Best Harley Antenna: Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re a Harley Davidson motorcycle rider, you know that having the best antenna is important. After all, you need to be able to communicate with others while on the road. But what’s the best antenna for your bike?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best options and help you choose the right one for your needs. So read on to learn more!

9 Best Harley Antenna

Best Harley AntennaInformationCategory
Rydonair AntennaHeight: 7inch
Reviews: 6960+
Best Seller Harley Davidson  Antenna
AntennaMastsRus Short Rubber AntennaHeight: 6 ¾ inch
Reviews: 79
Ratings: 4.0/5
Best Flexible Harley Davidson Antenna
2 Pack Spiral AntennaHeight: 7inch
Reviews: 269
Ratings: 4.5/5
Best Looking Harley Davidson Antenna
Rydonair AntennaHeight: 9inch
Reviews: 253
Ratings: 4.4/5
Best Long Harley Davidson Antenna
Stubby AntennaHeight: 4inch
Reviews: 35
Ratings: 4.2/5
Best Short Antenna for Harley Davidson
KSaAuto Radio Stubby AntennaHeight: 4.5inch
Reviews: 77
Ratings: 4.0/5
Best Harley Radio Antenna
CravenSpeed Stubby AntennaHeight: 6 ¾ inch
Reviews: 79
Ratings: 4.0/5
Best Simple Looking Harley Davidson Antenna
Custom Flexible Rubber Fit Harley Davidson Motorcycle AntennaHeight: 4inch
Reviews: 1131
Ratings: 4.0/5
Best Aftermarket antenna for Harley Davidson

Here we have tried to compile all the best short antenna for Harley bikes. A lot of consideration and effort has been made for this, and we are bringing to you nothing but the best. The list has been compiled so that every person gets to have an antenna of their choice.  

There have been options made for the budget buyers, so you don’t have to look separately for anything. We have put together all these things in one place. Sit back and go through the list to get the antenna of your choice! 

1. Rydonair Antenna

best harley antenna
CC: Amazon

If you are an avid bike lover, then you surely would have heard about Rydonair. The company is known for making some of the best antennas for bikes, and they have been highly rated for their work. To make your Harley experience a phenomenal one and want to have nothing but the best, this is the one for you! Getting the Rydonair Antenna would be one of the quality upgrades that you can give to your bike.

This is one of the best short antennas for Harley Davidson available online. The design of the antenna is sleek, and you get to have an overall integrated design.

There is a rubber exterior with a premium feel, and the column base of the antenna is made of carbon fiber, which provides it with the durability that every antenna should have. The rubber is also flexible, and thereby it is excellent for the longevity of the antenna.  

The antenna also has a calculated metallic composition that aids in transmitting and receiving the signal. Bluetooth compatibility is also a great feature of the antenna and differentiates it from the rest. Bluetooth can be used to connect devices and transfer data or can extend the range of communication.  

The antenna is also compatible with most of the Harley bikes, so you don’t have to worry about the size or anything. The design makes the antenna easy to install and requires no extra tools. The antenna is also lightweight and has a length of 7 inches. The only negative aspect would be its price, but you get the best for what you pay!  

  • The antenna has a sleek design and easy to install.
  • The rubber exterior allows the antenna to be more durable, even in harsh weather.
  • The metallic composition allows for the better transmission of the signal.
  • It also has a handy Bluetooth feature which is very useful at times.
  • The length is 7 inches and is relatively lightweight.


  • Sleek design and lightweight
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Tough and durable


  • A bit expensive

2. AntennaMastsRus Short Rubber Antenna

AntennaMastsRus is a brand that is well known within the Harley Davidson community. There are many users of accessories from the company, and all of them seem to be reasonably satisfied with the service they get to have. This one is instead a peculiar entry in our list of antennas. 

best short antenna for Harley Davidson
CC: Amazon

The antenna provided by the company has an EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber coating on the outside.

This makes it slightly flexible and also provides a lot of durability to the antenna. This will also ensure that the antenna can stand against harsh weather and can withstand high temperatures.

The antenna also comes with a durable mount that keeps it in place even while you are riding on rough terrain.

The installation process is also relatively simple and can be installed by anyone with ease. We can say for sure that you won’t need any manual or call an expert for the installation process.

The antenna is made with a conductive copper coil that ensures the proper transmission of the signal. This will also ensure that the receiving power of the antenna is increased. The use of copper is more effective than steel or aluminum as the conductive power of copper is more.

The antenna is one of the most durable antennas available for a Harley Davidson. It is also designed in a way that goes well with the bike and is made of premium quality. If you are looking for a great short antenna for your Harley, certainly go for this!

  • The size of the antenna is six ¾ inches.
  • The design of the antenna is premium, and it is very durable.
  • The antenna is made in such a way that it looks great with a Harley.
  • The product has been highly rated by users.
  • The design is super sleek and provides easy installation.


  • Affordable Price
  • Highly durable
  • Highly rated


  • Durability is average
  • Lacks other connectivity

3. VOFONO 2 Pack 7-inch Spiral Antenna

best Harley radio antenna
CC: Amazon

VOFONO is one of the well-known names that come to your mind when talking about retro design and exceptional built quality.

The antennas from VOFONO are one of a kind and provide you with the quality you deserve. The reception that this product has is outstanding when compared to others on the list.

When purchasing an antenna for bikes, people tend to mainly have it for style statements rather than actual usability. For most buyers, the antenna’s functionality becomes a secondary thing, and the look and design is everything they ask for. This is where VONOFO becomes the best choice for everyone.

This particular antenna from VONOFO makes sure that you get to have the functionality and the style at a very reasonable price point.

This will ponder to all those people who want to buy an excellent antenna for their bikes. This product has been a sure shot success ever since it came into the market.   

With the 4 inch design, you get to have a pair of antennas that get the job done for you. Their compact size might fool some people, but they sure have the power to handle fast transmissions and also excel at receiving signals.

This product is also compatible with many Harley Davidson bikes; thereby, you don’t have to worry about anything. The pricing is justified, and you get to have only the best!

  • One of the few antennas that come in a pair.
  • The length of the antenna is 4 inches each.
  • It is also compatible and fits with most of the Harley bikes.
  • The antenna’s inside is made from high-quality metal, and the exterior has a premium rubber finish to it.
  • The installation process is relatively easy.


  • Affordable price
  • Attractive design
  • Comes in pack of two


  • Quality is not upto mark
  • Issues with reception sometimes

4. Rydonair Antenna (9-inch)

best antenna for Harley
CC: Amazon

This is another Rydonair product on the list. As already stated, Rydonair products are best that you can get your hands on for your bikes.

They make some of the best antennas and other products, and with this one, they have done a great job yet again!

This is probably one of the best antennas for Harley that is available online. With a size of 9 inches, this is, in general, a bit longer than the ones you would generally find in the list.

But to such an extent, you get to have better connectivity and a more durable body than others.  The rubber exterior is also of premium quality, which provides a lot of durability to the antenna.

The sturdy body allows it to withstand rough weather and also work appropriately during high temperatures. The inner body comprises a metal shaft that helps in maintaining the durability of the antenna.

Talking about the connectivity, you get to have an overall better connection concerning its peers because of its length.

The reception of the antenna is also great when compared to others. It may be a bit expensive, but you get to have the product that you want, and it gets the job done with ease.  The installation process is also easy. You don’t require any manual or technical support to work on that, so that’s another plus point. 

  • The length of the antenna is 9 inches.
  • The antenna comes with a sleek design and has a carbon fiber base.
  • It provides better connectivity because of its length.
  • The installation process is also easy, so nothing to worry about that.
  • The exterior is made up of premium quality rubber to withstand rough weather.


  • Better connectivity
  • Easy Installation
  • Long length


  • A bit expensive

5. Stubby Antenna

best short antenna for Harley Davidson
CC: Amazon

This is a rather strange entry into our list, but we have to cover up everything and leave no stone unturned.

So this Stubby antenna is made to look in such a way that it will replace your stock antenna but look exactly like that in size and shape, so you get to have a new one with the same design.

The best feature of this antenna is that it is manufactured and designed so that it matches your stock antenna perfectly.

This might seem simple at first but is a complicated task as the design keeps on changing, but it gets to have a good hold on that, so this is a good point.

But again, this antenna is not for those who want to have a different design from the stock antenna they already have. This is a big issue with this product because you don’t get to have any customizability, and also you are stuck with the same design.

This makes the buyers question as to why they should pay for something like this in the first place? The design may not be a bit convincing for most buyers, but you surely get to have a better performance compared to a stock antenna.

Even with a 4-inch design, the antenna can provide you with reliable connectivity and also better-receiving capabilities.  You need first to check that the antenna is compatible with your bike before you buy it. The installation process is also easy, so nothing much to work on that. 

  • Exactly the same design as your stock antenna.
  • Excellent connectivity and receiving power.
  • The installation process is straightforward.


  • Very affordable
  • Good connectivity
  • Quality is great


  • Stock design

6. KSaAuto 4.5 Inch Radio Stubby Antenna

best hidden antenna for Harley
CC: Amazon

Here is another Stubby antenna on the list. These products are popular because some of the users love to have that simple stock design on their bikes. This product is a relatively better version of the one mentioned earlier, and we will talk about how this is better than that. So this antenna has all the features that we talked about for the previous product.

It works in the same way with a similar stock design, but it gets the job done more efficiently and can be a better version of the previous product. Because of the 4.5 inch length and bulkier design on the base, the antenna can provide you with better connectivity in comparison to other Stubby antennas.

Also, unlike other Stubby antennas, this one fits every 1998-2020 Harley Davidson bike. If you are looking for a Stubby one, this is one of Harley’s best antennas.

Also, it is a known brand, so it is more trusted than others. Smaller brands usually make stubby antennas; that’s why there are many issues with them. That won’t be the situation here as you get to have a trusted brand that has been reviewed by users well.

Like the previous one, the installation process is reasonably straightforward, so no technicalities are required. Also, the antenna is very affordable when compared to others on the list. But again, you get to have the same stock design, so it might be a bummer for some people, but overall it’s the right choice.  

  • Exactly the same design as your stock antenna.
  • Excellent connectivity and receiving power.
  • The installation process is straightforward


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install, doesn’t need tools
  • Use of Copper for transmission


  • Stock design
  • Short Design

7. 2-Pack Short Whip Metal 4″ inch

best Harley radio antenna
CC: Amazon

If you want to have a robust yet simple design for your antenna, this is the one for you! This might feel a bit small at first, but this product’s application is so good that you get to have one of the best receiving and transmission power for a Harley antenna!

This is undoubtedly a product that you should look out for. The antenna perfectly fits for Harley bikes made in the year 1996-2019, so you don’t have to worry if you have any model from these years. You also get to have a pack of 2 with this, so there cannot be a better deal than this.

Undoubtedly several antennas offer better connectivity and design, but to have all this at such a price point is dream come true for every bike lover. The pricing and the features of this product make it one of the best that you can have on the market today.   

If you are on a tight budget but want to have an antenna’s basic features, then this is the best choice you can make. The antenna has been very highly rated on Amazon, which speaks a lot about its quality. 

  • You get to have a pack of 2 antennas with this.
  • The product offers excellent connectivity for its size.
  • Very highly rated across all e-commerce platforms.
  • One of the most affordable purchases that you can make.
  • Fits on most of the Harley Davidson bikes.


  • Ideal length
  • Looks stylish and attractive
  • Compatible with almost every model


  • Slightly heavy
  • Sometimes I have to face connectivity issues

8. CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna 4 inches

best antenna for a Harley
CC: Amazon

CravenSpeed is one of the biggest names in the world of Harley Davidson accessories, and this one is another great product from them.

This is one of the most trusted names in the world of bike accessories, so the quality is something that you do not have to worry about. You will surely get to have the best!

The Stubby Antenna from CravenSpeed is one of the best Stubby antennas that you can get in the market. This is probably the best. It looks better than other such antennas and provides better performance expected from a company like CravenSpeed.

The product is manufactured using a 6061 aluminum bar that provides it with high durability. Because of the compact size and the aluminum bar, this is one of the most durable antenna available online.

The internal elements used in the making of the antenna makes it much more durable than its peers. Having such a durable body, you can use the antenna on every terrain and weather condition. The material also comprises Chromium, which protects the antenna from rust and also provides durability.

You get to have all of this, and the antenna is super lightweight. The outer portion of the antenna has a black powdered finish that protects the body during rough weather. So you get to have an antenna that is strong both on the outside and inside. You also get to have a relatively simple installation process—all of this at a very affordable price. 

  • Provides better connectivity in comparison to other Stubby antennas.
  • Made from durable and robust material, so lasts long.
  • The installation process is relatively simple.
  • The outer body is protected from the weather by black covering.
  • The antenna is also very lightweight.


  • Superb in durability
  • Stylish Look
  • Best quality in its price range


  • Slightly heavy

9. 7inch Short Custom Flexible Rubber Fit Harley Davidson Motorcycle Antenna

best aftermarket antenna for Harley Davidson
CC: Amazon

If you want the overall best, then you have to go for this product. The perfect size, the ideal price, and everything else, this is undoubtedly the best you can get to have at such an unbelievable price point. We will tell you how this is the perfect option for everyone!  

Firstly, the design of the antenna is perfect for everyone. You don’t get to have a small antenna, and neither is it too big. Seven inches is the ideal size even by industry standards, so it gets full points on that. The format would enhance the look of your Harley in the first place. 

Secondly, the antenna is made from high-quality material that provides it with a durable built and high-level finish. This will keep the antenna safe during rough weather and also provide for better connectivity. The antenna’s outer body is made of premium black material, which goes well with the design.  

The installation process for the antenna is straightforward and would require roughly 30 seconds to fit. The antenna also provides on all Harley bikes made between 1989-2019, so you get to have almost every modern Harley covered in that. We don’t think any other antenna offers so much.

You get to have a pack of two at such an affordable price point is unbelievable at first, but it is true. The product has been very highly rated on Amazon, and there seem to be no negative comments about the product. 

We highly recommend this product. We went through several reviews and checked on other sites, but we couldn’t find even a single negative review. This is probably the best antenna that you can get at this price. If you are buying an antenna for the first time, definitely go with this!

  • You get to have a pack of 2 antennas.
  • The antenna has a very affordable price.
  • It fits on all Harleys made from 1989-2019.
  • The design is sleek and is made from high-quality material.
  • The installation process is quick and easy.


  • Super Affordable
  • Comes in pack of two
  • Flexible rubber used for body


  • Doesn’t fit well

Things to have in mind before buying an Antenna for Your Harley

So before you make a final choice about your purchase, you need to keep a few things in mind. There are so many different antennas available, and it becomes complicated for a buyer to make the best choice.  

In the hustle and bustle of the online market, finding the right product becomes a challenging task. To conquer this issue, you need to have a proper guide that tells you which is the best choice for your bike.

But now, there is nothing to be confused about as we will tell you those points that you need to keep with yourself while buying an antenna for your Harley.

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Go through this guide carefully so that you don’t miss out on any point. We will try to cover everything necessary before any purchase. 

The Length of the Antenna

The antenna’s length is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at it. The length of the antenna has very little to do with the looks. The functionality is the factor that gets affected more by length. We will discuss how this works in the first place.

best hidden antenna Harley Davidson

In general, there are two kinds of antennas for motorcycles, long and short. Long antennas are generally 19-31 inches long, and the short ones are 4-9 inches long. The antenna’s length depends on the frequency the antenna receives, so different lengths have their benefits.

People generally opt for small antennas, so we will talk about that more prominently here. Antennas with short lengths stay hidden and are not revealed. They solve your purpose and are a good option if you want to keep your antenna hidden. See our guide to hidden antennas for Harley

There are also small antennas of 7 and more inches that are more prominent, but since they have more length, they are better in their functionality as well. 

Which one is better, Long Antenna or Short Antenna

Both antennas have their advantages, and you can choose the one that is best for you accordingly. Generally, Long Antennas provide you with a better connection, but they are more expensive and tough to handle. On the other hand, short antennas might be a bit lesser in signal strength, but they are relatively cheaper and easy to handle and use on bikes.

The Reception of the Antenna

This might be the essential factor that you should look out for. The reception of the antenna refers to its ability to receive and transmit signals.

If you don’t consider this, you might purchase a faulty antenna that costs more and does not get the job done for you. This is like the heart and soul of your antenna.

best harley antenna
Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

The reception of the antenna allows for better transmission and enhances the antenna’s capabilities. If that’s not good, you won’t be able to enjoy your music or listen to the radio when you are on your bike.

Thereby this is a factor you need to consider thoroughly. And so, going for a radio antenna is a better option. Generally, the antennas with an integrated design offer better reception. You can check this on the description of the product.

Also, check for the number of channels it provides. The more channels you have, the better will be the reception of the antenna. Another great way of getting yourself well-versed with the antenna’s reception is to read the customer reviews. This will allow you to know a lot of things about the reception and it will help you with your purchase.  

If you are purchasing the antenna merely to enhance your Harley’s looks, you can surely not go to such lengths for the reception. The reception of the antenna is thin about functionality; thereby, it has nothing to do with the antenna’s design.

The Design of the Antenna

Okay, so this point is merely for the antenna’s looks and has nothing to do with its functionality. Generally, with short antennas, you get to have several different designs.

There are simple and straightforward, as well as intricate designs that you can choose depending on your likings. There are sleek designs as well as the spiral ones. You also get to have a bullet design, which is very popular these days.

The bullet design provides an edgy look to your bike, which most people love today. The size of that antenna is large, and it looks good on most bikes. Before buying bullet design antennas, check the other features as well because you might get the design but not the functionality.

With different designs, you get to have different compositions as well. The structure of the antenna makes it heavy or light, depending upon the material used. Generally, antennas made from aluminum and its alloys are lighter than the rest. So you can make that choice accordingly.

The Brand of the Antenna

The brand is something everyone considers before you make any kind of purchase. The same goes for your motorcycle antennas as well.

It is a general notion that more prominent and more well-known companies build better products, which is relatively true. But again, they charge you a lot of money as well, so you need to maintain a balance.

Brands like VONOFO, CravenSpeed, etc., make the right quality products, and they are trusted among the buyers as well. They offer you with suitable products and don’t charge you a lot for it. They are a great option if you want decent quality at a relatively affordable price.  

best short antenna for Harley Davidson

Then there are companies like Rydonair that make great antennas but are a bit expensive. They probably make one of the best antennas for Harley Davidson bikes, and they charge you accordingly for that. Even if you pay a lot more for such antennas, you get to have the best that’s for sure. 

Brand choice is something that depends on the buyer so you can choose any brand that fits your budget. Make sure you don’t opt for a cheaper brand because the product is affordable. This might cause problems from you, and you might end up with a faulty antenna.

The Price, Reviews, & Ratings

This might be one of the essential aspects that you need to be aware of while making any purchase. Firstly, you need to have a fixed budget for your antenna. This will make it easy for you to make the best choice as you will have to focus on only some products.

Making a cheap purchase can be a wrong decision, but make sure that you don’t spend out of your budget. Go through the reviews given by customers, and this will help you a lot in your purchase. This will also make you aware of the wrong things present in the product, so look out for those.  

Generally, a product that has a high rating and good reviews is the one that is neither very expensive nor does it have any issues, so keep your eyes open for that. Reviews can be misleading at times, so ensure that you thoroughly check everything about the product considering each point.  

In the end, make sure that the product fits your budget and gets the job done for you. There is no use of spending a lot on a product if, in reality, it disappoints you. Make ample use of the ratings and reviews as they will be a helping hand while you make your purchase online. 

What is the best antenna for a Harley?

You get to have a lot of options when you buy an antenna for a Harley. You can either opt for long antennas or the short ones depending upon your choice. There isn’t a fixed way of answering this question, but it all comes down to your preference and needs. If you want to have the best short antenna for yourself, you can check out the list. Those are some of the best short antennas available online.

How to install Harley Davidson Antenna?

The installation process for most of the Harley antennas is straightforward. There is a place on the bike where the stock antenna is present. You remove that, and you will find the amount on which you can fix the antenna. Screw up the antenna on the mount and fix it properly. This will keep the antenna in place. Then you can adjust the bolt to secure the lock, and you are good to go!

Harley Davidson bikes are some of the most renowned and highest-selling vehicles in the world. With such a long history of engineering and providing the world with only the best, they have made a big name. It is tough to find someone who has not heard about these bikes.

The article has been a detailed analysis of how you can have the best antenna for Harley bikes. We provided you with an elaborate list of antennas that you can choose from. A lot of effort has been put into compiling all of this under one article, and we are surely proud of the results we are seeing. 

All of this effort has only been put to ensure that you get only the best for your bike. If you invest in the best bike, you deserve to have the best accessories as well, and we have done precisely that for you.  

There has been a buying guide so that you can make your decision easily without thinking a lot. Most of the people get confused during the buying process, and we have made the guide to help you with that.

Some general questions have also been answered so that all your doubts are clear.  If you still want to look out more on this, you can try the aftermarket antennas. You can also hide your stock antenna if you want, and to do that you can watch this video.

We hope that all your queries have been sorted and this article has helped you with all that you needed. This is the right moment to make the purchase.

So, without waiting any longer, refer to the guide and start making the purchase! If you have any queries regarding our article, you can comment down below.

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