ILM Helmet Review, An In-Depth Owner’s Review

Confused about whether to buy the ILM Helmet or not? Whether it is worth buying or not? Yeah, I know we all know everyone has the same questions before buying anything, and that is why we are here with the detailed ILM Helmet Review.

ILM focuses on making motorcycle helmets affordable yet doesn’t compromise with the safety of the rider. They have three models for every rider, modular helmet, full-face helmet, and a full face with integrated Bluetooth.

All of three models are very famous, and you can see how famous are them by just checking the number of customer reviews, left by the owners on the Amazon product page. We are going to review all of three here, so that you can pick which one you is perfect for you.

We do not need to say it but hey, you cannot compromise on any of the riding gears we just mentioned. Not even one. Each one of them is essentials and not for looking like a biker because you see being a biker has its own set of advantages and disadvantages as well.

You cannot be casual about the type of gears you are buying and using. These need to be good quality, effective and practical so that it does its job fairly well but you can very well skip it if you are willing to invite some mishap.

They are going to protect you while riding your bike, and protection is very very important. We have covered reviews of Half Face Helmets as well like:

If you want to read about the types of motorcycle helmets then you can read this amazing article by Motorcycle Legal Foundation.

  • Is ILM a good helmet?

    Well, the answer to this question solely depends on the fact if you want you to get tested and tried ones or explore it for yourself. By far, there is no doubt about the fact that ILM provides its customers with the best helmets in terms of protection, durability, new features, etc.

Though you will encounter several biker helmets when you venture into the market it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them are great, sturdy, and stand out as a perfect example of what helmets are made for.

This is when your research and our reviews come into play. We filter out all the average and intermediate products and recommend only what’s best and have been tried and tested by several customers worldwide.

Talking about bikers helmets you must have come across the name of ILM and the amazing quality helmets that they have. However, they do have other categories apart from helmets we are going to zero in our attention on only the helmets for now.

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ILM has a library of about 18 different models of helmets and then subcategories of those with different colors and sizes and here we will be discussing three of the top helmets ILM has manufactured until now. We are going to review the top 3 ILM Motorcycle Helmets and those are:

  • ILM Modular Helmet
  • ILM Full Face Street Bike Helmet
  • ILM Modular Bluetooth Helmet

Going from top to bottom here we start:

ILM Modular Helmet Review

The first in our list is this one from ILM named Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet that is not only designed to cover the whole of your face but also the checklist you might have made for your preferred biking helmet.

It is lightweight, looks good, enables you to ride longer without stressing about any kind of discomfort and most of all does its job efficiently.

ilm modular helmet review
CC: Amazon

The distinguishing factor about this helmet is that it comes with built-in LED lights which give high visibility on dark and ill-lit roadways.

One feature that cannot be competed with when it comes to ILM helmets is their wide variety of colors to choose from.

You can literally get any color that you would want your modern-day helmets to be in. As if the color library wasn’t enough, ILM has got different texture and finishes to choose from as well.

For colors like black, you can choose amongst the glossy and matte finish as well.

When it comes to the features of the helmet it comes out to be a really impressive one and we say that because it has a high resistance shell to protect you from any major damage, adjustable strap to fit different people’s needs, sleek designing, removable liners and what not.

We will be discussing other aspects of the ILM helmet in the next section:

  • Body: The ILM Dual Visor Modular helmets body has been designed in an aerodynamic shape which we all know is a very basic requirement for gears in motion but not all helmets in the market feature that.
ilm modular helmet review
CC: Amazon

This shape and designing enable the rider to ride more effortlessly.

One thing to keep in mind is that the design of this helmet has been approved by DOT and that makes this ILM Dual Visor Helmet Review even more helpful because you wouldn’t be buying something that isn’t DOT approved.

An exciting feature about the body of the helmet is that it has LED lights on it to enhance the visibility of the rider on dark and gloomy roads.

This is an amazing feature from the safety point of view and you know what you can also choose either to switch it on or not, choose the intensity of flashing, adjust it, and whatnot.

All of this just by clicking on a few buttons on the helmet.

  • What is a dual visor helmet?

    A dual visor helmet is the one that comes with two visors and not just one. While one visor is used at night, the other can be used to protect your eyes from the bright sun rays.

  • Visor: Being a modular design the visor in this helmet is a pretty normal one and the only thing that distinguishes it from other pieces in the market is the quality.

So, there are two visors- a normal one and the other smoky visor. It allows you to detach and attach the one you wish to use according to the situation.

You must be knowing that the former one is to be used in the night time and the latter one for extremely bright and sunny days.

The commonality between both the visors lies in the fact both of them are anti-fog and anti-scratch glasses. Priced below $99 the visor features are amazing and are very easy to work with as well.

ILM Dual Visor Helmet Review
CC: Amazon
  • Weight: One of the characteristic features of deciding the better ones amongst several helmets is the weight. The lighter the helmet the better it is for the rider.

This one particularly weighs 4.85 pounds which is under five pounds and a plus point for it. Often when helmets are heavy and more than 5 pounds it causes serious strain on the neck and shoulders.

This pain can cause some serious damage if you are riding for long hours with this kind of helmets and thus, it is always advised to go for lightweight helmets.

Now, there can be helmets in the market which fall in the same weight category as this and maybe cost half or one-third of the price but what also needs to be kept in mind is that quality should not be compromised.

Instead of running behind cheap and average performing products investing a little more always assures better longevity of the product.

  • Padding: The next point we are going to talk about in this ILM modular flip-up dual visor helmet review is the padding because believe it or not this is the feature you will be appreciating the most if you are planning to use the helmet for really long.

Great padding does the job of preventing you from great damage and keeping you comfortable throughout the entire journey.

The padding will prevent the uneven edges from disturbing your calm and also cancels the noise to some extent. The best part about the liners in this helmet is that it is super lightweight, soft, and easy to remove. The padding does contribute to the weight of the entire helmet to some extent but this won’t.

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Moreover, they are washable and easy to remove too. So, the next time you are back from a long trip and want to get the dirt of it becomes pretty easy and since its lightweight, it dries up quite quickly as well. What else can you ask for?

  • Extras: In the extras section of this particular ILM helmet review we can pretty much talk about a lot of things. To begin with, the straps of this helmet which are a concern for a lot of consumers are highly adjustable.
ilm modular flip up dual visor helmet review
CC: Amazon

The straps are made out of polyester and feature this quick-release system which is pretty cool if you ask us. These straps are a better alternative to the typical D- ring strap system.

Thinking about the different weather conditions you will be using this helmet in, you will be glad to know that they come with this smart ventilation system that can be operated by the rider if or not he wants to use it.

When the rider decides to open these vents, it keeps him cool by allowing a little air to pass through but naturally, it would also noise to enter and that can be a little bit of a problem.

If you are looking for a helmet that has a wide variety to choose from, go with this since it has about nine to ten color options to choose from and four different sizes are available too.

Moreover, as we mentioned earlier we did check the response of the consumers who have bought it before and it wasn’t a surprise for us when 74% of the total reviews awarded 5 stars to this product. This is the complete ILM Modular Flip up Dual Visor helmet review if you want to see the reviews left by customers you can click the button provided below.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable straps
  • Washable liners
  • LED lights for increased visibility and safety
  • Vents that can be controlled by the rider
  • Sleek and aerodynamic designing
  • DOT Approved
  • Anti-scratch, anti-fog, wide view clear visors


  • When the vents are left open on hot days the wind noise is excessively disturbing
  • Front of the helmet cannot be opened while riding

ILM Full Face Street Bike Helmet Review

Our readers surely know this by now, but we do want to emphasize on the fact that if you are paying well for a product most of the times the products are worth it but that doesn’t mean you should be more inclined towards the cheap or ill quality products when you don’t want to spend much.

Extremely cheap products have compromised some way or the other. 90% of the time it is the quality that has been compromised on and that is when you need to make a conscious decision about the product by doing a bit of research.

ILM Full Face Street Bike Helmet Review
CC: Amazon

This ILM Full Face Helmet Review is going to help you get an insight into the features and worth of the ILM Full Face motorcycle street bike helmet.

ILM has a wide variety of helmets to choose from. From LED lights to neck scarfs to Bluetooth and whatnot.

You can literally get every feature you can ever imagine in your ILM helmet and that too with a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

While some of them are highly-priced they do the task of earning your trust to some extent whereas, the ones that are a little low priced might be perceived as a bit shady but a little bit of research and you might find a gem without burning a hole in your pocket.

Up next, we will be discussing some of the major features of the ILM Street Bike helmet which will help you in deciding if you want to get one for yourself or not.

  • Body: The first feature of this ILM Dual Visor Helmet has to be the body, its design, and look. To begin with, this is a full face model and ticks off all the boxes of the new-age features. The cherry on the cake is its price which is under $80, an amazing deal.
ilm full face helmet review
CC: Amazon

The combination of its price and quality has now set a benchmark for other companies who are in this business and are thriving to provide good quality products to their consumers with every day passing. The ABS shell of this helmet has an advanced lightweight feature for adding comfort to the already existing characteristics of this helmet.

The highlighting feature of most of the ILM Helmets is the aerodynamic design that is a basic one but very essential and something that cannot be compromised with.

This aerodynamic design is responsible for enhancing the swiftness and reducing the wind noise. Moreover, though the helmet is priced decently it looks expensive and feels more high-tech as well.

Once you see it you won’t be able to guess the price.

  • Visor: When you check out the different helmets available in the market for riders you will come to know that they are not at all CHEAP and when it comes to amazing features like these you can well imagine now.

But, if you are adamant about not compromising with the quality ILM is always there. For example, helmets from other brands in this price range either come with a clear visor or a smoked visor.

ilm full face motorcycle street bike helmet review
CC: Amazon

You can only choose one.

But, this review brings to you a helmet that provides you with both the benefits at a price you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Moreover, these visors are anti-scratch and anti-fog which speaks of the quality and reminds you that it is going to last you a long time.

So, even if the helmet falls a few times the visors are going to be safe and scratchless. However, we should tell you that anti-fogging coating on the second visor doesn’t stand out much for us.

Nevertheless, riders who go on long trips with their bikes and do not care about whether it’s dusk or dawn are going to appreciate the two visor arrangement here.

  • Weight: We have stressed on the fact previously as well that the weight of a rider helmet is a very important factor in choosing the right one for you.

Be it wearing the helmet for straight five to six hours on a long ride or just carrying it casually when you get off the bike, the weight of the helmet needs to be under a justified range or you would just end up giving up your money on the wrong place.

The  ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf weighs 3 pounds, under 5 pounds, and is less than even the previous pick. This gives you yet another reason to check it out.

  • Padding: When you buy something new you must have noticed that it feels very uncomfortable and suffocating at first but when you try to fit into it and compromise for the first few times it starts getting better from then.

Now, you can imagine the same scenario for this helmet from ILM as well. When you buy it and wear it the first few times it feels very uncomfortable and annoying but after a few uses, it will be completely fine.

ILM Dual Visor Helmet Review
CC: Amazon

But, if you still want to get comfortable with it in the first few times, you can wash the liners, and then you will forget if it had this problem in the first place.

That being said, the liners being easily removable and washable are the features that continue in this model as well as the previous one.

In a nutshell, the padding is pretty good, quite comfortable, nothing out of the world but not a poor quality as well.

  • Extras: In the last feature of this ILM Dual Visor Helmet Review we are going to cover all the left-off features and let you know.

Firstly, how can we forget the removable winter neck scarf that is an extra feature in its truest sense but you are going to appreciate it when the weather turns cool and you are desperately looking for a warm piece of clothing.

Other than that, it comes with a quick-release clasp system like the previous one and meets all the DOT safety standards as well. You can choose from seven different colors namely- blue, gloss black, matte black, red, silver, white and yellow.

All of these colors are completely wearable and it has four different sizes as well. With this helmet, you get a one-year warranty and that might be a reason why it has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Here we are at the end of our ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet Review, if you want to read the reviews left by customers, then you can click the button provided below.


  • Wide color options and textures to choose from.
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a removable winter scarf
  • Aerodynamic design with advanced durable ABS shell
  • Features a ventilation system as well


  • The anti-fog coating is not that efficient
  • Padding takes a little time to get in the most comfortable form
  • The vents cause disturbance when open

ILM Modular Bluetooth Helmet Review

Are you a tech fan like most people nowadays? If yes, you are going to love the next recommendation which is ILM Bluetooth Modular helmet. It comes with a built-in Bluetooth connection.

Surely, there are a lot of full-face and modular and expensive-looking helmets in the market. But, how many of them are Bluetooth integrated?

ILM Modular Bluetooth Helmet Review
CC: Amazon

Very few, right? The ILM Bluetooth integrated modular flip-up full-face motorcycle helmet however is one that is adorned with this interesting technology, priced aptly, and comes with the trust of the ILM helmets.

You didn’t think that we would be dedicated to a full review of ILM without it being one of the best helmets brands out there, did you?

Let us now move on to the most interesting part of this ILM Bluetooth integrated modular flip-up dual visor helmet review, the features:

  • Body: Talking about the overall look of the body of this helmet it looks quite trendy and stylish. it can quickly transform your riding experience to a whole new level just by the look and feel of it.

Now, since it comes with this interesting Bluetooth integration there have to be some major changes in the body as well. It has these built-in speakers which undoubtedly are the best in quality and are positioned on both sides.

Moreover, while the previous ones aligned with the safety standards of just DOT, ILM claims that its Bluetooth model meets or even extends both ECE and DOT safety standards.

  • Visor: When it comes to the second feature, it is not very different from the other ILM helmets and even the ones that we have mentioned earlier.
ilm bluetooth modular helmet review
CC: Amazon

The Bluetooth integrated model also comes with two visors. One to be used in the night that is designed primarily to protect your eyes from any dirt, dust, etc.

While the other one is designed to be used in the daytime and protect your eyes from the bright sun rays.

  • Weight: Well, this is the most unique one in all the three ILM helmets that we have mentioned until now and that is why it weighs a little more than the second one but fortunately, the manufacturers have managed to maintain its weight less than 5 pounds and that is appreciable.

To be precise, it weighs 4.4 pounds, a pretty good number for a helmet that comes with two visors and built-in speakers.

If you ask us, this earns the helmet huge points for being this lightweight despite having to deal with such technologies. You can watch the video provided below, it will tell you how to use it and what are its specs.

  • Padding: One thing that is common in most of the ILM helmets is their padding. The helmet comes with washable and removable liners which are a great boon if you cannot stand the lightest odor and prefer everything to be clean and odor-free.

The padding on this one is pretty comfortable as well as most of the ILM helmets. Made of microfiber the quality is good and that is why it surpasses the quality of most of the helmet paddings.

  • Extras: Do your research you will find out that the ILM Bluetooth integrated helmet has been featured in nearly every list of best Bluetooth helmets on the internet. On Amazon, it has a 4-star rating which honestly, isn’t a surprise since customers have been raving about it from the moment they bought it and experienced the technology for themselves. The Bluetooth system also comes with a limited warranty.
ilm bluetooth integrated modular flip up dual visor helmet review
CC: Amazon

About the colors, it just comes with three options- matte black, red, and white. We must say that the color range is very less than the other two models mentioned above but, despite that all the colors are standard.

The Bluetooth system in the helmet also has some features such as- Bluetooth 3.0 technology, 8 hours of talk time, and 110 hours of standby, which supports a maximum distance of up to 1000 feet between two riders using the intercom, etc, high-quality speakers with full stereo sound, etc.

DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression are some of the other features available. Here we are at the end of our review, if you want to read reviews left by customers, then you can click the button provided below.


  • Great field of vision
  • Suppresses wind noise
  • Integrated Bluetooth feature
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for hot weather conditions as well
  • Both ECE and DOT approved


  • Screen fogs up
  • Not that long-lasting

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Helmet

With this, we are done talking about the top three helmets from ILM as far as our opinions are concerned. You may not agree to this and find other features more useful than this and that’s completely fine. In this section, we will be discussing five pointers to keep in mind before you buy a rider`s helmet:

  • Design: By design, we mean not just the look of the helmet but the technicalities as well. Although, looks are important the design and looks of the helmet should go with the laws of physics as well and not something impractical.
  • Outer shell: The outer shell of the helmets needs to be made of a lightweight material such as polycarbonate as mentioned in our article. The material is supposed to be lightweight and still does the job of protecting you.
  • Padding: The padding of the helmet is also really important since you are going to be in direct contact with the liners and that is the reason why we have talked about this feature in all of our articles.
  • The Fit: The helmet should properly fit otherwise spending your money on one is going to be a complete waste. You must have noticed that we mentioned the different sizes available in the helmets and for your help some of them have size charts as well.
  • Certification: Since a helmet is not an option but a necessity it is important that it is approved by both DOT and ECE. While the first two options were DOT certified the third was certified by both ECE and DOT.
  • Are ILM Helmets worth buying?

    ILM helmets are not just any helmet you would come across. They have been in the market for a fairly long time and have set a benchmark for other brands too. Their helmets excel in every category be it the feature list, price range, or quality. If nothing else, the ILM helmets are worth a try.

  • Are ILM helmets safe?

    If you have gone through the ILM modular Bluetooth helmet review you would know that their helmets are DOT approved and the Bluetooth version is ECE certified as well. So, we can say that these helmets are safe and do the job of protecting the rider perfectly fine.

These were our top three picks from the ILM helmets though, there are many we think these were the ones that stood out the most for us. All of them are different from one other in more than one aspect and that is what will help you in making a final decision for yourself.

They have different price points as well. If you want to go with something that is well adorned with the hightech features you should try the ILM Bluetooth integrated but it is not that durable and thus if you want something long-lasting and standard quality go for the first one in our list.

All three of them cater to different needs and are thus open to different requirements of different customers all around the globe. We hope that you found this ILM Helmet Review helpful and by the end of it, can make a well-informed decision for yourself.

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