How Motorcycle Boots are Different than Regular Shoes? Are They Worth Buying?

There are many types of shoes for all types of work and they all have something that is important for that particular job, and that is why for riding a motorcycle you need to have motorcycle boots, but what makes motorcycle boots different?

Motorcycle boots have one and only work to do, i.e. to protect our feet from any kind of damage during an accident. And to do that they are covered with different kinds of protective materials, that make them stronger, lighter, and comfortable to wear compared to regular shoes.

But many new riders don’t think these motorcycle boots are important for them, but no one predicts what they are going to face during their ride, so it is better to be prepared for the worst, not for the best. And that is why there is a saying, always be prepared for a crash, not for the ride. 

There are many other things that are important for a motorcycle rider if he or she wants to be safe while riding a motorcycle, professional motorcycle riders know the worth of a good pair of motorcycle boots, but new riders think these are just a waste of money. 

Why are Motorcycle Boots Important?

Motorcycle boots are amongst the most important pieces of a complete motorcycle riding gear that saves the feet, toes, and ankles. These boots are crucial in keeping your foot safe from any kind of injury in the case of an accident. 

During a motorcycle crash, your leg can scrape across the irregular road surface, it can hit the motorcycle frame which can break your bones, or your leg can twist or bend if you are at high speeds, and a motorcycle boot can prevent all these things.

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Another common occurrence in accidents is to have the foot trapped under the bike when it is knocked off balance. While you may be thankful for escaping with your life, not having motorcycle boots could end with you suffering a painful fracture or sprain to your ankle or lower leg. 

Motorcycle boots also help keep the feet covered from factors like small stones, weather, and dirt. We have made a detailed article about how to prevent yourself from motorcycle accident while riding, you can read that to know more about how to be safe from a motorcycle accident. 

Why are Motorcycle Boots Important?

However, motorcycle boots also ensure you have a comfortable ride, without there being any undue stress on your foot. Gear shifting and rear braking are done using foot pedals, which can become strenuous over long trips. Having motorcycle boots not only helps you remain at ease but also ensures that using the pedals also becomes a seamless process.

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High-performance motorcycle boots are designed to provide improved aerodynamic efficiency and cornering, which places a crucial role in racing and track riding conditions. You can check out our Recommended Gear page, if you are confused about which one you need to buy, we have made a list of articles for you.

Most Protective Motorcycle Boots

There are different kinds of boots for every type of bike riding, and all serve different purposes as well, so it is difficult to say that one boot is best for another type of riding, and we will mention some of the most protective motorcycle boots for each type of riding.

These trendy shoes from Alpinestars are a great option for those looking for maximum protection and riding comfort while also improving the overall aesthetic. Here are a few salient features of this product.

  1. Microfiber material for upper construction provides a non-abrasive, lightweight, and durable fit. The 3D mesh configuration and well-placed perforations ensure maximum comfort and proper ventilation to keep the feet from getting too sweaty
  2. Flexible heels and insoles to allow for comfortable walking. The rubber sole provides riders with a good grip on the pegs and pedals, while an integrated sole shank provides great sole rigidity.
  3. It has a toe box and heel counter integrated into the chassis of the shoe to provide maximum impact protection to the rider. 
  4. Trendy black and red design look stylish with other riding gear, also goes with casual fashion trends.

The O’Neal Rider boots are designed for riding in the dirt track and trail. It keeps the mud and water out of the boots. There are a single Velcro closure and water-resistant gaitor just above the third buckle. When you ride through the muddy trails, the sole gives a fair amount of grip for support. We have made a detailed O’Neal Rider Boot Review, you can read that to know more about this one.

  • Injection-molded plastic plates give protection against sudden impacts.
  • The metal shank inserted gives an excellent shape to the boot and adds support.
  • Snap lock adjustable four buckle closure system, which is easy to operate.
  • The Interior side has an air mesh with a fair amount of heel support.
  • Cushion insole for extra comfort.
  • Synthetic leather heat shield to prevent heat damage caused by your bike.
  • Dimensions are 20 x 1 x 8 inches and weigh 6 pounds.
  • Touring: Joe Rocket 1377-0012

These are some of the best and affordable touring motorcycle boots then one can found, it comes with all kinds of protection with synthetic leather outer body, waterproof, reinforced gear shifting. You can read more about this from here.

  • Casual or Classic Motorcycle Boot: Timberland PRO Pitboss

This one is the best seller product and is affordable as well, if you are looking for a small boot for your casual rides then you can pick this up easily. I also own this for more than 3 years now and I have no issues to this date. Check more details about this product from here.

Why are Motorcycle Boots Expensive?

Motorcycle boots are safety equipment that has been researched, developed, and refined by many brands over the years. They are meant to protect the rider’s feet as well as ensure they have a comfortable ride while using the boots. 

The developments include making the materials lighter but ensuring it retains or even improves the safety aspect of the rider, ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency, and so on. Materials like Kevlar and carbon fiber have found their way into motorsport boots. 

While they offer the best of weight and impact protection features, these materials are premium and expensive. This makes motorcycle boots quite an expensive buy.

Another reason why these boots are so expensive is that they undergo rigorous testing and certifications by governments to get the required safety rating. As a result, these boots go through multiple design changes over the course of time. 

This includes improving the balance, protecting stress and fracture points, testing the durability of the fabric and the straps, and so on. These factors only add to the cost of your motorcycle boots.

There are very few options for Motorcycle Boots for Women, but we have handpicked some of the Best Motorcycle Boots for Women, you can read that article if you are searching for a boot for your soulmate.

Best Budget Motorcycle Boots

These boots from the legendary motorcycling company are perfect for those looking for a great casual look. Here are some features that make it an amazing pair of touring boots with looks to kill.

  • The boots come in a dual-color option, with a premium feel to it thanks to its leather construction. The boots also have the classic Harley-Davidson insignia that will make anybody instantly recognize the brand. The shoes work great for full touring gear as well as casual wear looks while having an unmistakable inspiration for rugged hiking boots.
  • The shoes have a Goodyear rubber sole that is slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant. This offers the best grip on the pedals while riding, as well as improved safety and comfort while walking. 

These boots from Bruno Marc are a good choice for riders looking for a touch of elegance and class. Here are a few features which make it ideal for those with touring requirements.

  1. The durable rubber sole makes for comfortable foot positioning on the pes, giving you a sturdy grip while riding.
  2. The leather exteriors are durable, with a zipper and laces to ensure a secure and snug fit around the foot. The interiors are cushioned, with a comfortable 1-inch heel providing support and protection to the ankle and heel of the rider.
  3. The boots have a vintage design, which looks great for riding. It is also available in multiple colors, allowing you to pick boots of your taste.

These high boots by Alpinestars are a great choice for track riders and racing enthusiasts. Here are some features of these sporty boots that stood out.

  1. Protection for the foot as well as the calf area for superior safety. These boots also include a toe box and abrasion-resistant microfiber material that improves impact protection.
  2. The boots have multiple vents and a zipper system along with a velcro strap system. This ensures the boot is well ventilated and secure, making sure the rider is comfortable. The ergonomic design also allows riders to have improved feel and control.

These racing boots are ideal for riders looking for footwear that is track and race-ready. Listed below are a couple of features that make these boots ideal for young riders looking to improve the quality of their ride.

  1. The boots have injected molded plastic within the frame, as well as metal shanks inserted into the boots. This not only helps retain the shape of the boot but adds great safety to the lower legs of the rider while ensuring the rider’s comfort is not compromised.
  2. The boots have a breathable mesh fabric and a four buckle-strap enclosure system to ensure the most secure fit for the rider. The boots also have good padding for the heel as well as moderate grip soles to ensure optimum grip on the footpegs during racing and off-road uses.

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