Is it Safe to Ride a Motorcycle in the Winter?

Winters are here, and there are some problems that winters come along with, like riding motorcycles, winters are not a good season for motorcycle riders. And many riders hate winters for that reason. But very few knows when you can ride and when you cannot ride in winters.

If the temperature is below freezing point i.e 0°C or 32°F, then it is not safe to ride a motorcycle in winter, because below this temperature the moisture of the atmosphere will convert into snow or ice, and it starts to get collected on the roads.

Riding motorcycles is a fun and thrilling experience, but there is one thing that can be a turn-off for every motorcycle rider, and that is Winters, yeah, we all hate winters, because it makes our daily life more difficult.

And in some places where the winters are always, then the winter season becomes more annoying, you cannot walk, go outside or even drive your cars easily.

Motorcycle tires will not get proper traction from ice and snow surface, and this low traction can cause a major accident and it can be dangerous for everyone on the road, so it is advisable not to ride on winters below the freezing point.

Riding a motorcycle during winters is more difficult as compared to other seasons, but if the temperatures are above 45°F or 7°C and the roads of your area are clean from snow and ice and you can see the sun easily, then you can ride your motorcycle, but before going outside with your motorcycle, first check the weather updates.

Is it Safe to Ride a Motorcycle in the Winter

If the weather update shows any kinds of bad weather then avoid going outside, this can be dangerous for you and for others as well. Because if you went for a ride and snow starts to fall, then the visibility also gets reduced and the roads will become a sheet of glass, and riding a motorcycle on slippery roads can cause a major accident.

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We have made a detailed article about Motorcycling in the Winter, in this article we have covered what to do and how to prepare for winter riding, everything related to winter motorcycle riding.

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What are the Dangers Of Riding In Winters

Riding a motorcycle in winter is an entirely different thing, you need to be more careful, alert, and prepared if you want to go for a ride during the winter season and especially on snow or ice. There are many dangers of riding in winters and here are some that you might face so you will be prepared if you still want to go for a winter ride.

Snow and Ice are the main reasons why people are afraid of riding a motorcycle in winters, you can ride a motorcycle on fresh snow, your tire groves will fit in the fresh snow and your motorcycle will start to move, at this time, the fresh snow works like dirt or gravel.

Is it Safe to Ride a Motorcycle in the Winter

But the biggest problem is the ice when the snow starts to freeze again and then it converts into ice, and the surface of the road will become like a glass surface, your motorcycle tires will lose all the traction and start to rotate without moving at all.

This same happens with the car tires, and if you are riding your motorcycle and suddenly one patch is covered with ice comes, then you cannot use brakes on them, and if you press the brakes then the tires will get locked and you will fall, and this can hurt the motorcycle and the rider.

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There is another problem, and that is black ice or salt ice, these two are more dangerous as compared to normal ice, you cannot see the black ice easily, because this gets mixed with the dirt of the road, and it looks like there is sand on the road from the far, but when your tire will come to its contact, then you will realize that this is not dirt or gravel.

And the salt ice is also dangerous, if it comes in contact with your motorcycle parts for too long then this can corrode the metal parts of the bike very fast, so make sure to wash your motorcycle after every winter ride, so that all the salt that is in contact with your motorcycle will get removed. 

Another problem with winter riding is low visibility, during winters the density of air is high and that creates fog which can limit the visibility, and driving or riding in winters with FOG or SMOG conditions, can be dangerous for both the motorcycle ride as well as for car drivers. 

And if you are riding in open weather and if suddenly the fog starts to come then it will be dangerous to ride a motorcycle with a motorcycle helmet, because inside the helmet from the breath of the rider the visor will start to fog up easily. If your helmet doesn’t have an anti-fog visor then you can use these cheap aftermarket solutions to make the current using visor anti-fog visor easily. 

If you notice or not, but during winters, our body easily gets tired as compared to summers, because the body needs to produce more heat to keep the body warm enough, so you will not get any kind of health issues like cold, cough, or fever. And if you go for a ride during winters, you will also get tired easily.

And as you ride your motorcycle, you will experience cold winds, and if you are not prepared with warm clothes, then your body will try to produce more heat. 

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If something went wrong with your motorcycle in between your ride, then it is very difficult to get help during winters, and if you are not prepared for this kind of situation then it can cause serious issues with your health and with your motorcycle as well. 

So, before going for a ride, make sure you made some calls to nearby repair and service centers for any kind of emergency. Prepare for the Worst, so that you can enjoy the BEST.

  • How to dress for cold weather motorcycle riding? You need to wear clothes inside your riding gear in layers, so that your body can keep the heat inside the clothes, don’t forget to protect your hands, you can go with some heated gloves as well, cover your head with a Balaclava head mask inside your helmet to keep your neck and head warm, you can use waterproof gear above riding gear to keep the warmth inside. 

You can check out what gears you need from our Recommended Gear page, we have made a list of articles for you.

You can use some windshields and lever protectors or handguards on your motorcycle to block the incoming winds. And finally, for the legs, wear some big boots and if possible wear two or three layers inside them to keep your legs warm, and prefer waterproof boots as they can prevent air from getting inside. 

  • Can you ride a motorcycle in the snow? No, you cannot ride a motorcycle in the snow, your tires will lose traction after some time and then you cannot stop or move your big heavy motorcycle easily, and this can also lead to some serious accidents as well, so don’t ride a motorcycle in the snow.
  • What will happen while riding a motorcycle for long periods in cold weather? Riding a motorcycle for long periods can cause serious health issues, you will get tired easily and you can even get serious fever as well, and cold weather can block the cooling system of your motorcycle, which can cause a serious accident as well.