Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet Review, An In-Depth Owner’s Review

Are you confused about buying the Scorpion EXO-R420? Yeah, we all face this issue before buying anything, we have made a detailed Scorpion EXO-R420 helmet review in which we have mentioned all its good features as well as issues that people are facing with this. 

The Scorpion EXO-R420 helmet is an affordable and comfortable helmet. It is a SNELL and DOT certified helmet, the weight of the helmet is very low, and it is unisex, and the visor already has anti-fog applied. And it also comes in various graphic designs for every kind of user.

SizeXS to 3XL
Colors Black, Matte Black, Whitee, Matte Titanium
Weight4.82 Pounds
SafetySNELL and DOT certified
Warranty7 years
Vehicle TypeStreet Bike
Country ManufacturedChina

We will also tell you what are things the Scorpion Exo-R420 seismic helmet has to offer. The spectacular helmet is the ultimate choice when it comes to helmets. It’s sturdy yet stylish and sets the wearer apart.

It’s one of the most beautiful creations in Scorpion’s EXO range as its price is highly competitive, and its features are exceptional. Scorpion EXO-R420 is the third generation of Scorpion’s Exo-400 series and is highly liked by highway riders and bike fanatics. 

The carefully engineered helmet assures high airflow in the wearer’s head to avoid oxygen reduction. Despite allowing a massive amount of airflow, the helmet maintains low noise levels. Zealous bikers prefer to own one of the Scorpion’s Exo 400s and are now eyeing the best of all-Scorpion Exo-R420. What makes this helmet stand out, are the amendments in its structure, internally and externally. 

Besides, newer, better, and highly advanced features and higher safety measures, have given an edge to the Exo-420 Helmet.

Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet Review

The Scorpion Exo-R420 Helmet entered the market in November 2017 and has been a best-seller since then. It has a whopping 4.6/5 stars rating and is listed in Top 200 Motorcycles and Powersports Helmets. 

The Scorpion Exo-R420 is a fan favorite when it comes to its worth in terms of money and features. Undoubtedly, this SNELL-approved product has set specific standards in the world of sport-friendly helmets.


Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet Review
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It is a full-face helmet with its shape made of advanced LG polycarbonate. The ELLIP-Tec 2 face shield remains intact, making the Scorpion Exo-R420 Helmet Aerodynamic. 

The face-shield is scratch-resistant, 100% UV protective, clear, and comes in a fog-free technology, about which we will talk in detail later. The basics in terms of security start with the fastening. 

Exo-R420 has kept it safe yet straightforward by enabling the fastener with a double-D Ring Closure making it easy to use and cost-efficient. Owing to its top-notch quality in controlled cost, it had hit the markets as a chartbuster and caused a revolution in the Scorpion Exo 400s range. 

Talking about its size, it’s fabled to be inclining to the snug side of its fit and can be broken into for an intact fit, like other helmets.

Design & Lock Mechanism

The Scorpion Exo-R420 Helmet is designed meticulously and is composed to experience utmost comfort and security. With its internal structure shaped somewhere between an oval and neutral, it exerts pressure on some parts of the head, causing higher security, initially, with moderate comfort. 

Once, gotten used-to, it gives complete protection. To reduce the perils aiming towards the rider, the Exo-R420 provides a side-to-side, peripheral view more than other helmets with similar specifications. 

When talking about detailed design in the context of comfort, unlike other helmets, whose chin straps get closer to the rider’s throat, R420’s chin straps instead stay positioned on the chin and are reluctant to displace themselves. 

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Another convenient feature includes KwikWick® II moisture-wicking liner. The detachable and washable liners soak the moisture produced within the helmet while being worn, and at this price, such a provision is undoubtedly a steal deal! 

Highlighting the thought put into the design, Scorpion Exo-R420 has Elliptec™ II face-shield that latches at the bottom of the helmet, building stability and absolute resistance and water. 

The mechanism enables higher safety as it lays out a tighter seal against the gasket. Summarizing the role of design thinking and structuring of the helmet, it is right to say that every size of detail has been given a thought to bring out a finely built helmet.


Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet Review
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Bow down to the ultimate specimen of flawlessly curated decals of vibrant and bold graphics! In terms of variety and taste with which the graphics and chromatic schemes have been chosen, the Scorpion Exo-R420 is unbeatable.

The paint and patterns are carefully polished with fully transparent coverage, with a high-quality coat. 

The helmet is available in solid colors and printed graphics with the latter one costing just $10 more than the former one. Altogether the helmet can be chosen from a range of four solid colors and four graphic prints. 

The Exo-R420 range comes in various colors and patterns for all kinds of users. Unquestionably, this range of Scorpion is one of the best available in the market in terms of its varied and vivid colors & graphics!

Padding & Safety

Like other SNELL and Dot standards-met helmets, Exo-R420 is internally padded with high-quality foam. As mentioned earlier, the paddings also reduce internal moisture caused by humidity in the rider’s head with its washable KwikWick® II moisture-wicking liner. 

Not only keeping the humidity low, but the special paddings are also anti-microbial and dry quickly, avoiding the risk of infections. The feature in filling that attests to Exo-R420’s outstanding build and safety is that the helmet has an emergency feature. 

When the emergency straps are pulled, an extra layer of padding rises. It not only ensures intact fit during a mishap but also takes care of the most vulnerable organs of the rider’s face- the jaw and the head. With such a thoughtful feature at a reasonable price, Scorpion’s Exo-R420 certainly hits all the marks for safety.


Scorpion R420 Helmet Review
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One of Scorpion Exo-R420’s prominent features is its high standard visor, a steal at the given price. You name trouble faced by a rider, and Exo-R420 will have its encounter set. 

Scorpion’s Exo-400’s latest model now has Elliptec™ II Face Shield paired with Scorpion’s own EverClear ® anti-fog coating! The visor provides a clear vision and shows very little to no distortion depending upon the rider’s speed. It is 100% UV protected. 

Besides being fog proof and disturbance resistant, an edge is added to the helmet with more side-to-side vision with no distortion. The rider can now have a bright look at the elements on either side and eventually stay safer.


A ride needs to be able to get access to basic levels of oxygen while driving. Owing to this, Scorpion Exo-R420 has made three sources of ventilation available in the helmet. 

Two vents let the air flow inside the helmet while one vent is an exhaust that throws the internal wind outside. Despite allowing airflow, the helmet succeeds in maintaining low noise levels. 

For defogging, after sliding the cover downwards, one-click enables air to flow towards the face shield. This vent is placed at the top. On the second click, the vent positioned on the chin shows and allows the air’s direct flow inside the helmet. 

Through the EPS, the wind flows, and at the end of the EPS, the exhaust acts as a cover and channelizes air from the internal helmet to the external rear of the helmet. Summarizing it all, we have a list of features of the iconic Scorpion Exo-R420 Helmet.

Scorpion Exo R420 review
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A Quick Summary of Features the Scorpion EXO R420 Helmet:

  • Affordable
  • Made with LG Polycarbonate
  • Aerodynamic
  • Elliptec™ II Faceshield
  • EverClear ® anti-fog
  • KwikWick® II moisture-wicking liner
  • Meticulous design
  • 3-way Ventilation
  • Locking system for extra safety
  • Emergency padding
  • Vivid graphics
  • Peripheral view

Every product has its pros and cons, without a shadow of a doubt. Even with its features against its super reasonable price, Scorpion Exo-R420 Helmet has its benefits and drawbacks. We have some of them listed down for you.


  • High security
  • Reasonable price
  • Seemingly stylish
  • Up to 7 years warranty
  • Built-to-last visor
  • Channelized ventilation
  • Lock systems
  • Hygienic internally


  • Lifts slightly on highways after a certain speed
  • Heavier than other helmets
  • Large shell size overall

It is difficult to believe that a helmet can be a ‘Healthy’ option, besides it protects one from severe head injuries. But Scorpion Exo-R420 has been a specimen in the context of health-related benefits. Let’s see how:

  • Elliptec™ II Faceshield does a lot more than it claims, health-wise. Being fully UV safe reduces the risk of cancer caused by being in the sun all day and having the harmful rays react with the rider’s skin. Such incidents are never given a thought to and can cause havoc in one’s life, eventually. 
  • KwikWick® II moisture-wicking liner, too, has multiple health benefits. Infections, rashes, and ringworms are made to be taken aback by the presence of moisture-absorbing foam. What’s different with this foam when every kind of foam absorbs moisture to some extent?

This foam is anti-microbial. The implications of using such foam will be hygienic and infection-free rides all the way. The foam is made to fit in such a manner that it is datable and washable, ensuring cleanliness and no contact with fungal or bacterial infections.

  • The 3-way Ventilation system does not just work as an advanced feature. The rationale behind the need and presence of such a provision should bear the spotlight of concern. Many times, riders drive to the Himalayas. In such situations, while traveling and while climbing the mountainous terrains, oxygen levels play an essential role.

The ventilation provided in Scorpion Ex-R420 Helmet allows airflow inside the helmet and ascertains oxygen supply enough to let the rider’s blood flow well. In its absence, bikers tend to lose breath and need frequent stopovers.  

After looking into the Scorpion Exo-R420 Helmet’s gory details, there are a few points that need to be summarized or displayed. Those are the general facts about the spectacular helmet. The following are the specifications of the Scorpion Ex0-R420 Seismic Helmet. Without the specs the Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet Review is incomplete.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Helmet

One’s dilemma can be overwhelming while looking for the perfect helmet. A helmet, undoubtedly, makes sure of shielding against the adverse effects of traveling. 

The range of helmets has diverse options to pick from, and it may seem daunting since it is axiomatic that, meeting with an accident and not wearing the right helmet can cause difficulty in turning things back to normal. 

With this understanding, we believe that one should be limpid with their thoughts while searching for the right fit. This is why we have the right thing for you.

After a lot of research, we have developed the right kind of buying guide for all of you who need a helmet that fits your tastes and preferences. Did you know bike helmets reduce the risk of head injury by at least 45%, brain injury by 33%, facial injury by 27%, and fatal injury by 29%? You can read about this from here.

The guide concludes all the points we came across through people searching for the helmet that suited them according to their spending power and their prioritized specifications of the ideal helmet.

  • Design of the helmet

The helmet design is centered not just on the look of the helmet but also on internal fittings and overall provisions. The first and foremost concern should be the convenience offered by the helmet. Depending upon the user’s head shapes, some helmets might be tight, loose, or pressurize specific points making it uncomfortable to wear.

On the other hand, some helmets might fit just right but look tasteless externally. In some cases, the formerly listed situations may be curbed, but the helmet may be complex to use or may have features that do not come handy. One has to go by more straightforward use and better quality of materials used in a helmet. 

For instance, Scorpion Exo-R420 has advanced features like ventilation but, at the same time, keeps the fastening basic and easy to use. At first, design may not seem like a vital point while choosing the right helmet, but eventually, the outline turns out to play one of the most critical roles in the selection of a helmet.

  • Outer Shell of the helmet

Now comes the next safety point. When strangled in a mishap, the outer layer comes in contact with the shock initially, and the life of the rider then relies upon the quality of the outer shell. 

The kind of material the outer shell is made up of plays a vital role while opting for the best-suited helmet. Materials that can withstand a significant accident yet don’t be a burden on the wearer’s head. If we take Scorpion Exo-R420 Helmet as an example, we can say that LG Polycarbonate could tolerate the damage caused by severe accidents yet will not hurt the rider’s head. 

Although the helmet is known to be heavier than others it still is not as heavy as to weigh the wearer’s head down and, on the contrary, provides a safer experience during a road accident. Without a shadow of a doubt, the outer shell has its significance when categorizing the criteria before buying a safe and protective helmet.

  • Inner foam material

One may question the significance of the material used to compose the inner layer of the helmet. The answer to it is that studies show that due to low-grade inner material used in helmets, wearers have faced adverse effects such as early shedding of hair, so much so that some were rendered bald for the rest of their lives. 

Hence, even inner foam material has a role to play. Besides leading to hair fall, foam materials are responsible for dealing with sweat, oil, and moisture present inside the helmet. The mere presence of moisture can lead to unfathomable infections and rashes daily. 

Thus, along with being anti-microbial, the foam material must be washable to reduce the risk of spreading diseases. Foam materials with the presence of KwikWick® II moisture-wicking liner are the right kind of stuff to opt for. 

Along with absorbing moisture and being anti-microbial, they are detachable and washable, making the inner layer of helmet hygienic and safe to be worn. 

  • D-Ring Strap

D-ring strap seems to be so essential when you want a fully advance-featured helmet. What must have been the thought behind keeping the simple D-ring belt just the way it is? It’s easy to crack. 

Features may get advanced with time, but essentials like fastening of a helmet are inevitable. You cannot imagine a helmet that does not need a clasp. There necessarily has to be a fastener that adjusts according to the wearer’s head, yet it is easy to take off when there is a risk of choking due to the belt involved. 

It has to be very convenient to use, or else, in worst-case scenarios, automated and complexly structured fastening belts may lead to choking. Over time, the D-ring Strap has emerged as the ultimate fastening method as it is secured, safe, and easy to use. Like Exo-R420, helmets that feature D-ring strap as their technique of fastening will be our suggestion. 

  • Tight fit

A helmet’s sole purpose is to protect the wearer’s head from the dangerous side effects of travelling on the road. A helmet that fits just right or is towards the loose side can easily slip off in case of a road accident. 

But a tight helmet can be a hazard to the rider’s internal blood flow and may resist enough blood to reach its brain. Thus, we figured out that you need a helmet that can turn tighter than usual to fit in a jiffy when the rider sees himself in a dangerous situation. 

It may work in a click; the paddings may arise at the top of the helmet’s sides. Such an idea was implied in Scorpion Exo-R420, where the wearer pulls an emergency pad and enables fluffed padding that makes the helmet fit tighter in case of emergency. It has to be carefully designed as the pull between the helmet and the head has to be considered.

  • Proper Certification

Certification authorizations such as SNELL and DOT have been established to set a benchmark for helmets’ quality, functions, and features. A helmet may have it all but may not get certified due to some loopholes in its safety, weight, etc. 

We suggest that such helmets may not be given preference since they may be lacking the essential functions of a helmet. Such helmets can turn out to be one’s worst investment in their safety, and in worst-case scenarios, such unauthorized helmets may cause adverse impacts. 

Helmets like Scorpion Exo-R420 have been released in the market after being certified by DOT and SNELL. Certified helmets are reliable as they have crossed all the levels of their safety measures being tested. Uncertified helmets may be attractive but are dubious. Instead, adequately authorized helmets offer secured journeys. 

  • Ventilation System

Oxygen is necessary while traveling to maintain stable body temperatures and ensuring proper blood flow. But, owing to helmets that do not have any ventilation source, such a vital process hinders the face. One must take ventilation as a criterion while choosing the ideal helmet. 

Ventilation does not limit itself to the extent of air flowing inside; it also needs to look upon the regular airflow, channelized airflows inwards and outwards. Such a feature is present in Scorpion Exo-R420 Helmet, making airflow inside the helmet and channeling them out through EPS. 

Such a structure needs at least one vent to let the airflow inwards, and exhaust to throw the air out. With such a carefully engineered helmet, that ensures health-wise comfort, one cannot go wrong. Therefore, we feel that ventilation has to be considered in the selection process of a helmet.

  • Visor

Along with providing safety, an ideal helmet design has to ensure proper vision to the wearer. The appropriate image includes a disturbance-free view offered by the Scorpion Exo R420 and giving access to a wide range of vision. 

Helmets with filters or uneven shields may cause an error in the rider’s judgment. Such a failure may lead to significant mishaps. To avoid such happenings, one must make sure that the visor is transparent, even, and distortion-free. 

Distortion may occur due to the shape of the screen, externally damaged shield, or natural dynamics like fog. Sometimes, the visor may disturb the helmet’s internal temperature due to excessive heat, causing discomfort. 


To ensure that the rider experiences a distortion-free view, we have Scorpion Exo-R420 using Elliptec™ II face shield that is a scratch-proof, UV safe, and clear visor. Breathing inside the helmet may cause fog to gather on the screen internally, blurring the rider’s view. Hence, a fog-resistant shield must be chosen over other ordinary visors to ascertain safe rides. 

Scorpion has its anti-fog coat called EverClear ® anti-fog coating that can be applied on shields to keep them from fogging and blocking the wearer’s view. . 

From standing by its primary purpose to being advanced in its features, the latest addition in Scorpion’s Exo-400 series has covered it all. Buyers have variety in the category of colors and sizes, available for them to choose from. 

The graphics are designed in such a way that it allows both male and female riders to select from different, vibrant options. The Scorpion Exo-R420 Seismic Helmet has raised the bar for all the helmets being produced. 

Not only it gives a personality to the wearer, and it serves its sole purpose in style. Its shape, along with its designed structure, has set it a class apart.

If you have any questions regarding our Scorpion Exo R420 review, then you can comment down below, and if you want to read some of the customer reviews then you can check out the button provided below.

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