How Does Motorcycle Heated Grips Work & Are They Worth Buying?

Riding in the winter meant I was very susceptible to the cold. While jackets and other riding gear offered sufficient thermal protection, my hands were very cold throughout. While researching how to tackle this issue, I came across heated motorcycle grips. I bought one for myself, but I wanted to know how these grips work?

Motorcycle heated grips have heating elements inside, that are connected to the motorcycle’s battery and when the electricity passes through them they start to get warm. They come with a temperature controller unit, from which you can increase or decrease the flow of electricity which then controls the warmth.

how do motorcycle heated grips work

Motorcycle heated grips are available in two different varieties. The first type consists of an inbuilt heating element that is attached to the grips directly. All you have to do is pull out the existing grip and replace it with the heated grip.

The second type of grips comes with just the heating element and the temperature controller. The rider must install the heating element to the handlebar, and then slide any grip of their choice over it. This gives the option to choose the grip they are comfortable with.

I was intrigued by what heated grips had to offer, so I decided to take a closer look at this innovative product. In the end, I was convinced that this was a must-have and ended up purchasing a set for myself.

Read on as I also discuss the product I purchased for myself and other alternatives you may consider if this is not the product for you. I have also included the benefits of owning heated grips and if they are worth the money spent.

I hope that you will have a good idea of heated motorcycle grips and their applications by the end of the article, helping you understand why you should definitely own one. If you are confused about which heated grip you need to buy then I’ll suggest the same product that I am using.

Oxford Heaterz Premium Heated Grips

Right now I am using these on my Harley Fatboy, they offered me a good value and met my requirements without compromising on my comfort during long rides. It is also available in three options; touring, sports, and adventure to suit different purposes.

How Does Motorcycle Heated Grips WorkHow Does Motorcycle Heated Grips Work

I was very pleased by how easy it was to install the grips. It did not take me too long to figure it out on my own, as all the components I needed to install the grips were provided in the box. I was also happy with the number of mounting options I had for the controller.

The smart controller that helps me adjust the heat settings did a great job. It connects to the battery and draws a maximum of 4 amps of current. It also had vibration sensing and battery monitoring which allowed the heating element to shut down automatically without my input.

How Does Motorcycle Heated Grips Work

The controller also had five different heat settings which allowed me to choose the temperature I wanted. The grips heated from 0℉ to 120℉ in under two minutes. It also had an easy connection system that was waterproof to allow the grips to be more durable.

As a result, I was more confident to go for a ride irrespective of the weather conditions. If you want to know more about this product you can watch this video by Revzilla, where they explain more about it.

Are heated motorcycle grips worth buying?

Heated motorcycle grips are worth buying as they increase rider comfort and help keep hands warm in cold weather conditions. It can be very annoying to ride in cold weather, and at that time heated grips can be your partner so that you can enjoy your ride.

They are ideal for riders who like to have warm hands while riding, without having to wear bulky heating gloves that may not be the most comfortable. Heated grips also work better in situations that require a low amount of heating, while giving riders the option to choose a grip of their preference depending on their riding style.

Riders also enjoy the convenience of choosing multiple modes to choose the amount of heat they want. The control surfaces are easy to mount and operate on the display or handlebar, allowing you to do so while riding.

This also improves the safety aspect as riders are not distracted by changing the modes for long periods of time.

Are Heated Grips or Heated Gloves Better?

Heated grips and heated gloves serve similar purposes but work better in different conditions. Heated grips are better suited for mildly cold weather whereas heated gloves are designed to keep hands warm in extremely cold conditions.

Heated grips are ideal for riders who are looking for some heating to keep their hands warm when the temperature drops. Heated grips are easy to install and can be done permanently, which allows you to use them even if the temperature drops unexpectedly. As a rider, you will not be at risk of having cold hands even if you have a forgetful nature.

Heated grips are a budget-friendly option that you can consider to improve the quality of your ride in colder conditions. They also give you the flexibility of choosing riding gloves and grips of your choice, give you a more versatile choice that works well for you specifically,

Heated gloves on the other hand are built to warm your hands up in biting cold conditions. They are a necessity for riders who ride in conditions close to freezing. They are more effective in warming up the hand, as they heat up the entire hand, and not just the surface of the palm that comes in contact with the grip.

They also come with their own batteries that can be recharged and replaced. Some manufacturers have designs where the gloves extend up to the elbow, keeping the hands and forearms warm for a much more comfortable experience.

Heated gloves are a slightly more expensive option for riders and may feel different while operating the throttle and levers. However, they make sure your hands do not freeze, improving the safety of your ride.

They also help you avoid thermal gloves inside which may reduce the feel of the handlebar, throttle, and levers.

Benefits of Heated Grips

  • Ease of use

Riders who are looking for a convenient way to keep their hands warm will love this option. Easy and permanent installation means you do not have to worry about putting it on your motorcycle before every single ride.

The grips are lightweight and easy to operate, allowing you to change settings while riding. They also give riders the flexibility to choose riding grips and gloves best suited for their requirements. 

  • Compact design and space-saving option

If you are someone looking to minimize the amount of luggage you are carrying on motorcycle trips, then this is a great option. Most grips connect to the battery of your motorcycle. As a result, you do not have to worry about batteries and chargers whatsoever. 

This will definitely free up some space in your luggage, allowing you to carry other things that may be of more importance.

  • Affordable

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option that makes your ride more comfortable, heated grips are the way to go. Products start from $20, making it a cheap addition to your motorcycle but improving the comfort and quality of your ride.

  • Better for Mild cold weather

Heated grips heat just the surface of the palm that comes in contact with the grips. They are better suited for conditions that are not too cold, where heating your hands becomes a necessity. 

Benefits of Heated Gloves

  • Complete warming

Heated gloves are ideal for riders looking for maximum efficiency in keeping their hands warm. The heating element within the glove runs throughout. As a result, it keeps the entire hand and the wrist warm. 

In some cases, the heating extends upto the entire forearm, improving the rider’s comfort and eliminating the need for additional thermal wear.

  • Waterproof and safe

Heated gloves are waterproof, allowing you to use them even in wet weather conditions. It also has short circuit protection and a layer of fabric separating the heating element and the skin. This ensures the rider does not suffer from burns in case of a malfunction. It also eliminates the risk of electrical fires due to short-circuiting of the battery.

  • Separate Battery

Heated gloves have their own external battery pack. Some of them use regular disposable batteries while others come with rechargeable Li-ion batteries. 

This helps avoid draining the motorcycle battery for the heating elements, increasing its lifespan. It also ensures that you can choose higher temperature settings for longer durations. 

  • Perfect for extremely cold weather

While heated gloves are a slightly expensive option, they are ideal for riders for whom it is a necessity. They not only increase the comfort of the rider but ensure they can safely operate the levers and throttle. This ensures better handling and improved reflexes in less than ideal riding conditions.

How long do heated grips take to warm up?

Motorcycle heated grips take between a minute and two minutes to heat up. The heating element is powered by the battery as soon as you start up your motorcycle. The control unit allows you to turn it off if you do not need it. 

Some controllers also have a smart sense option that turns off the heating if your battery is low or if you have stopped the motorcycle for a long duration.The Oxford Heaterz Premium Heated Grips takes two minutes to heat up from 0℉ to 120℉

. The gradual increase in temperature is to prevent the rider’s hands from getting burned. It also ensures safety protection from fires and short circuits due to sudden power draw, while extending the life of your motorcycle battery.