Best Low Profile Full Face Motorcycle Helmets [DOT Approved]

Helmets come as the most essential piece of riding gear that you must have as a rider. They keep you safe on the ride while also making sure that they’re perfectly designed for comfort, style, convenience, and an enjoyable journey on the roads.

However, with so many options for the helmets, which one would be the perfect fit? Well, it depends on a lot of factors, and in this article, we’re dealing with the largest category of motorcycle helmets, that is, full-face helmets. 

These helmets cover your entire face and provide overall protection while also making sure that they’re not heavy on your head.

In this review, we’ve compiled a list of the best low-profile full-face motorcycle helmets for you to choose from, we have tested and compared all of them for about four months and then made this article, along with a detailed buying guide to consider the factors that most persuade your final buying decision.

Best Low Profile Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

When you’re riding a motorcycle, you want to make sure that you’re wearing all the necessary riding gear. Now, while it’s easier for you to figure out the other gear, finding the right helmets to keep your head protected is a difficult thing to do.

There are many options, and you just don’t seem to understand what to go for. Well, luckily enough, we took the burden of research upon our shoulders to help you with a list of the best low-profile full-face motorcycle helmets.

These helmets are the largest in the category and are designed for overall protection, convenience, and comfort. 

With that, they’re your best choice for the types of helmets you would want to buy. Having established that, let’s get to the list to narrow down the options and help you get the perfect helmet for your next ride.

1. Bell Bullit Helmet (DOT Approved)

Been in the market for 60years, Bell has been a cornerstone for providing the safest full-face helmets, and the Bell Bullit helmet is no different. 

Furthering its age-old tradition, the Bell Bullit is designed for a smart, classic, vintage, retro look that you’re going to love to the core.

It’s passed the SHARP crash test with a 3-star rating which validates the safety and strength of the helmet. With three different shell sizes and six fitting sizes, finding a Bell Bullit that will perfectly fit the shape of your head is not very difficult. 

Bell Bullit helmet

It’s built with a wide aperture which allows you to have a very wide viewing range without needing to turn your head a lot. The viewing range, however, depends on the type of shield you pick as well. 

The helmet has two types of shields: a flat shield that provides an amazing view with minimal distortion and a bubble shield that is designed more for comfort and ventilation.

Talking more about the shield of the helmet, it comes with three positions, up, down, and in between. So, you can adjust the helmet according to your preference. Besides that, the shield closing is great with a Magnefusion Shield Closure System.

Coming to the comfort and convenience of using this helmet, we can vouch for it. It has a lightweight EPS foam and a suede lining specially designed for comfort and convenience. 

The comfort grows further with the excellent ventilation that comes from the five metal mesh intake vents that allow the air to pass through conveniently without causing any turbulence.

Bell Bullit Low Profile full face helmet

Although the loud noise when you keep the shield open and limited space between the shield and face come as a slight problem. 

You might also not feel the helmet is very comfortable at the chin due to almost no chin guard present in the helmet. But save these issues, the helmet is a pretty good pick.



  • Excellent Ventilation
  • 3-star SHARP test rating
  • Maximum comfort with suede lining and lightweight EPS foam
  • Vintage and Retro Look
  • Multiple options for size
  • Internal speaker pockets
  • Wide aperture for excellent viewing range
  • 5 years warranty


  • Loud noise and whistling when the shield is open
  • Limited space between the face and shield, especially when you choose a flat shield
  • No chin guard

2. LS2 Rapid Street Helmet

LS2 is a name for low priced and affordable motorcycle helmets. So, if you’re looking for a helmet that’s value for the money, then the LS2 Rapid is an amazing option.

Although it’s made with thermoplastic, it’s a fairly good helmet that offers maximum safety and protection and has an ECE and DOT certification. However, the rating is fairly low when it comes to SHARP tests, so that could be a problem.

Best Low Profile Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Coming to the ventilation, it’s fairly good, too with large vents that you can slide easily even when you’re wearing gloves. So, you never will have to struggle through the vents to let the air pass through.

The shield design is pretty awesome, too with features like quick release, optically correct view, and anti-mist pin locks to prevent fogging.

Besides that, it might lack comfort; however, you can still wear it without worrying about experiencing any pain in your neck, considering that the helmet is extremely lightweight. 

Moreover, it has breathable fabric and a 3D laser cut foam that takes some care of the comfort after all. Additionally, it comes with other great addons like speaker pockets, chin curtains, and breath guards, which make it a fairly great catch for its price.



  • Breathable fabric
  • Large vents
  • ECE and DOT certified
  • Pin lock anti-mist technology to control fog
  • Optically correct view
  • Quick-release shield
  • Speaker pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Highly affordable


  • Low rating on the SHARP test
  • Not many size options
  • Lacks the maximum comfort levels

3. Shoei RF-SR Helmet

Made with extremely strong and lightweight fiberglass and organic fiber material, the Shoei RF-SR helmet is an amazing option for the picks. 

It has four different shell sizes, which means that it can fit all kinds of heads. So, finding the one that would fit you perfectly is not going to be a problem at all.

Shoei has been known for the excellent ventilation in its helmets, and it has maintained the same with this RF-SR model as well. It has an amazing ventilation system for the air to pass through smoothly from the three adjustable vents in the front and an exhaust vent in the rear.

best low profile full face motorcycle helmets dot approved

Coming to the shield design, it’s pretty sleek with a quick-release feature. Additionally, the shield is designed to be strong, distortion-free, and pin lock-ready. So, you need not worry about losing vision due to fog either.

In addition to the perfect ventilation and strong shield design, the helmet is also very safe, which is vouched with the Snell and DOT certifications it has. Not only that, the helmet comes with a 5year guarantee.

The only problem is with the limited looks and color options in comparison with other Shoei helmets. Also, you may experience slight noise in the helmet, which can be irritating.

Overall, it’s a good model, especially when you consider the price and affordability.



  • Features high safety and protection being Snell and DOT approved
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent shield with quick release and pin lock features
  • 5years warranty


  • It’s slightly noisy
  • Could have more colour options

4. Sedici Viaggio Parlare Sena Men’s Bluetooth ADV Helmet 

If you’re someone into sports and adventures on motorcycles, this ADV helmet can be a great pick for you. 

With comfort design and style, and features like a protective shield, injection-molded ABS shell, protective shield, sun visor, integrated Bluetooth, and noise management; it’s a great option to wear on long rides and enjoy some amazing adventures on the roads.

The helmet comes with a quick-release shield and other features like a removable comfort liner and ventilated chin bars that add to the convenience and comfort of having the helmet on. 

Low profile motorcycle helmet DOT approved

The sun visor is easy to flip up and down, so you remain protected from the scorching heat as well. Further adding to the comfort are the padded linings for the cheeks and chin. With all of that, comfort is at its peak in this helmet.

The only problem is with the ventilation system of the helmet. Although it has vents for the chin, there’s not much space for the air to pass, and that could be troublesome, especially if you need to carry the helmet over your head for longer time periods.



  • Comfortable and stylish design
  • Quick-release shield
  • Protective shield with sun visor
  • Excellent noise management
  • Integrated Bluetooth speakers


  • Inefficient ventilation system

5. Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Intercom System

Do you like to be safe on the bikes but also look for not missing your calls or avoiding nasty honks and traffic noises? Well, if that’s the case, then this Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Intercom System is a perfect buying option for you.

It has a protective quick-release shield with an anti-glare sun visor to provide clear vision and high safety and protection. The aerodynamics and ventilation of the helmet are also excellent, with an easy and smooth flow of air. 

best Low profile motorcycle helmet DOT approved

With that excellent aerodynamics, the helmet even keeps the noise levels to a minimum. However, it could have still done better with the chin slider vent. The quirky build of the chin vent is slightly off-putting.

A major highlight of this helmet is the integrated Bluetooth intercom system that allows you to seamlessly connect your devices with the helmet. 

As such, you can connect three different Bluetooth devices at once and have excellent smartphone connectivity, which will help you stream music on the go and take your important calls without needing to pause your ride.

With all of that, it’s a well-fitting, protective, and safe helmet with advanced features for Bluetooth and aerodynamics.



  • Well-fitting and comfortable
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Amazing noise control
  • Seamless connectivity with smartphones and Bluetooth devices
  • Protective, anti-glare, quick-release shield with sun visor
  • 5 years warranty


  • Quirky build of the chin vents
  • Sun visor is not very adjustable

6. Bell Bullitt SE Full-Face Helmet

With a lightweight and comfortable design, this Bell Bullit SE Full Face Helmet is amazing for the picks, especially when you’re looking for a luxurious and modern design. It’s very cushy in the interior, and that gives in for the maximum level of comfort and convenience.

As with all other Bell helmets, this helmet also features an excellent ventilation system with front vents, a chin vent, and an exhaust vent in the rear. The only problem with the vents is that they’re not adjustable. Nonetheless, you’ll never face issues with the airflow in the helmet.

Coming to the shield and visor of the helmet, they’re excellent with three adjustable options for the shield and a magnetic closure. The adjustable options are an open shield, closed shield, and in the middle. With that, you can choose where you want to keep the shield at your convenience.

 Bell Bullitt SE Full-Face Helmet

Another amazing quality about the shield is that it comes in two types, flat and bubble, and has a very wide aperture to offer a maximum range for the view.

The only problem could arise with the size of the helmet. Besides having multiple size options, it’s not designed to fit all types of heads. It doesn’t really fit tight, and thus you would want to avoid it, especially for speed riding. Leave this downside, and it’s the perfect helmet for you.



  • Excellent ventilation system with multiple vents
  • Adjustable shield and sun visor
  • Wide aperture for maximum optical viewing range
  • Different shield types
  • Comfortable and cushy interior


  • The vents are not adjustable
  • It’s not suitable for all, and the sizing and fitting can be challenging

7. Shark EVO One 2 Slasher Helmet (Modular)

If you’re someone who likes to ride open face but at the same time want full-face protection and cover your face when riding at higher speeds, then this modular helmet is what you need.

With a modular design, the shield of this helmet is highly adjustable and opens up entirely through a rotating chin bar design. 

Shark EVO One 2 Slasher low profile full face Helmet

Talking of its size, it’s a round oval-shaped helmet and comes in multiple size options. However, the fitting could be an issue, and you definitely want to try it out before investing in it.

The ventilation system of the helmet is pretty great, too with multiple vents located in the front, side, and rear of the helmet. That provides for very consistent and smooth airflow. With that, the helmet is great at maintaining and managing sounds, too and you’ll hardly experience any noise in your ears while riding wearing this helmet.

Besides that, it’s very comfortable and convenient to wear. Although it’s not as cushy as other helmets from the interior, it still has fairly good cheek pads and chin pads that ensure that you’re comfortable wearing the helmet.

The only downside could be the price of this helmet. Being a thermoplastic-made helmet, the pricing of $430 on this helmet seems a bit on the higher side. But if you’re ready to put in that amount, it would be a great pick for your safety and protection.



  • Modular design with a highly adjustable shield
  • Excellent ventilation with multiple vents
  • Seamless noise maintenance
  • Comfortable design with fairly cushy cheek and chin pads


  • Slightly expensive
  • There could be a problem with the size and fit

8. Bell Helmets Star MIPS DLX Shockwave Helmet

This helmet made with lightweight materials like aramid, carbon fiber, and fiberglass is a perfect sports helmet providing full-face protection with excellent features.

Being ECE certified, this helmet has even got the highest SHARP rating, that is, a 5-star rating. With that rating, the safety, strength, and durability of this helmet can never be in question. 

In addition to safety, the helmet has given a lot of importance to comfort and comes in six different shell sizes, all of which are accompanied by an EPS liner. With that, you can always adjust the size of the helmet and make sure that it fits well on your head.

Bell Helmets Star MIPS DLX Shockwave low profile full face Helmet

The comfort is further enhanced with a top-tier ventilation system of the helmet and the sun visors. The helmet has adjustable vents in all its parts, be it front, rear, or sides. 

These vents allow for smooth and consistent airflow while also making sure that unnecessary noises of the wind speed do not bug you.

The visor is also designed with advanced features. It has special cutouts that ensure a wide range of optical vision while also eliminating any kind of visual distortion. 

Besides that, the visor in this helmet is designed with a dark smoke shield that goes beyond the pin lock system to eliminate fog. With all of that, it also has a quick-release system for the shield.

With all of that, this helmet is utterly designed for comfort, class, and convenience.



  • Highly efficient and excellent ventilation system
  • Advanced visor with a dark smoke shield to eliminate fog
  • Wide aperture to provide a better range of vision
  • Optically correct with minimal visual distortion
  • 5-Star SHARP rating
  • Fits all sizes


  • Costly as it’s in the medium to high price range
  • Not suitable for adventure sports biking

Full Face Low Profile Helmet Buying Guide

A low-profile motorcycle helmet is a special type of motorbike helmet that provides the ultimate protection to riders without compromising their safety by obstructing visibility or covering up key features like vents or visors.

Low-profile motorbike helmets are designed for those who want to avoid the heavyweight and bulkiness of a full-face helmet, as well as those who don’t want to mess up their hair!

The majority of these helmets offer either minimal eye protection only, or no eye protection at all – so if you’re riding under sunny conditions, these helmets may not be the best choice. However, they do provide more than enough protection and remain lightweight and comfortable throughout.

When choosing a low-profile motorcycle helmet, there are many factors to keep in mind, including whether you want to protect your face, what features are important to you, size/fit, and color. Start by considering these questions:

  1. Do you want eye protection?
  2. Are safety ratings important to you?
  3. What type of safety precautions would you like the helmet to have?
  4. How would safety precautions affect the look of the helmet?
  5. What type of visor do you prefer?
  6. Are there any other features that are more important than others for this style of helmet (size/fit, ventilation, etc.)?  

Once you’ve considered these factors, it’s time to start looking at specific helmets! in mind how long your rides are, how comfortable you are wearing a helmet throughout the ride, and whether or not you want to protect your face.

You may find that full-face helmet looks better, but if they make riding uncomfortable for you… another style of the helmet may be more suitable!

There are many styles of low-profile motorcycle helmets on the market – choose whichever one suits you best! Low-profile helmets can work well for everyone from casual riders to commuters.

Once you’ve found the right helmet for you, don’t forget to properly maintain it by keeping up with regular checks. Be sure to also see our other articles on our website about motorcycle safety!

Now that you’ve got a list in your hand, you need to know exactly the factors you must consider when buying a low-profile full-face motorcycle helmet. This buying guide will cover all those factors that you need to know to make you reach closer to your selection from our list of the best low-profile full-face motorcycle helmets.

Size and Fitting

You need to make sure that the helmet fits the shape of your head. It must not be very tight, but it must not be very loose either. You need to ensure that the helmet is breathable and there’s enough space between your face and the shield. 

As such, the best way is to measure your head first, then check the measurement of the helmet you’re considering, and then pick a size that best coincides with the measurements you’ve taken.


How the air flows through the helmets is extremely important to consider. Check for the vents in the helmet and make sure that there are enough vents in the front, sides, and rear. Also, make sure that there is a proper exhaust vent to allow the hotter air to move out of the helmet.

Shield and Visor

The shield and visor of a full-face helmet must be given due consideration and regard. The shield, as well as the visor, must be strong and protective and come with antiglare features and a pin lock system to prevent mist and fog. 

The shield positions are also a factor to consider. Additionally, you must check for the optical correctness of the shield as well as the aperture. A wide aperture is preferable, considering that it will offer the maximum range of vision.

Certifications and Ratings

Helmets are given many certifications and ratings such as Snell certificate, DOT certificate, ECE certificate, SHARP rating, and a lot more. 

It’s best that you check the helmets for these certifications and ratings as they are a measure of the safety, protection, strength, and durability offered by the helmets.

Comfort and Convenience

You don’t want your head and neck to hurt after you take off the helmet. So, considering the comfort and convenience offered by the helmets is also an important factor to put into consideration. 

It’s best that you pick lightweight helmets with cushy interiors and comfortable cheek and chin pads. That way, you’ll be more comfortable during your rides.

Difference Between Full Face and Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

The best way to protect yourself on a motorcycle is to buy and wear a helmet. There are two types of helmets: what’s called a half-face or full face. We’ll cover both in the following article so you’ll know which type of helmet is right for your needs.

  • Protection: The main difference between full face and half face helmets is that full face provide more protection and shield your entire head, while half faces just protect the front of your head and some may come with an attached visor for eye protection.

Some riders prefer half-faces since they’re lightweight, more comfortable, easier to store, and cheaper than their full-faced cousins (which can be quite costly They also give you more view of the road and help with cooling.

Half-face helmets protect mostly your eyes, ears, and mouth. They’re quite popular among dirt bike riders, as they don’t hinder your vision or breathing at all.

The visors on half masks can be made from Plexiglas or polycarbonate plastic and provide a great deal of UV protection.

Most bikers prefer full-face helmets because they feel more protected by them and they allow you to breathe easier than the half-faced variety.

However many people who ride motorcycles for sport purchase half-faced motorcycle helmets as well since they are lighter weight, cooler, cheaper to buy initially (although not necessarily in the long run), and provide better visibility to see upcoming obstacles or turns quickly while riding fast down a road.

  • Availability: Full faced helmets are more common than half faces because they’re used by many commuters on the road for everyday motorcycle use.

It’s important to remember that while full-face helmets do offer you better protection, it is still not enough in some states and countries to legally ride with one unless you have passed a motorcycle safety course or are considered an expert rider.

  • Costs: Half face motorcycle helmets are typically cheaper than their full faced counterparts because there is less material involved with their construction. This doesn’t mean they aren’t high quality though.

They often come equipped with all of the bells and whistles associated with more expensive brands of full-faced motorcycle helmets, such as vents for air circulation, adjustable visors, and quick-release chin straps.

  • Style: Another reason that many bikers prefer half face helmets is because they provide them with a greater deal of customization. A visor can be added to the front of a half mask if desired, and a face shield often comes equipped on more expensive brands as well.

Half faces also allow you to choose different colors for your helmet, an option that isn’t available when purchasing full-faced motorcycle helmets unless you’re willing to pay extra for custom paintwork or opt for another style besides solid color.

When it comes to design, half faces typically offer several choices including camouflage patterns, multiple color combinations, and even skull designs in some cases if the buyer desires such graphic styles.

Purchasing Tip: If you can afford it, buy both motorcycle helmets and wear whichever one you feel comfortable with on any given day. If you use your bike more for recreation purposes like riding around the neighborhood or to work, then half-faced biker helmets are probably fine.

But if you’re someone who enjoys riding fast, wearing full-face motorcycle helmets can help provide greater protection against wind noise and bugs of the road.

What Do Experts Recommend?

Experts recommend that every rider should purchase a good quality motorbike helmet regardless of whether they choose half or full-faced styles because they do offer better protection than no headgear at all.

When it comes down to choosing between the two types of headgear, it’s up to each individual biker to decide which style they want before making their final purchase.

If you’re still not sure, then talk to people who are experienced riders and see what kind of helmets they were wearing when they had their accidents.

This is one of the best ways for would-be bikers to make their choice because it will allow them to know firsthand which style of headgear they should be used in order to ensure they receive the most amount of protection possible while riding on public roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are low-profile helmets safe?

    A lown profile motorcycle helmet is generally half of a conventional full-face helmet so it only covers the top portion of your skull. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to wear a full-face helmet because they look bulky and cumbersome, low-profile helmets are indeed safe. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eMost riders still rely on these types of helmets because this will provide them with protection even in the event that they crash their bike. However, just like any other kind of helmet, there are certain factors that make one safer than others. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThus, to ensure maximum protection while riding around town or exploring new locations on your motorbike, here are some things you need to consider when buying yourself an affordable yet highly functional low profile motorcycle helmet:u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIs it made of high-quality materials? – Firstly, wear a low-profile helmet that has been made from high-quality materials. It should be sturdy and durable enough to support your head and neck in the event of an accident and it should not shatter or cause any injury.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIs it safe and protective enough? – Secondly, make sure that you pick a low profile helmet that is clearly labeled as meeting the safety standards enforced by its respective country such as DOT (Department of Transportation) or Snell Foundation. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eSimilarly, you will want to take into consideration the SHARP ratings because of this only measures how well these helmets protect your head during real crashes. The higher the rating here the safer it is for you to wear.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eCan I see properly with this type of helmet? – Lastly, have clear visibility while wearing your low-profile motorcycle helmets. Make sure you try on the helmet before buying it so that you are already aware if it covers your face properly or not. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eYou also don’t want to wear a helmet that will block your vision because this will only hinder your chances of avoiding any potential crash, especially when you are riding at high speeds.

  • Are all motorcycle helmet shells the same size?

    No, different helmets have different shell sizes. In fact, the same helmets come with multiple shell sizes to best fit the heads of the people using the helmets. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eLarger helmets have larger shell sizes, while smaller helmets have smaller shell sizes. Some helmets also come with adjustable shell sizes. All in all, the shell sizes vary, and you can choose the perfect fit from all the range of options available to you.

  • Are full-face helmets heavy?

    Not necessarily. Not all full-face helmets are heavy. In fact, companies have largely started manufacturing lightweight full-face helmets considering the comfort and convenience of the riders. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eMostly, these helmets are made using thermoplastic material which is strong as well as lightweight. With that, you need not worry about carrying a burden over your head with a full-face helmet. The helmets are essentially light, and you’ll hardly feel anything when you’re wearing them.


Helmets are utterly important for safety and protection on the roads. Full face helmets provide overall coverage and protection, which makes them best for use. 

This list of low profile helmets that we have tested has aimed to help you know all about these helmets, along with honest and detailed reviews of the best low profile full face motorcycle helmets. I hope it has helped, and you’re finally placing your order for the perfect helmet of your choice.