5 Best Touring Seats for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

When you see a touring bike pass on the open road, you instantly think of Harley Davidson. But without a good touring seat, those long hours of sitting take their toll. From spine and hip pain to a numb butt, stock seats just don’t cut it. Here are the best Harley touring seats.

Best Harley Touring Seats

1. Saddlemen Explorer

Saddlemen Explorer Seat For Harley
Our #1 pick

What we like:

  • Deep, wide contours
  • Dense foam and SaddleGel for added comfort
  • Split-cushion design
  • Reduced road shock
  • Made in the USA

The Explorer is known for its excellent two-up touring comfort. Deep contours with added width helps encourage correct posture and body position for long rides. Saddlemen also use their SaddleGel in their seat, providing a high level of comfort that makes their saddles different from the rest.

This, combined with their SaddleHyde covering and Black Magic foam gives it plenty of stretches to ensure maximum comfort for long-distance touring. The foam conforms to the rider’s body, which ensures good blood flow, resulting in fewer aches when you slide off after hours of riding.

With a soft leathery feel and complete water resistance, this is low maintenance touring seat for Harley Davidson, that reduces engine vibration for both the driver and the passenger, whilst significantly dampening road shock – ideal for long rides.

Ultimately, it is the split cushion design that supports the lumbar from the forward seat cushion. Adding independent comfort and compression takes a lot of the strain off the hip bone and tailbone.

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2. Mustang Super Touring Seat

Mustang Super Touring Seat

What we like:

  • Thick foam
  • Compatible with driver backrest (sold separately)
  • Sits the driver 1.75 inches further back than the stock seat
  • One-piece touring design
  • Made in the USA

This is a seat that allows you to get off and explore without the need to lie down at the end of a long ride, Mustang has made a seriously good touring seat for Harley Davidson.

The word super seems to refer to the comfort level as it provides added width, and sits the driver 1.75 inches further back, creating a better angle for your hips. The thick foam is seriously comfortable and ensures the driver sits higher than the stock seat while reducing numbness that can otherwise be a real pain in the…

Made in the USA, it can be used with a driver backrest which is sold separately but is easily adjustable and simple to remove. Essentially, this touring seat is well suited to Harley Davidson motorcycles that are used for long journeys where hours of driving can otherwise take their toll.

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3. Mustang Wide Tripper Solo Seat

Mustang Wide Tripper Solo Seat
Our solo seat pick

What we like:

  • Added width around the hips
  • Customizable appearance
  • The seat cover is made from synthetic glove leather
  • Looks great
  • Available with a built-in driver backrest

Made with all-day riding in mind, this will take the strain out of your body when you’re clocking up the miles, plus it looks great!

Expect a custom-cut appearance, but the ability to sit for long periods without stopping without being overly bulky. Hard riding conditions are by the Mustang Wide Tripper Solo as the thick foam cushions the feel of the road. Plus, the 12-inch seat provides more width around the hips for added comfort and places the rider a little lower and further than stock seats.

Comfort is important, but you can also have a bit of fun with the Wide Tripper Solo. It is also possible to customize your desired look. Who said touring seats have to be bulky and plain? Go for a dapper brown cover or diamond stitching – maybe you want both? Mustang has made it possible!

The cover itself is made of synthetic glove leather making it incredibly durable so when the road is tough on your Harley, it doesn’t show. It’s compatible with Harley Davidson 2004-2020 XL Sportster Models (Excl. 07-09).

All in all, anyone looking for lumbar support can find it with the Wide Tripper as it is available with a built-in driver backrest that is adjustable in all directions. A bit of a dream for solo drivers.

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4. Mustang Super Touring Seat with Driver Backrest

Mustang Super Touring Seat with Driver Backrest
Best option with backrest included

What we like:

  • Will fit with a handrail
  • Sits rider 1.75 inches further back
  • Made in the USA
  • The backrest is adjustable and easy to remove
  • Premium expanded vinyl seat cover

Looking for the best Best Touring Seats with driver backrest for Harley Davidson Motorcycles? You’ve found it. It shares the same level of comfort as the regular Super Touring Seat from Mustang but provides more comfort to hold you up when you’re enduring a long trip.

Sitting the driver a bit higher than stock and 1.75 inches back means you won’t be sore after hundreds of miles on the road.

The driver’s seat is 19 inches wide and the passenger’s seat is 14 inches wide, landing you and your passenger on the ideal saddle for long rides so when you arrive at your destination, you’re not aching all over and unable to move.

The Mustang Super Touring Seat with Driver Backrest will fit with a handrail and the backrest itself is completely adjustable. Plus, if you feel like driving without it, it is easy to remove.

The premium expanded vinyl seat cover ensures it is resistant to the elements and of course, comfortable on your backside.

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5. Le Pera Maverick Daddy Long Legs Seat

Le Pera Maverick Daddy Long Legs Seat
Best option for tall riders

What we like:

  • Contours for movement and support
  • Additional two inches of legroom
  • Maximizes lower back support
  • Carpeted seat bottom to protect the fender
  • Made in the USA

A seat for those who have a little more leg to think about, the La Pera Maverick is a great choice. It’ll take up more room, but that’s the idea. Longer stints on your Harley will be made more comfortable without having to sacrifice a low profile.

The Maverick retains a custom look and is designed to provide more room to move back for taller riders without compromising the comfort of the passenger – no more fighting for space whilst trying to enjoy the view. It gives the driver two inches of additional legroom and special contours to provide more support, perfect for touring.

The Maverick manages all this without restricting movement and it even has a carpeted seat bottom to protect the fender. Compatible with Harley Softail 200 – 2007 and more, Le Pera has fused their regular saddles to create a long-range touring seat.

It provides maximum lower back support to help encourage better posture, reducing the aches and pains of a long ride. Its shape itself is designed specifically with tall riders in mind, to give increased comfort on top of that added legroom.

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Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know the different types of touring seats for your Harley, it is important for you to know that there isn’t one seat that is suitable for every rider.

Everyone has different riding needs and for that, you might need something which is low profile, or maybe you want a touring seat. 

One thing to note when looking for a motorcycle seat is that, if you are looking for some aftermarket seat for added comfort and great ride experience, then you have to consider that it might look impractical and bulkier compared to the factory fitted one, and by far there is no seat which is low profile and that gives you the comfort for a five or six hour-long rides. 

So, if you are looking for a low-profile seat that will give you the riding comfort for a five-hour-long ride, then there is no such seat like that. The real thing you need to do here is to find what you want based on your needs.

The basis of every touring seat is to provide you with the comfort and grip that you need for a five-hour-long ride, which may be expensive. 

But, as per my opinion, these are worth paying for because, if you are not enjoying your long rides, then there is no point in owning a $20-25,000 beast of a machine. And, if spending a little more than average gives you the joy that you want, then it’s worth it!

Basics of Motorcycle Seats 

As you start your search for a touring seat for your Harley, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before making a choice.

When you go on looking for a comfortable seat with a backrest that is going to hold you comfortably for long hours during a ride, the Mustang touring seats are a great option. 

However, you may also question the size of the wide-angle seats, and for that same purpose, you have the choice of a seat without a driver’s backrest. 

So, with that being said, I think the most important factor that comes up when you are looking for a touring seat, in general, is the level of comfort that it offers, and it differs from person to person. 

If you are someone with a short physique, then you might be more comfortable in some low-profile seats, which will help you to remain close to the ground and at the same time hold you in place. 

Another thing that you might need to consider is the custom-built seats which you can customize based on your preference, and use occasionally for some long rides, and replace them with the stock ones or any other seat of your choice, for your daily and normal commutes. Well, in my opinion, this might be a great option as well!

Now, let’s dive into some of the important factors that will help you to decide your seat of choice, and pick the one best for you.

Pick your style or need first (Single-seat, Two-piece seat, Sprung saddle, King-and-Queen)

The very first thing that you keep in mind while hunting for a touring seat is the need or style that you want. And, on top of that, you need a seat that fits your motorcycle perfectly and something that doesn’t look odd. 

Now, if you are a tall person and you are looking for a comfortable touring seat that puts you further back, then you might probably consider the Mustang touring seat, which is great for taller riders above six feet. 

Another touring seat option is the low down from Mustang, which puts you closer to the ground, suitable for some short riders under 5’ 10’’ or anything around that. 

These were some of the single seats, however, if you are someone who likes to ride with a pillion, then there are different options that come with a two-piece seat for touring.

And if neither of these two are on your bucket list, then you can also go for a solo spring saddle, which makes your motorcycle look clean and elegant, and also provides you enough comfort for a solo ride. 

And lastly, there is the king and queen style of seat that you can choose from, if you are into some flashy and attractive looking outfit for your Harley, and ride with a passenger for long rides. 

These types of seats are best for long rides and provide you and your passenger a great level of comfort. However, these seats might look bulkier and might not be very suitable for short city rides. 

How long you want to ride your motorcycle

Once you have chosen your style of choice, it is time to figure out the duration of rides that you do and pick your seat according to it.

If you are someone who loves to do a long tour once or twice in a month, and in that, you probably ride for four, five, or maybe six hours straight, then it is best to invest in a good touring seat with a maximum level of comfort. 

Touring seats compared to stock ones have an added layer of cushioning in them, which helps a lot in providing you the comfort you need for long-distance touring. Also, touring seats have a dedicated backrest for the rider, which prevents back pain and fatigue after long rides.

However, if you are a casual rider and normally maneuver in and out of the city, or highways, then going for a well-buffed touring seat might not be a great option for you.

But, what you will actually need is balance along with comfort, and for this, a low-profile seat might be a better option for you. 

Low-profile seats can be best in keeping you closest to the ground, which helps in great maneuverability in busy streets, and especially if you have a big touring motorcycle.    

Materials of the seat (foam type, seat covers, design)

For touring seats, in particular, the type of material by which it is made is very important, as it determines the comfort levels in the long rides.

Be it the outer leather, internal foam, or cushioning, the material with which the seats are made plays a very vital role in determining the comfort of the rider. 

In general, leather and vinyl are the two most used materials when making seats. While leather is more durable and long-lasting than vinyl, it comes at a cost and it might lock in moisture and hamper proper ventilation for the rider. 

On the other hand, vinyl seats seem to be more comfortable, but if your motorcycle is mostly kept out and you ride in some extreme conditions, then vinyl might not be so great for you, due to the fact that they wear out easily compared to the high-quality leather seats. 

Another thing to note here is that there are many different designs that are available when you are looking for a touring seat, and they also have the purpose of enhancing styling and also providing ventilation through the grooves.

So, I would advise you to keep these things in mind before going to select any particular touring seat for your motorcycle. 

However, if you find yourself stuck in the seat that you own, and want a quick fix for that, then using a gel pad can be a corrective measure for you, as it can provide an extra layer of cushioning with the type of material that you prefer. These are two-seat pad that we can recommend:

What are the different parts of a Motorcycle Seat

You would probably question why I need to know about the details of other parts of a motorcycle seat! Well, in my opinion, if you know about the different sections of a motorcycle seat, then you will be able to understand your needs better and choose a touring seat accordingly: 

  • Pan: This is the base of the seat, and the entire cushioning, seat cover, and the other material of the seat are installed and stitched above it.

The pan is usually made up of either plastic or a steel frame, depending on the price range of the seat. Metal or steel frame is generally better as it supports the seat better and holds the rider in place. 

  • Foam: The aftermarket touring seats are generally much harder compared to the stock ones, as these are made up for long rides, and in such cases, the stock ones will sag after a long duration, which will definitely result in fatigue.

So, before choosing any kind of seat for your Harley, think about the long duration comfort that it offers. 

  • Cover: Good aftermarket seat cover comes with marine-grade vinyl or leather to protect the foam and cushioning inside the seat. Leather seats often look better than vinyl ones, but they need more maintenance compared to vinyl ones and are also expensive. 
  • Look: Now that you know about all the different parts of the seat, it is also very important how your seat looks from the outside. And look is not essentially a part of a seat, but how ergonomic a touring seat is, depends on the way it looks and feels.

Whatever seat it may be, it should always have a snug fit on your motorcycle and should not lag or look loose from any angle.