How Safe is Motorcycling: 4 Points why Motorcycling is Safer

How Safe is Motorcycling

People are scared of Motorcycles because they think they are not SAFE, but there is something that makes it safer than cars, and today we are going to tell you how motorcycles are safe?

Both cars and motorcycles are different products or we can say different modes of transportation, both have some good points and some bad points as well, and today we are going to discuss how safe is motorcycling.

There are various kinds of statistics and researches that claim that cars are much safer than motorcycles, and we agreed on that, but in some accidents, we have seen that if a person is on a motorcycle then he/she can be saved.

There are very few people out there who actually know what is Motorcycle Riding, you will only listen that motorcycling is dangerous from those people who never touched any motorcycle in his or her entire life.

There is no problem with those people, they listen or read the statement from somewhere that motorcycling is dangerous. There are many other most common things that are more dangerous than motorcycle riding like obesity, smoking, alcohol drinking, etc.

Everything has its own positives and negatives, and this is the same as riding motorcycles as well, in some cases riding motorcycles is safer than driving a car, and here are the points of how Safe is Motorcycling.

  • Motorcycle Deaths are very few as compared to the deaths by Obesity, Smoking, Alcohol Drinking, etc.
  • Life Insurance companies never ask about Do You Ride a Motorcycle or NOT, they know motorcycle riding is not unsafe as compared to Obesity, smoking, and alcohol consumption.
  • You will never be stuck inside a Motorcycle if an Accident Happened.
  • You can pick your Safety Gears on your Own for your Protection.

Let’s dive deep into all these points and see how motorcycle riding is also safe.

  1. Motorcycle Deaths are very few as compared to deaths by Obesity: According to a report, there are 280k people dying every year because of obesity, and according to the Motorcycle fatality rate in the U.S. by year report, there are on approx 5500 deaths happened because of motorcycling in the US. That means obesity is more dangerous than riding a motorcycle, but people still think motorcycling is still more dangerous.
Motorcycle Deaths are very few as compared to deaths by Obesity

This is same with the smoking and drinking as well, so it is wrong to say that motorcycle riding is not safe, there are so many other things that are not safe as well. But no one is talking about them or saying don’t do that, it can kill you.

  1. Life Insurance Companies never ask you about you are a Motorcycle Rider or NOT: And if you noticed one thing while taking a Life Insurance, the agent will ask you a lot of questions but he or she will never ask a question that are you a motorcycle rider or not? But he or she will definitely ask about your health, obesity, do you smoke or do alcohol consumption, etc. 

There are many road accidents caused by car drivers as well, but people never said that don’t drive a car it is not safe. People are still buying a car and driving it like fools. 

  1. You will never be stuck inside a Motorcycle if an Accident Happened: There are many accidents happened in which people or drivers stuck inside the damaged car after the accident happens, which can hurt themselves and even cause death. A few years back I read the news about a man stuck inside a crashed car for three days with her dead girlfriend, think about it, how frightened this would be with you? You can read that news from here.

And to come out of this kind of situation you must have some accessories that can help you to come out of the damaged car, but few people have those things with them all time. Here are some important things that you always need to have in your car:

  1. You can pick your Safety Gears by your Own for your Protection: There are many cars out there which are not safe in any kind of accident, yeah we agree that there are some good cars that have great safety ratings in the Global NCAP test ratings, but not everyone can afford that. 
You can pick your Safety Gears by your Own for your Protection

But in the case of a Motorcycle, you can buy the riding protection gears according to your riding habit and style, and it can ensure your safety by the armor grades that it comes with. But in the case of cars, you don’t have the option to choose your safety or protection level.

We have made detailed articles on some of the best gears here as well, you can read that as well. There are many options to choose from according to your needs. There are many kinds of protection gears like riding jackets, gloves, shoes, helmets, and pants.

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These are some of the points that make motorcycling safe, and yeah, I still agreed that driving cars is still safer, but there are some cases in which a motorcycle rider is safer in case of an accident. And to protect yourself while riding a motorcycle, there are a lot of things needed, and if a person follows all the road rules, and wears proper riding gear, and stays alert then these accident counts can be lower down.

And we also made a detailed article on how you can prevent hurting your body if any accident happened, so read that article and get to know what are the reasons why motorcycle accidents happened.

We are not disagreeing about the death statistics about motorcycle riding, but in most of the cases the reasons for deaths are stupid like alcohol, night driving, a mistake by some car driver, or the rider is a new rider who is learning new how to ride a motorcycle.

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