Ownership Review: Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Transport System

If you change your place now and then and possess two-wheelers like a motocross bike, transporting your vehicle can be a daunting task for you. 

Shifting your bikes manually is heavily challenging and damaging to the bike parts if not executed well. Your motocross bike must be fitted well into a trailer and secured from all sides during transit. But the entire process is tiresome and confusing too.

To curb all this, a good quality anchoring cum transport system is all you need for safe fastening that soothes your bike’s exterior and internal gauze at the same time. This investment will surely guarantee your motorbike’s extreme durability in the long run!

If the ease of loading and unloading your vehicle is what you are looking for, you have landed at the right place! Lock-N-Load by Risk Racing is the perfect solution for all your motorbike transport problems. 

I am using Risk Racing’s Lock-N-Load for around 2-3 years now, and after testing and using it so rigorously, I have found many things about it, and today in our Risk Racing Lock-N-Load review, I am going to share all of it with you, so that you guys can make a better decision whether you should go for it or not. 

Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Review 

A turn of the knobs and push to the anchor jaws basically sums up the immaculate ease of use of the Risk Racing transport trailers.

The Risk Racing Lock-n-Load Moto Transport System is an innovative way to easily transport your bikes without needing to use strappy latches and unstable chocks that don’t fit well. The loose locks in the other trailers tend to unclasp midway and result in unsafe transport. 

Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Review 

Instead, the Lock-N-Load uses a clever floor-mounted pair of locking jaws and knobs to securely attach with the bike’s footpegs resulting in a comfortable, long-lasting rugged grip. 

With the footpegs secured, your bike stays upright, supported, and firmly braced against any movement during transportation. 

Using this support form, the Lock-n-Ride yields a comforting experience on your fork seals, saves space, and enables you to roll your bike directly into a loading position without having to place external attachments. 

This Lock-n-Load system can be mounted on a trailer or in the bed of a truck using the adapter plates (sold separately). 

The Lock-N-Load’s upper tower assembly is easy to remove and unload with no added tools if you’re not transporting your bike. The mounts included claim an ergonomic plate design that is low profile and convenient to use without taking up a lot of foot space.

Lock-N-Load transport system is ideal for riders who refrain from using tie-downs or multiple protective layering while shifting their vehicles. 

Maybe your existing trailer is not fit for the job because it lacks anchorage leverages and points, or perhaps you do not wish to install additional wheel chocks for your trailer. 

The Risk Racing’s Lock-N-Load motocross transport system can be easily placed on the bed of your truck, toy hauler, or even a flatbed trailer.

You can fit in extra wooden blocks for snuggling in your very small-sized bikes too. It lets you mount your favorite bike either on your truck bed or trailer sans tie-downs. 

This absence of tie-downs not only saves all the extra hassle and sweat but also significantly cuts away the pressure from your suspensions or fork seals. 


Key highlights of this model:

  • Model code: 77-849.
  • Mount weight: 19.95 pounds (approximately).
  • Motorcycle fit size: FULL size MX bikes
  • Footpeg width from tip to tip: 455-510 mm.
  • Footpeg height: 380-445 mm.
  • No floor anchors included.
  • NO wheel chocks.
  • Sizes available: Lock-N-Load regular and Lock-N-Load junior version
  • 1 year guaranteed brand warranty.
  • Bike capacity support: 125 ccs to 450 ccs MX engines (or bikes with similar geometry). Most 85 cc MX bikes (or bikes with similar geometry) fit well in the junior model.
  • It saves your fork seals from getting tampered with.
  • Extra mount trailer plates are also available. 
  • Item dimensions (L x B x D) : 20 x 18 x 10 inches.

This trailer model is surprisingly bombproof too. The safety pins included are a vital component of the entire transporting unit. It is essential to screw them in place from both sides before completing the loading process as a whole. 

The D rings present on the trailer plates come out to be very useful for additional tie-ups if needed.

Not only does this tiny thing lock the sidebars, but it also reinforces the already secure anchorage jaw seal on your bike effectively. 

The suspensor springs are composed of good quality metal with a moderate tension constant as well. They are neither too hard to press nor do they spring back quickly. 

The red knobs and the bolting wing nuts are replaceable too. If found damaged, you can easily purchase them to change or keep as extra pieces. 

No more climbing over tie-downs in the trailer; just walk around the bike!

Installation and Loading

The installation is relatively simple. The product comes with a detailed, instructive manual for easy execution. 

  • To start with, the system comes with nine templates for your trailer, so in case you wish to load it in your truck, there are separate specific mounts for that too. 
Ownerhsip review of Risk Racing Lock-N-Load

The templates vary in terms of span and corrugated grooving, so you can easily match ones that go with your respective loader flooring, say a truck bed. 

  • All you need to do now is just attach the mounting plates to the critical lock n load system unit, taking help from the four red fastening screws present on the primary unit’s corners, which comes with the package only. 

Now! Don’t think you will need to lift your bulky vehicles during transit and place them accordingly. Just roll in your bike or whatever automobile you wish to fit in alongside the unit in the exact place you want it to be loaded. 

  • Slide in your lock n load unit, and bring your bike and unit to the footpegs for fastening. Once you have everything in place, you need to make the four corners that will be fitted later in the truck bed. 
  • Remove the unit and start drilling at those marked four points, not going more than a few inches. Next, place your anchor unit, attach your nuts and fasten them neatly from the bottom and top sides of the truck platform.

This fits most of the full-sized bikes quite decently. My unit fits snug in the 19″ wide and 16″ motorbike measurement span. You can easily adjust bikes ranging from 18 to 20″ footpeg to footpeg width and 15 to 17.5″ trailer unit height. 

Rolling your motorcycle into the trailer will be very easy if you own a four-stroke system. For two-stroke variants, it is advisable to roll in backward on the move till you hit the lower jaws in the right place.

Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Review

The junior variant of this same model will be the best bet if you own very small bikes. While you complete your installation and loading, always remember to leave some room behind the rear end for easy maneuvering, especially if you slide in your bike backward. 

The actual loading of the motorcycle left is super easy now. Unscrew the jaws on the ends of your trailer while fastening down those two giant red knobs placed on either sidebar.

Roll your bike in until the footpegs align with the anchorage evenly from both sides. Once you are done with that, you need to fit the suspension ends compactly. 

Risk Racing Lock-N-Load

A great way to achieve this is by sitting on your bike while it is still intact in the trailer and pressing down the suspension mechanism with your feet, preferably as far as possible. 

Now, you can come down and use the safety pins provided and latch them on the two anchorage sidebars simply to prevent any slip-offs. That’s pretty much it, and your bike is well secured and ready to transport with no extra muscle power.

Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Motocross Transport System Review

Uninstalling and Unloading

You loaded your bike in a few simple steps, and it’s time to unload it after transportation. Just like the installation, this is an easy job as well. 

  • First, remove the two safety pins attached from the vertical sidebars to break off the attached hold.
  • Second, loosen up the big red knobs to reduce the tight tension from the machinery. 
  • Then, just like you did before, jump over your bike, sit down and press down the hold down the anchorage suspensions once again with your feet to release the lock quickly.
  • Roll your bike away, and you are good to go!

If you don’t want to use the system anymore, you can unbolt the trailer unit from the mounting plates attached to the floor and clear the room. 

Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Review 

The drilled plats are primarily flat, won’t interfere in other business, and serve as an excellent tie-up point for fastening other stuff.

Pros & Cons

Some pros:

  • Apt for moderate to smaller motocross bike models, too. 
  • Strap free! No more tripping over the tangled strappy business.
  • Low profile design helps to transport multiple stacked bike trailers together.
  • Keeps your motorcycle damage-free and intact even when your truck passes rough roads.

And here are a few cons too:

  • A little tricky to accommodate two-stroke pipe models though.
  • The system does not come with flush mount bolts.
  • Mediocre hardware build.
  • The anchorage jaws lack rubberized rims, resulting in minor scratches on the body.

Tried & Tested Experience

A few extra pointers to know before you decide on your new motorcycle transporting unit:

The two-level locking system- knobs and safety pins- enhances your bike loading experience, resulting in far better than traditional tie-downs. Not only were they challenging to deal with, but they also took space and time. 

Although the anchor trainer does not fail to keep your motorcycle intact even on the roughest terrains, the whole machinery can break apart if any of the safety pins slip out.

Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Motocross Transport System

It is advisable to fully measure their bike before selecting the suitable model variant for yourself. To measure easily, ask for someone’s help and use two measuring tapes simultaneously to measure the bike vertically and horizontally for the footpeg to footpeg distance. 

Then finally, Refer to the size chart available to get the perfect size for your motorcycle. The meta quality is good but not the best in the market. The vertical bars can bend slightly due to the bike weight during off-road rides.

The holding jaws on the unit are relatively large and will securely fit most of the motorbike footpegs very easily. Be it rotary footpegs or oversized ones, or maybe even the tiny footpegs will be held firmly by the unit’s anchorage jaws. 

You can also leave your bike intact on the unit without worrying about damage to the body. The mechanics involved distribute the pressure evenly; hence no damage to the suspension will be observed.

It is recommended to lower the side of the jaws by side while rolling your bike backward and then securing it in place to prevent any obstacle for two-stroke bikes. At maximum, you can group four trailer-attached bikes utilizing the width of a typical toy hauler very efficiently. 

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One more thing, the safety pins included are tiny, and there are chances of them getting lost very easily. Therefore, it is always better to have separate extra safety pins at hand too.

You can also easily add on accessories like a rear shock absorber or a height raise to modify the unit according to your motorcycle’s needs accordingly. 

This works the best for sizeable and more significant motorcycle variants. Transporting bikes has never been that easy!


In all sense, the Risk Racing Lock and Load Motocross Transport System are worth all your money. I have had no major problems while using this. 

The loading and unloading are quick to execute, and the unit is quite durable as well. The hardware quality is not exceptionally advanced, but it does the job pretty well.

The fasteners are sturdy and haven’t lost their quality even after using them for months. You can also buy some add on parts and tools for it. 

Some of the pieces are replaceable too. As far as functionality is concerned, the whole suspension press downs installation takes hardly 2-3 minutes. 

If you need transporting equipment for your motorcycles, I think you should definitely go for it. Absolutely stunning, extremely useful, and is totally worth the hype!

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