Shoei RF-SR vs RF-1200, Detailed Comparison

Confused between Shoei RF-SR and RF-1200? Yeah, when I was looking for it, I was also confused about which one to get, and then after buying and testing both of them, I am making this detailed Shoei RF-SR vs RF-1200 comparison so next time no other fellow rider gets confused between these two helmets.

In today’s motorcycle helmets market scenario, Shoei is the undisputed king of the best helmet brands. From half head to full-face, all their helmets are precisely engineered; this Japan-based brand has been delivering excellent performance for ages now. 

Perfectly priced and packed with high-grade quality material, they suit everyone, and therefore the Shoei helmet range is a dream come true for every ardent rider out there!

Among the full face category, the RF motorcycle helmets series is a trendy range that features full coverage, more rigid helmets apt for longer rides or for sport-loving riders. 

Today, we picked the best two models from the range, naming the Shoei RF-SR and the Shoei RF-1200. If you are confused about buying the best full-size helmet, then this is the best comparison for you!

All through the article, we have broken down every little comparable feature. We will cover the basic overview of differences between the two variants, what qualities they specifically offer, and should you buy one. If yes, then which is the suitable choice for you; let’s explore!

A comparison table dealing with the most prominent fundamental aspects to judge the two:

Shoei RF-SRShoei RF-1200
Model Dimensions‎14.5 x 11 x 11.5 inches‎14.5 x 11 x 11.5 inches
Model Weight‎5.5 pounds‎5.5 pounds
Sizes available XS, S, M, L, XL, XXLS, M, L
Safety standardsSnell M2015 and DOT CertifiedSnell M2015 and DOT Certified
Colors available Black, Grey, Matt Black, Matt Blue, Matt Deep Grey, WhiteBlack, Grey, Matt Black, Yellow, Matt Deep Grey, White
Item CategoryAdventure Tourer, Cruiser/Touring, Street BikeTouring / Street
Warranty period5 years5 years

Shoei RF-SR vs Shoei RF-1200

While buying motorcycle helmets, it is essential to discuss the significant issues with helmets found commonly. 

You should choose a brand that has a promising range of models, is worth all your money, and delivers exceptional customer satisfaction. 

The fit is also very crucial. It is recommended to measure your head size well before buying a new helmet. The sizes run differently with different brands; hence it is beneficial to be accustomed to their respective sizing chart.

Always go for helmet models that offer a well-fitted yet comfortable experience. There shouldn’t be a lot of headroom inside; that will just promote further damage to you in case of crashes or slippage. 

The interior should be comfortable. The visor shouldn’t be of cheap quality. Fogging and milkiness on sunny days is common issue with cheap quality helmets. And above everything else, your helmets should be seamlessly ventilated!

Differences between Shoei RF-SR and Shoei RF-1200

Let us dive into a bit more detailed pointwise comparison between the two top Shoei helmets in discussion:


From the price point of view, your pocket will indeed thank you if you go ahead and pick the Shoei RF-SR full-face helmet. Although the difference isn’t too much, these high-end models differ a bit in their features when separated by a price tag. 

The Shoei RF-1200, although is expensive, it still is a popular choice to buy among people due to the added luxurious finish and functionality with the added cost. 

If you are looking for a decent Shoei quality full-face helmet, go for the RF-SR variant. For dedicated riders, the RF-1200 is the apt choice.


Both the mentioned variants offer a wide range of sizes to choose from. The RF-SR goes from XS to XXL, whereas the RF-1200 model lacks behind and features just the most common sizes, small, medium, and large only. 

This is a significant drawback for people with smaller or larger than average head sizes. Also, both these models run true to size as their size chart and offer an overall comfortable snug fit.

Air Ventilation

This is the sole reason why you would rather love to spend your extra bucks on the RF-1200 instead of the RF-SR. Ventilation is a crucial point when it comes to a comfortable riding experience. 

Shoei RF-SR vs RF-1200

You’ll be traversing bumpy terrains, humid weather, dusty atmospheres, and whatnot. The better ventilated RF-1200 promises smooth, precise current airflow, allowing larger room for the air to circulate without making the helmet lose or more oversized for your head.

The Shoei RF-SR features two side vents on the frontal part of the helmet, just a tad bit above the visor, also accompanied by a chin vent below. The refined cut design allows the helmet to pull air in the backward direction creating a vacuum under the helmet roof. 

All in all, the ventilation capabilities of this model exceed the quality of the brand contemporaries from the same price bracket.

On the other hand, the RF-1200 model stuns with the best possible air circulation mechanism possible. It features the same two above and one below vent systematics, just like the RF-SR one, but here’s a catch. 

It also has an added third middle horizontal filter with an adjustable slider on the top frontal patch located a few mm beneath the two top vents, providing rapid air currents.

Not just that, you also get to enjoy an extra adjustable vent at the back along with a primary chin vent, and that basically is the game-changer here.

Even with such a well-ventilated shell structure, there is no hindrance whatsoever in whatever speed or whether you would be riding.

Build and Comfort

Hands down, the RF-1200 has a better and comfier fit than the RF-SR, which is undeniably attributed to its extra $85 price. The cushioning hugs our head from all sides and the top restricts any extra head movement. 

Shoei RF-SR vs RF-1200

The padding of the RF-SR is also pretty similar to the RF-1200. The visors included are also extremely identical in both of the models. 

Although the RF-1200 features a much better moisture-wicking inner lining material, the softness, and fabric thread count are similar to the RF-SR in all aspects. 

The cheek pads are removable, which is the best way to take off pressure from your spine during long rough rides. The quick-release strap system is highly efficient food, secretly locking and unlocking the helmet quickly without any hassle.


Although both the helmets weigh the same(the RF-1200 weighs very slightly heavier than the RF-SR), the RF-1200 still feels a bit mild and airy on your head. 

The overall sturdiness is similar, and a heavy helmet is preferable to ride in high speeds or windy weather without worrying up to the latches unclasping themselves or the straps choking you. 

At the same time, the shell is swayed away by the stormy winds.   


The Shoei range of helmets always has a lot to offer and choose from. The RF-SR is available in solid shades only, sticking to mainstream shades like black or light detailing. 

On the other hand, the RF-1200 displays an array of styles to pick from. It features a palette of 33 solid shades and graphic prints.

Shoei RF-SR Helmet Review

The Shoei RF-SR is a stunning solid premium-looking adventurous helmet. It is slightly less priced than the Shoei RF-1200 model and still exhibits outstanding functionality. 

It seems like it would be too heavy on your skull but actually promotes a lightweight yet firm fit. This is probably the quietest helmet that I have used. 

It efficiently shuts away excess noise when you seal your helmet completely, all thanks to this noise cancellation ergonomic design.

Shoei RF-SR vs Shoei RF-1200

The large sizes fit your ears perfectly. Wearing this has been a super comfortable experience. You will surely not encounter any headaches or rashes because of this helmet. It stays put during the entire ride. 

It is DOT and Snell certified, so there’s no compromise on the safety quotient with this shell. The crash rating exceeds the above-average performance, making this a very high-grade helmet.

The drop-down visor sunshade is super helpful during blazing sunlight, especially when the sun’s hitting the horizon.

The photochromic layer on the entire face visor is also efficient against frequent fogging too, providing extreme coverage. Even when you turn off all the vents, the airflow is top-notch, and you will quickly get through even from the hottest of summers. 

Shoei RF-SR Review

The anti-fog vent comes with a three-way setting which is very useful to adjust the opening accordingly.

The comfy liner spanning across the helmet’s interior is made of highly breathable material which is removable, can be washed, and maintains a cool sensation during the scorching summers and warmer snug fit in the colder winters. 

It features a multi-density EPS liner which provides immense cushioning at the nasal and the cheek area to protect the delicate protruding bones of the nose on the jaw.

You can easily customize the thickness or design of your cheek pads too. The new CWR 1 face shield design is scratch-resistant and distortion-free and is composed of injection-molded material. 

I had no difficulty in driving even when the full visor was on in foggy yet sunny weather, and there were no chromatic aberrations too. If you wish, you can also slip in extra UV protective and anti-fog slip-on.


  • Dual-layer multi-density removable EPS liner.
  • Compact, aerodynamic shell design.
  • The helmet weighs moderately (5.5 pounds).
  • Sharp and aggressive outer styling.
  • Advanced shield system.
  • Releasable front large visor.
  • Exceptionally smooth airflow.

Shoei RF-1200 Review  

The Shoei RF-1200 is the quintessential full-face sporty helmet that you have always wished for. A little more on the price, but a lot heavier on the performance, this RF-1200 full-face helmet is another bestseller by the same brand, Shoei. 

This isn’t your regular high-priced item because of the brand value thing. I genuinely love every part of this helmet, worth every single penny. It is well constructed with great attention to the most delicate details.

Shoei RF-1200 Review  

It is available in all classic solid colors and prints so that you can choose the best style for you. This helmet is reasonably similar to the RF-SR in terms of noise control, which is remarkable in noise cancellation too. 

The pin lock lens in the full face shade visor makes it an attractive choice for riders as it lets none of the nagging fog or mist stay on your visor. This is extremely useful when the fog basically just blinds my whole path, and I cannot ride in the chilly air.

Even on the sunniest days, my eyes didn’t suffer from the sun rays, and the view also kept pretty clear, shielding away all those harmful UV radiations. The pads can be removed, especially when you are driving for more extended periods. 

I suffered a minor accident with this helmet, and although my body got a few bruises and scratches, this beauty kept my entire head intact. The snap-in breath guard comes in handy a lot of times.

Neither did the exterior have any cracks; only a few scratches were visible. Even the loud thud couldn’t jerk my head due to the excellent shock-absorbing cushioning inside. 

The shield system of this model provides a vast field of vision that sets apart other regular helmets. 

It features new innovative ribs on the exterior that promote enhanced aerodynamics, improves rigidity, facilitate quick shield switching, and prevent any severe bending of the shell structure.

Shoei RF-1200 Review

This RF-1200 is one of my favorite helmets because of its rugged build. She wasn’t lying when they claimed a Multiply Matrix AIM+ shell and a dual-layer EPS lining throughout the interiors. 

The lining used features the 3D Max-Dry system II technology that dissipates sweat two times faster than the regular nylon woven interior. 

It is antibacterial in nature as well. The well-designed four inlets and four exhausts are uniquely structured and strategically placed that exploits negative pressure suction and yields smoother ventilation.


  • Photochromatic replaceable visor, perfect for people with (or without) glasses.
  • Pinlock anti-fog system.
  • Chin curtains.
  • Dual-layer multi-density EPS liner.
  • Inner material spun from expanded Polystyrene.
  • Extra front-mid vent and one back adjustable three-level vents.
  • Highly crash-resistant shell body.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is Shoei RF-SR Snell approved? 

    Shoei RF-SR are both Snell and DOT-approved—the Shoei RF-SR has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  • What head shape is Shoei RF-1200? 

    Shoei RF-1200 has an intermediate oval internal shape. That’s intended to fit the majority of heads.

  • Is the Shoei RF-1200 Snell approved? 

    Shoei RF-1200is SNELL M2010 approves and comes with new impact-absorbing EPS liner consisting of two individual layers of differing densities.

  • How much does the Shoei RF-1200 weigh? 

    The medium-size RF-1100 weighed 1,664 grams (3.7 pounds), and medium-size RF-1200, complete with shield and Pin lock anti-fog laminated, scaled in at 1,594 grams (3.5 pounds).


The helmets available nowadays are fully equipped with safety measures, comfort, a high-grade build, an easy lock system, and great designs. 

Among the many kinds of motorcycle helmet manufacturers, the full-face helmets steal the deal and record the most buys even though they are more expensive than other thin half-shells. 

Not only do they protect your skull fully, but they also enhance your stylish riding experience.

From the two full-face helmet models in the discussion today, it is not that easy to declare any one of them as the best choice. 

Both of them have their unique factors and work phenomenally well. The Shoei RF-1200 is costlier than the Shoei RF-SR but is worth all the price. 

The added price quotient delivers better ventilation and crashes resistance overall. In the end, both of them provide the main aim i.e. excellent protection.

But this should not make you think that RF-SR is any lower in performance and capabilities than the RF-1200. Priced way lower than the RF-1200, the Shoei RF-SR is Shoei one of the highest-selling helmet models. 

If not matching RF-1200, the RF-SR is still an excellent pick for people who want an affordable yet sturdy but a lightweight premium full-face helmet. 

If money is not a big issue for you, it is recommended to add in that extra amount and enjoy a luxurious and high-performance Shoei RF-1200.