How to Clean a Dirt Bike Chain (Best 3 Ways)

After an adventurous ride on the muddy and rocky roads, your dirt bike chain must be caked with mud, and your dirt bike chain finally calls for a clean-up. But if you don’t know how to clean a dirt bike chain, then you are in the correct place.

Well before starting with the cleaning process of a dirt bike chain, one must know that it is a very comprehensive task requiring spare time and undivided attention to the details to complete the job with utmost precision.

It should be made clear that to prolong your dirt bike chain and sprockets’ life, you should ensure that they are cleaned at regular intervals. If you are doing a one-day ride, it will be best to lube it the day before you ride as it will give the oil some time to soak overnight.

And if you are up for an adventure ride or doing a multi-day ride, then you will surely not be getting a chance to clean it, so at the very best, you can lubricate it at the end of every day.

Well, people usually don’t dwell in this cleaning up process and instead leave it to a professional dirt bike chain cleaner. But one should know how to clean bike chains to save some money in the long run.

Moreover, there are two ways in which you can clean your dirt bike chain. The first alternative is to clean the chain by keeping it attached on the bike itself, and the second one is to clean the chain by removing it from the bike.

But people prefer the first option mostly. But if your dirt bike chain is caked with thick mud, then you have to remove the chain from your dirt bike to clean it.

How to Clean a Dirt Bike Chain

This whole cleaning process is a matter of a few minutes, but it needs delicate handling of the parts. Well, now let us know how to properly clean and lubricate a chain on a dirt bike:

#1. The Quicker and effective way to clean a dirt bike chain.

How to Clean a Dirt Bike Chain
  • At first, put your dirt bike on the stand with its rear wheel off the ground.
  • Then it is recommended using “Motul 103243 C1 Chain Cleaner,” as it is the best motorcycle chain cleaner, specifically designed for cleaning dirt bike chains.
  • Then spray the “Motul 103243 C1 Chain Cleaner” cleaner on the outside and the inside of the chain as you rotate the rear wheel of the dirt bike for at least one full rotation of the dirt bike chain.
  • After that, leave it for a few minutes so that the chain can properly soak the cleaner.
  • Now, use a rag to wipe off the dirt from the chain.
  • To clean the places that are hard to reach, use a stiff-bristled brush, and make sure not to push dirt into the dirt bike chain.

#2. The elaborate and best way to clean a dirt bike chain.

how to clean bike chain

This method can be applied when you are at home and have lots of spare time. Well then, let us find out how to clean a dirt bike chain in a more detailed and elaborate way:

  • First, remove the dirt bike chain and immerse it into a container filled with kerosene and then give a good scrub to the chain.
  • Then with the help of a hose, rinse off the mud and dirt. And remember not to use a pressure washer since kerosene cannot dissolve dirt, and because of this, we use hot water.
  • Then use an old brush, precisely any type of stiff-bristled brush, to clean the ‘O’ ring or ‘X’ ring chain, as they have the lubricant sealed inside them, so, for this reason, it is recommended not to use a wire brush as it will damage the ‘O’ rings.

#3. Let us know how to lubricate the dirt bike chain:

how to properly clean and lubricate a chain on a dirt bike
  • Make sure to keep the bike on the stand and rotate the back wheel.
  • Then spray the lube on the outside as well as on the inside of the chain, for at least a full rotation of the dirt bike chain.  
  • Ensure to lubricate the rollers present in the center of the chain that runs on the sprockets.
  • And then don’t forget to spray on the ‘O’ rings, to stop them from drying out.

 NOTE: Remember not to over lubricate the chain because it will cause the chain to flick off and attract more dirt.

Things you need to clean Bike Chain

Motul 103243 C1 Chain Cleaner” cleaner is the most suitable product, specifically designed for cleaning dirt bike chains, especially the ‘O’ rings. It is the best motorcycle chain cleaner used by most of the professional riders.

If you don’t have a proper dirt bike chain cleaner, then you can also use kerosene as it is perfect for dissolving the chain lube. And remember, not to use petrol or carb cleaner – especially on an ‘O’ ring chain as it will lead to swelling of the ‘O’ rings.

how to clean a dirt bike chain

A stiff-bristled brush is needed as it is perfect for cleaning the dirt from the ‘O’ rings gently. And restrain from using a wire brush as it will damage the ‘O’ rings. You can also buy a specialized chain cleaning brush on Amazon if you so desire.

  • Use a hosepipe to rinse off the dirt and mud from the chain and keep in mind not to use a pressure washer. Moreover, it is recommended to use hot water for cleaning.
  • The “Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Cleaning set” is perfect as it comes with a mini-chain lube that can be carried easily in your bum bag or hydration pack. It is the ideal product for adventure riders as it is compact. One can get around 5 to 6 lubes out of the can, easily refilled from the large can.

Related Questions:

  • What can I use to clean my dirt bike chain?

    To clean your dirt bike chain, you should have the following things handy:u003cbru003e1. Dirt bike chain cleaner: “u003ca class=u0022rank-math-linku0022 href=u0022 103243 C1 Chain Cleaneru003c/au003e” cleaner is recommended.u003cbru003e2. An old cloth or rug.u003cbru003e3. A stiff-bristled brush.u003cbru003e4. A hose pipe.u003cbru003e5. A lube: The “u003ca class=u0022rank-math-linku0022 href=u0022 70-749203-3PK Chain Cleaning setu003c/au003e” is recommended as it is the best product for lubricating a chain on a dirt bike.

  • What’s the best way to clean a dirt bike?

    To properly clean a dirt bike, follow the following steps:u003cbru003e1. First, cover the exhaust openings of the bike with an exhaust plug or tape.u003cbru003e2. Then tape the air box openings.u003cbru003e3. Then with the help of a pressure washer, wash the bike and rinse off the dirt, make sure to aim downward at a 45-degree angle.u003cbru003e4. Then use a foam sprayer and spray the cleaner on the bike and with a soft brush and Scotch Brite pads, scrub and clean the bike.u003cbru003e5. Then again, was your dirt bike using a pressure washer.u003cbru003e6. Then dry the bike.u003cbru003e7. Then with an air hose, dry all the bolts and nuts.u003cbru003e8. Lastly, apply lubricant on the kick starter and the chain and then roll the tier forward.

The dirt bike owners should know how to clean a dirt bike chain and a dirt bike to enhance the speed and durability of the bike.

And knowing these processes will help in cutting down future expenses. So the dirt bike owners should manually assess how frequently they should be cleaning and lubricating the dirt bike chain.

In this article, we have tried to help you know how you can clean a dirt bike chain, and we hope this article has helped you. You can watch this amazing video by the Tokyo Offroad as well.

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