LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet Review, An In-Depth Owner’s Review

Are you looking to buy the LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet? Yeah, we know, it offers great features, but is it worth buying? Read our detailed LS2 Modular Helmet Review, and you will know everything about this helmet.

LS2 Strobe is the most affordable modular helmet that you can get for less than $150. It has a lot of great features to offer, like 3D laser cut check pads, removable & washable pads, two visors. You need not compromise your safety as it is DOT and ECE-approved helmet.

We are assuming that you know how important it is to wear a helmet while riding but we would like to support this statement with some real facts and figures. Did you know bike helmets reduce the risk of head injury by at least 45%, brain injury by 33%, facial injury by 27%, and fatal injury by 29%? You can read about this from here.

We hope these statistics are enough to give you a wake-up call, not that it is needed but because it is the right thing to do. After all, it is not just necessary but it also looks good given that you have chosen the right one for you, one that looks good and feels comfortable as well.

Honestly, there are a plethora of good options in the market but we don’t want our readers to settle for the ordinary ones but something more on the extraordinary side of things.

LS2 Modular Helmet Review

LS2 Modular Helmet Review
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Not everyone gets a second chance, right? But, with the LS2 modular helmet, you are getting a second chance if you missed it the first time.

With your first buy-in helmets, you are bound to make certain mistakes and that is completely alright. However, we will be discussing a buying guide at the end of this article so you should stick till then.

LS2 is one of the leading manufacturers of helmets in countries like America and India and is known not just for helmets but other riding gears such as clothes, accessories, etc.

  • Are LS2 helmets any good?

    LS2 helmets have several features that make it worth a buy. Some of them are their quality, lightweight models, sufficient padding, new-age features, cool graphics, variety of colors. If you are looking for anyone of these LS2 helmets it is.

  • What is the best modular helmet?

    Best modular helmets are the ones that come with good features, great price, is lightweight and performs well as well. In our opinion, LS2 and Bell Helmets are great picks.

Up next, we talk about the different aspects of the product and tell you how it is different from others:

SafetyDOT approved
Size7 sizes
Color7 options
Warranty5 years


The body of the helmet is practically the first thing you look at in a helmet. But, you must remember that the body of a helmet is not just about the design, the graphics, or how cool it looks but there is a lot more to it. This is the point where you should not forget why are you buying a helmet in the first place? Safety. We will be discussing it in detail as well but for now, let us limit ourselves to appearances only.

LS2 Strobe Modular helmet revie
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To begin with, LS2 modular full-face helmet which we all will come to know once we look at the pictures. The body of the helmet is made up of polycarbonate material and it has two shells inside it, to increase the safety of the rider. The shell is Certified ECE 22.05 which means it has a great impact absorbing strength.

If you have done your bit of research you must know that there are three types in this category- full-face helmets, open face, and off-road helmets. The one that we are talking about here, the LS2 strobe modular helmet does not fit in one of these categories but something else.

Being a modular helmet it lies in the middle ground between full-face helmets and open-face ones. This way you get the best of both worlds, the safety of a full-face helmet and freedom of an open face helmet.

If you ask us how it is quite simple. With modular helmets, you can simply flip up the visor when you stop for a while which is not the case with full-face helmets and it helps you breathe or talk more conveniently. Hence, if you were looking for a modular face helmet and didn’t know which way to go, then check out the LS2 modular helmet.

  • Where are LS2 helmets manufactured?

    LS2 helmets are manufactured in the United States of America or the USA.


One of the reasons why we sometimes choose the more expensive options over the ordinary ones is the looks and design apart from the quality. The LS2 modular helmet comes with a glossy finish and a pretty good overall finish. There is no doubt about the fact that it looks way more expensive than any other option at this price point.

But, if you are not a fan of gloss looks and want to jump on the bandwagon it does have a matte black finish as well but then you don’t get to chose the color you will be buying. The overall design, however, doesn’t change a lot. So, you get a lot of options to chose from but still that notch designing and looks.

Moreover, LS2 is known for manufacturing helmets that are very well received for their quality and looks both. The LS2 modular helmet is also one of them. As far as the design is concerned in our opinion there are very few options that can beat the designing of this LS2 helmet at this price point.


LS2 Strobe Modular helmet revie
CC: Amazon

Graphics also play a very important role in how good the helmet looks or what price it holds in the market.

People who enjoy graphics on their belongings surely want some cool helmets with cool graphics on them as well. However, you must have noticed that there are very fewer brands that have good graphics on helmets.

It is quite difficult to find something which not only has good graphics on it but is also good quality and lasts a fairly long time.

With the LS2 modular helmet, you can expect a simple and classic design with very fewer graphics on it. There are a total of five color options to choose from including a matte black apart from glossy black, gunmetal, white, and a Zone Hi-vis.

While all the others in the list have a classic graphic design with just an LS2 mentioned the Zone Hi-vis is something you should be looking forward to if you want a little bit of that extraness. It comes in a combination of two colors, yellow and black with some stripes creating that perfect blend of subtle yet significant graphics.


Visor if you must know plays an important part in deciding which helmet is better and the same goes for this LS2 Strobe.

Apart from the safety factor it also decides the level of comfort which brings us to the fact that a visor is one of the key differences between a modular helmet and a full face one. This difference is also one of the reasons why riders prefer a modular helmet over a full-face helmet.

LS2 Strobe Review
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We are talking about the part where you cannot just flip up the visor while wearing a full-face helmet when you stop at the gas station or to buy some stuff. While it may not be a big deal for some, it is for others.

Coming back to the LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet, it comes with a twin shield visor system and the best part about this twin shield is that it is very easy to operate. It just takes a simple switch to clack down the sun visor when riding in the scorching heat.

Moreover, you can be assured about the quality of these shields since they are built with a 3D optically correct “A Class” Polycarbonate. This ensures that the rider has the maximum clarity and that safety is not compromised. The visors being UV resistant, scratch resistant and high quality which can withstand high impact gives you all the more reason to trust in its quality.

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Lock Mechanism

If you haven’t been noticing yet, allow us to say it loud. All of the features we have been discussing until now and will be in the further sections, all of them come narrowing down to just one factor. Safety. Be it the body, design, graphics, or visor all of them have an underlying question to them. How does it ensure our safety?

Or does it compromise with the safety aspects? Right? But, the feature that we are discussing now is unapologetically related to the safest side of things. The lock mechanism, how can we not talk about it? We know, riders are struggling with the typical old system of strap fastening and waiting for a new upgrade in this aspect as well. Here it is.

The LS2 Strobe Modular Helmet comes with a quick-release reinforced strap. This quick release system makes the process a whole lot easier and you won’t even feel it to be a task anymore. The micrometric ratchet fastener is very easy to use doesn’t matter if you are wearing gloves or not. You will easily get used to it in a few uses.

Not that it needs to be addressed but all of these measures are only to ensure that the primary job of a helmet isn’t compromised with.

  • How do LS2 helmets fit?

    LS2 helmets fit quite perfectly if you chose the right size for yourself. Most of them come with at least four sizes to choose from and there are high chances that you will find something for you. The LS2 modular helmet Fits perfectly with prescription glasses as well.


If you ask us how would we rank the different factors in deciding which helmet is best suited for riders yes, we do have our preferences set. Firstly, it has to be safe, comfortable, and then the looks. While some of you would nod your heads in agreement we understand not all would and it is completely fine.

What is important is that you know what you are exactly expecting from a new purchase. Now, since we have given the safety aspect its fair share of spotlight it is time that we talk about comfort as well.

While buying a helmet the comfort is decided by the liners given by the manufacturers in the helmet which acts as a cushion and prevents you from getting hurt. Not only that but it also makes you comfortable even while riding. In some of the brands, these liners cannot be removable and that is not something you would want.

Thankfully, the LS2 modular helmet has liners that are both removable and washable as well. Hence, on days you feel like the helmet stinks you can very easily wash it and get rid of the smell. If you want to see the different sizes of this helmet and want to know more about it, you can head over to the official product page of this helmet.


While buying a helmet for yourself you might as well crush upon how cool an open face helmet looks or how good the wind feels on your face but what good is it going to do if it cannot fulfill its primary job?

LS2 Modular Helmet Review

So, before you hop to conclusions make sure you are well acquainted with the terms related to safety while riding and what role does it play. While you are visiting the feature pages of different you will come across terms such as DOT and FMVSS.

Some of our readers must know about these but for those who don’t, DOT which stands for Department of Transportation of the US, and it has set some standards for the helmets which are going to be used for on-road biking to ensure the safety of the citizens.

Those standards are called as FMVSS or Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Well, now that you have a fair idea about the safety standard you must look for these terms in the key features of the helmet you wish to buy and see to it that meets all the standards and is rightly certified. 

  • Do LS2 helmets have ISI mark?

    Yes, all of the LS2 helmets are ISI certified.

  • Are LS2 helmets Snell approved?

    Snell certification which stands far above in importance than DOT and ESE and is the ultimate certification in U.S. racing organizations. One of the LS2 helmets that were approved by Snell is the LS2 FF394 Epic.


It is quite obvious that you won’t be buying different helmets for different weather. Though, open face helmets are a better choice for summers and full-face helmets better for winters it doesn’t mean you need to have it all.

LS2 Modular Helmet Review

Moreover, that is why modular helmets have been so popular lately as they are in the middle grounds of both open and full-face helmets. Hence, it is better to get your hands on a modular helmet than choosing between the formers.

Also, to avoid this dilemma of whether modular helmets can be used in summers or not they come with vents that are a boon on hot and sunny days.

The number of these vents varies but the job remains the same. The LS2 modular helmet comes with a closeable vent on top and a pair on the sides.

We think these vents are enough and quite efficient when it comes to combatting the heat and providing cool fresh air.


No matter how hard we try to cover every pointer around the LS2 helmet, there is going to be something or the other left to discuss and thus, we have the extras section for you. The LS2 modular helmet comes with mostly all of the features you would want your modular helmet to have.

A variety of color options, good graphics, amazing quality, perfect fit, a well-checked security system, etc. are some of the features you can expect from the LS2 Strobe Helmet. Moreover, you must know that this helmet from the house of LS2 has been awarded a 4.5-star rating by its customers and about 63% of the reviews have 5 stars and 22% have 4 stars on Amazon.

The reason why we are giving a detailed overview of the review and ratings is that it gives an idea of the product in a very precise yet concise way. Also, for our readers who have been waiting to know about the warranty period and conditions of the helmet here it is.

The strobe modular helmet from LS2 comes with a 5-year warranty against any kind of defect concerning material and workmanship. With this, we come to the end of discussing different aspects of the LS2 helmet but most of our readers must be still wanting to know what makes it special or different from others in the market. Right?

Starting with the chin curtain, the concept of releasing the chin section is quite easy where you have to just click on a button at the front. When it comes to the fit there are seven different sizes to choose from and they fit well even with glasses on.

ls2 strobe modular helmet review



  • Retractable chin bar
  • Meets safety standards
  • Comfortable to wear even for long hours
  • Well- ventilated
  • Looks good as well
  • Quick-release strap
  • Swift drop-down visors


  • Water leaks during heavy rain
  • The visors are not anti-fog coated
  • Little expensive
  • The wind noise is too high. Earplugs must be used


  • Comes in both gloss and matte finish with different color options
  • Easy to use retractable chin bar
  • Approved by DOT and ECE
  • Meets the requirements of the California Air Resources Board
  • Specially crafted shell design
  • Minimum impact visors.
  • 3D laser cut check pads. Twin shield visor system
  • Ventilation system with ventilation ports
  • Weight: 4 pounds.
  • Removable and washable padding

Things to Keep in Mind before buying a Helmet

Next up, in this review, we have a buying guide for our readers so that it becomes easier for you to determine if the helmet you are looking at, is worth your time or not. We will be mentioning a few points that will help you in knowing the worth of a particular helmet and also in comparing two choices.

  • Appearance: When you are on the search of that perfect helmet it is quite obvious that you will have the first opinion about it. That first opinion most of the time comes with the overall look of the helmet.

So, doesn’t matter where do the appearance ranks in your priority list it is important that you pay attention to that as well because it is not like you are going to replace the helmet every two or four months.

Moreover, if you are buying a good quality one it is going to be by your side even longer so make your choices smartly and wisely.

  • Body: The body of the helmet can also be counted in the first impressions except for the fact that there are more things than just the looks of it.

To decide if the helmet is worth your money or not you must see the outer shell material and make sure that it is of good quality and is lightweight too as a lot of weight can make it difficult for you to wear it for long hours.

  • Inner comfort: The inner lining of the helmet should be sufficiently thick to protect your head from touching the outer shell, to absorb the moisture, and to reduce the wind noise.

Preferably these should be removable and washable as well so that it smells fresh and doesn’t provide any discomfort.

  • Certification: The helmets you are buying should have a certification from DOT and ECE so that you do not have second thoughts about safety and can trust the brand.
  • Ventilation and Visor System: The helmets should also come with good ventilation and a visor system to help you breathe and to protect you from the harmful sun rays.

The visors should be UV resistant for that apart from being just scratch resistant and impact resistant. The visors however when left open should not allow a lot of wind noise to enter. After answering some of the frequently asked questions we come to the end of this LS2 Modular Helmet Review.

We have tried to cover every aspect of modular helmets in this review from the body to weight, padding, visors, safety, and everything else. By giving you a detailed overview of all these factors we want you to understand what you are investing $$$ in a helmet and why should you?

In our opinion, the LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet is one of the best modular helmets in this price range and the one that comes with such amazing features. If safety is your concern you can very well rely on the certifications by DOT and ESE but if it is quality that you are looking for a 4.5-star rating on Amazon speaks very well of the fact that it lasts you for long enough.

With visors that have high resistance to impact, quality should not be a concern anymore. Moreover, the quick release strap and easily retractable chin bar are very helpful and make you every penny worth spending.

This is not it there are other features too that have been mentioned in the previous sections that many of us find intriguing and if it so feels free to give this helmet a try.

We hope this review has helped you in getting to know your riding gear even better and making a decision keeping the facts and correct information in mind. With this LS2 strobe modular helmet doesn’t matter if you are riding or just carrying it around it makes you look an even more passionate and conscious rider.

If you have any questions regarding our review, then you can comment down below, we are happy to help you all.

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  • Are LS2 helmets any good?

    LS2 helmets have several features that make it worth a buy. Some of them are their quality, lightweight models, sufficient padding, new-age features, cool graphics, variety of colors. If you are looking for anyone of these LS2 helmets it is.

  • What is the best modular helmet?

    Best modular helmets are the ones that come with good features, great price, is lightweight and performs well as well. In our opinion, LS2 and Bell Helmets are great picks.

  • Are LS2 helmets any good?

    LS2 helmets have several features that make it worth a buy. Some of them are their quality, lightweight models, sufficient padding, new-age features, cool graphics, variety of colors. If you are looking for anyone of these LS2 helmets it is.

  • What is the best modular helmet?

    Best modular helmets are the ones that come with good features, great price, is lightweight, and perform well as well. In our opinion, LS2 and Bell Helmets are great picks.

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