you to wear a helmet every time while riding a bike. 


The HJC FG-17 uses an advanced, composite fiberglass shell.  The HJC FG-17 Helmet is narrow at the bottom and around the structure or rounded at the top. 

The HJC FG-17 biker helmet has three size variants. As the looks are concerned, the Mamba design of the HJC FG-17 helmet is the best lookout for every biker. The HJC FG-17 mamba design has a matte finish. 

The matte finish is highly durable and stands unaffected at harsh temperatures and heat conditions. You can use a soft cloth to clean the helmet. For your convenience, we recommend using Motul’s visor cleaner. 

The body of the HJC FG-17 has cool graphics, also called mamba design, which suits the ‘s sleek body perfectly. The HJC FG-17 has a perfect body finish as the company assures us to have. 

HJC FG 17 Review
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Suitable for more aggressive styles of riding, the full-face helmet provides the highest level of protection. Cover a large amount of the head, as well as a chin guard to protect the face. 

High-performing and great-looking mountain bike helmet, the Chronicle MIPS is a toned-down version of Giro’s premium helmet, the Montaro. While being designed for comfort, protection, and ventilation, the Chronicle also comes fitted with a fit system and goggle compatibility. 


The HJC FG-17 is well designed by perfectionists and has a great look and feel. The HJC’s ACS ventilation system comprises two air intake vents and two exhaust vents. 

The HJC FG-17 is made up of shell features, which help in a better intake of air. The helmet’s design is perfectly framed to keep the heat out of the helmet. 

Ownership Review of HJC FG-17 Helmet

The HJC FG-17 helmet has a sport mode that can make the goggles’ attachment and the visor easier and comfortable. The visor is specifically designed for high wind resistance and an aerodynamic design, so it doesn’t lift off in high-speed riding conditions. 

The chin bar has better soundproofing and not as much airflow, good for off-road driving conditions. It’s a great choice to use the HJC FG-17 helmet to go for a mixed-terrain ride. 

You can use the HJC FG-17 helmet visor in down condition for a simple ride, and for better performance, you can directly go for a visor up to get a better understanding and airflow.

Lock Mechanism

According to the HJC FG 17 Review, the lock mechanism offers the rider perfect visibility and comfort. The max vision shield of the HJC FG-17 helmet provides excellent visibility and performance for ideal riding and comfort. 

The HJC FG-17 helmet provides anti-fog and rain visors, a perfect choice for a biker to ride a helmet. The visor can easily be removed, and the visor can be interchanged very easily. 

Overall, it is a complete blend of a great lock mechanism. There are a couple of things that you’ll want to do as a minimum to ensure your helmet will provide an acceptable level of protection for you on the trails. 

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First, you want to ensure your helmet’s shape and size means it fits on your head correctly. The visor locking assembly comes with a shell Technology that attached the visor completely and is highly adjustable according to the need of the rider. 

The visor locking assembly of the HJC FG-17 helmet is highly maintained and configured to prevent the visor from being moved from a lower visor angle to a higher angle according to the rider’s need for the comfort of the rider. 

The HJC FG-17 helmet’s lock mechanism is a perfect combination of the rotatable hub perfectly fitted with the body. The cavity further comprises a protrusion on the wall of the HJC’s body cavity.


In this HJC FG 17 Review, this was one of the core essentials. The inner and the outer padding of the HJC FG-17 is entirely not doubtable. The HJC FG-17 helmet snug interior is fully removable, washable, and moisture-free material with bacteria is retaining quality. 

Anti-bacteria Technology is the best suited and advanced technology for a biker helmet. The helmet’s cheek pads soak the sweat. 

While riding with the helmet in harsh conditions, the cheek pads’ bottom material gets cracked, which leads to decreased performance and helmet quality. So, the inner padding is quite simple and not up to the mark. 

The HJC FG-17 helmet’s ventilation system is highly made for the rider’s comfort and safety to keep the rider’s head cool.

Full face ventilation is prevalent and comes in variants provided by the manufacturer. Most of the HJC FG-17 helmet vents have a better rider option and come with great comfort to the rider. 

The HJC’S helmets come with great riding options for the rider’s comfort if the rider wants to go fully open during warmer months and want to close fully during colder months of the conditions. The HJC FG-17 helmet’s adjustable features make it a good option for a rider’s comfort.


Not just for the sake of the HJC FG 17 Review, it is quite an excellent choice in terms of security. The safety features include the safety lock mechanism, which reduces the risk of head injury. Overall, the outshines all the quality tests and standards.

Anti-scratch coating, 95% UV protection, etc. are some features provided by the HJC FG-17 helmet’s 3D design and technology. Ultimate power is supplied to the helmet by the top anti-fog pin lock insert.

Your helmet’s size and shape will be the key factors contributing to comfort, so make sure you do your research, and if possible, try one on before you buy. Different helmets do come with varying levels of padding and strap configurations, which can also influence comfort, but this model excels it all.


The HJC FG-17 helmet comes with two color variants: Red and Black, with its mamba design imprinted on the body. The warm color design of the HJC FG-17 helmet provides a sleek design for the rider. 

Which gives a great new look and performance for the rider. The warm colors give the biker an illusion and offer a great new look and feel. Usually, a warm color combination gives a feeling that the rider is advancing towards something.

HJC FG-17 Motorcycle Helmet Review
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Color can influence the smallest of the helmet body and looks like you can go for a bright new look for a rainy day by wearing something encouraging on a rainy day. 

The helmet’s color might calm you down and provide a feel and unique look to the rider.

The great new look and feel of the HJC FG-17 helmet gives an energetic look and feel, which can charge you up for the day and performance. 

This idea perfectly resonates with the mamba design. The HJC FG-17 helmet designers give a great look and perfect blend of the performance with the look.


Your helmet is an essential piece of gear you own, as it is responsible for protecting your head in a crash. It’s therefore super important to make sure you choose one that fits you well and is suitable for your riding style. 

With HJC FG 17 Review, we understand all of the information, designs, and technology on the market today which can be overwhelming, so we’ve created this spearheaded model to hopefully assist you with making a more informed, or probably the best choice to add to your biker’s arsenal- your helmet selection.

The Fiberglass Matrix Composite Shell and Advanced Kevlar, superior fit, lightweight, and comfort are the additional features of these helmets which use CAD technology. 

It provides a perfect fit to the rider, they never compromised with the design. The HJC FG-17 helmet comes in 3 different shells, the first shell for XS-S sizing, the second shell for M-L sizing, and the third shell for the XL-3XL sizing. 

The cheek pads of all sizes are interchangeable. It comes with a superior Fog Resistant Clear pin lock Max Vision Shield. The helmet is prepared for the comfort and anti-fog pin lock insertion and the rider’s safety because of its UV protection and anti-scratch coating.

Ratings & Warranty

It applies to manufacturer’s defects only as good of the three years from the date of purchase. Overall, we give the HJC FG 17 Helmet Review, high ratings in all categories. If you are looking for an excellent quality helmet, then HJC FG-17 is a perfect choice. 

The overall fit, finish, and buildup quality of the HJC FG-17 with liner fabric padding is commendable, making it different from the IS and CL series. It’s yet another hit is its perfect fit and finish in comparison to the costing, which would cost a lot more. 

You can check its fit by wearing it and you should try moving it with your hands in all directions. The result would be your moving cheeks but not the helmet unless you move your head. 

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You should try pushing the back of the chin upward in order to check the fit of the chin strap. Motorcycles reduce the impulse on the head in case of a crash, by softening the impact. Two-wheelers come in different types based on ride style, nature of the ride (long or short), and other requirements. 

We offer a wide range of motorcycles including full face, open face, flip-up full face, flip-off full face, off-road full face, and sporting s used for several sports activities, for both men and women riders. We will soon be launching smart motorcycles with BlueTooth and other features.



  • It is very advanced with a fiberglass composite shell
  • It has a very superior fitting and comfort
  • It uses CAD technology
  • It is very lightweight at 3.53lbs.
  • It gives greater visibility by providing a large eye port opening
  • Snell and DOT Certified


  • Is not designed for high speeds or racing
  • Removable mouth guard design is disliked by a few people (close to mouth)
  • “Tunnel vision” perception is enhanced by goggles
  • Users report wind noise issues
  • Demo cons here

Can I attach the Sena headset to the helmet?

The HJC FG-17 Helmet is highly compatible with the Sena products especially the Sena headset. You can directly attach Sena headsets to the helmet and the helmet’s body offers great compatibility with the headsets. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhether your preference is to enjoy the stillness and stop worrying about adjusting your helmet to a better and more comforting position time and again whilst keeping your headset intact, is no more a question to worry about as with this new model you not only have the comfort of lightweight gear and a compatible headset but the overall freedom to align yourself and focus more on your personal riding style.

Not all companies which make these helmets have stood the test of time for quality and reliability. Now, as the entire intricate description comes to the conclusion of this review, we have listed all the features, as well as the pros and cons. 

It is made for people who like a rawer experience with the option to protect against the elements. Overall, these rates are very high in every category. There are many great facts about HJC Helmets that I am sure you are not aware of, you can read an awesome article that mentions all the great things about this company from here.

To ensure better fits along with the head, accommodation of extra eye protection, and working of any safety gear you must try it before you purchase it to ensure comfortable conditions while you are riding. Choose wisely and ride safely!

There are some good things about this, but there are various better options other than this, you can check them out as well, we will mention those here as well. 

So, here we are at the end of our HJC FG-17 Review, if you ask us, what to do, then we will recommend you to not to buy this one, there are much better options out there, and we have reviewed some of them here as well, you can buy those instead of it. 

We will also mention the list of the bestselling affordable helmets from Amazon.

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