Best Motorcycle Goggles to Wear Over Glasses (OTG)

Do you wear glasses and ride a motorcycle? If so, then you know how important it is to have good motorcycle goggles that fit over your glasses. In this blog post, we’ll share our top 5 picks for the best motorcycle goggles to wear over glasses. We’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the right pair of motorcycle goggles for you. So whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned pro, read on for the info you need to keep your eyes protected while riding.

Scott Split OTG

Scott Split OTG
Our top pick overall
  • Non-slip silicone strap
  • 3 layered molded face foam
  • The top spoiler promotes airflow for no fogging
  • Available in different colors
  • Specialized for use with prescription glasses

For the best of advanced technology in an over glasses goggle for motorcycles, SCOTT Split has it down to a tee. They designed these to be worn in comfort, which is evident in the non-slip silicone strap and 3-layered molded face foam, allowing the driver to cruise without the distraction of a goggle that pinches or moves around.

They use the features of their Tyrant and Hustle goggles, including SCOTT’s RAM air technology that dictates airflow and helps to reduce fogging. The top spoiler promotes airflow and ensures they stay crystal clear, even during long rides. Since goggles are made to help you see the road better no matter what the weather is doing, the Split OTG does its job well.

There is also plenty of coverage, allowing a good field of vision and reducing the amount of debris and bugs that’ll fly your way – plus they don’t press the nose too much so you won’t be tempted to adjust them every two minutes. Speaking of vision, the Spit OTG features SCOTT’s TruView single WORKS lens to provide dependable clarity.

Specialized to be worn with prescription glasses, SCOTT’s Split OTG makes riding as seamless as possible.

100% ACCURI 2

100% ACCURI 2
  • Closed-cell foam protects against dust
  • Dark lenses for additional protection
  • Auto adaptive tint for increased visibility
  • Triple-layered foam
  • Flexible urethane frame

Riding in comfort offroad is still possible thanks to the ACCURI 2 OTG goggles. They feature a special closed cell foam to keep out fine dust and sand so when you’re taking to the dirt, you’re not in danger of anything getting in your eye and impairing your vision.

Everyone wants to take their motorcycle out when the sun is blazing, and the extra dark lenses of the ACCURI 2 provide additional protection against bright lights. Even when the sun is low and in your face, the auto-adaptive tint of its photochromic lens allows you to ride without the danger of reduced visibility.

Of course, you want motorcycle goggles that are comfortable even when wearing your glasses, and the flexible urethane frame adds to the comfort. They don’t push the glasses against your face, instead, they fit over the frame seamlessly.

Triple-layer foam soaks up sweat when you’re faced with the heat of a sunny day, or just working hard meaning the only downside we can think of is the lack of color options.

Still, for most people, the comfort and functionality of these goggles make them an excellent option.

Oakley L-Frame

Oakley L-Frame
Budget pick
  • Great value
  • UV protection
  • Triple-layer face foam
  • Anti-fogging
  • Non-slip silicone treated strap

A budget pick doesn’t mean you need to compromise on features and safety, which is evident in the Oakley L-Frame. A steal at the price, they boast UV protection coating to ensure the driver’s vision is not impaired, and they are specifically engineered to fit over prescription eyewear.

So, that’s a tick for safety and comfort, but they’re not done there. The triple-layer face foam has a fleece lining to repel sweat and allow you to drive in comfort. That means they are an excellent option for drivers who want to go offroad on a sunny day or work up the miles in the heat.

Oakley has used Lexan lenses which, when combined with the F3 anti-fogging treatment, increase visibility. This makes them an excellent option for all weather conditions, and the lenses are also anti-scratch and impact-resistant, adding to their durability. The same technology also maximizes peripheral vision and downward view.

Their O-Matter frame is lightweight and flexible and is attached to the removable nose guard should you wish to go without. If you’re having a day without the contact lenses, the comfortable O-matter frame attached to the non-slip silicone treated strap ensures you won’t miss them.

Oakley Airbrake MX

Oakley Airbrake MX
Best for motocross and offroading
  • Impact-resistant
  • Plutonite lens for added protection
  • Excellent clarity
  • Compatible with Oakleys switchlock technology
  • Anti-fog coating

Hitting the track and need motocross goggles for wearing over prescription glasses? Oakley has another option that is well worth considering. The impact both you and the bike go through during motocross is going to be intense, but the impact resistance of the MX design makes these able to withstand the demands of the woods, desert, or mountains.

The pure Plutonite lens gives you plenty of protection from the elements and whatever the wheels are churning back at you. Plus, they are about as clear as you could hope for on an OTG lens. This is because they are curbed when cut, so they break up light naturally and provide a natural line of sight.

These are the type of goggles that prescription glasses wearers can rely on in tough conditions, with wide view and comfort in abundance thanks to the quick lens change. It takes less than 30 seconds to manage the changing light conditions thanks to Oakley’s switch lock technology.

They have anti-fog coatings and a strap that is easy to adjust but always seems to stay in place no matter what, these are excellent motocross goggles for the prescription glasses wearer.

Buyer’s Guide

best motorcycle eye protection over glasses
  • Anti-fog coating: You would not want your lenses to fog up while you are riding and thus these goggles come with an anti-fog coating.
  • Padding: Padding and the quality of it decides the comfort level of your goggles. In this way, you wouldn’t mind having these on for long hours and you will get the protection too.
  • UV Protection: We all know how dangerous are the UV rays and protecting your eyes from them is equally important. The best riding goggles claim that they provide 100% UV protection.
  • Polarized lenses: These types of lenses are for those riders who are very sensitive to the light, have gone through an eye surgery recently or want some practical lenses for the daytime.
  • Style: As of now, you must have seen that these goggles come in various shapes and sizes and thus look very different than others.

Here we are at the end of our Best Motorcycle Goggles that fit over the prescription glasses article, So, you can choose the one which looks good on you and goes well over your prescription glasses.

Surely, there are a lot of confusions regarding wearing glasses with helmets and then goggles over prescription glasses. But, we hope our article would have been helpful in some or the other way and clearing up the clouds of doubt.

Moreover, if you have been looking for the best picks in the market we have mentioned ten of them and given reviews about them too so you can choose for yourself and then go with the one that fulfills your requirements.

  • Should I wear goggles on a Motorcycle?

    Goggles are worn while riding to protect your eyes from the dirt, dust, harmful UV rays, or the glare on bright sunny days. So, if you want that safety go ahead and buy yourself one.

  • How to wear my glasses while riding a bike?

    Wearing glasses while riding a bike isn’t difficult but it doesn’t protect you from the foreign substances hence motorcycle goggles that fit over prescription glasses are important.

  • Can I wear Riding Goggles over my glasses?

    Yes, there are riding goggles that are redesigned to fit over the prescription ones. Go for those.

  • How to wear goggles with a motorcycle helmet?

    Go for the ones that are specially designed to fit over the prescription glasses. It won’t be a problem anymore.

  • What are the best motorcycle goggles?

    Some of the best motorcycle glasses are- Global Vision Outfitter Goggles, Angel Biker Glasses by Bikershades, Padded Motorcycle Riding Glasses by Global Vision.

  • How to wear motorcycle goggles?

    Do proper research and read reviews of goggles that are compatible with helmets as well.

  • Why wear motorcycle goggles?

    Motorcycle goggles are worn to get protection from harsh wind, dirt, dust, UV rays etc.

  • How do you keep the wind out of your eyes on a motorcycle?

    Wearing motorcycle goggles is the best option to protect your eyes from the wind while riding. However, you do have to see that they fit perfectly to keep the wind at bay.

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