These are the Best Motocross Braces & Knee Guards

No one can predict the nature of riding, and a ride can become a crash spot in a heartbeat. But, that doesn’t mean you stop motorcycling, instead what you do is invest in some real-life-saving gears that can protect you from severe damages.

And it doesn’t end here! Read on to find out more about the various features and protection that each one of these knee braces and knee guards offers while riding and also how it protects the rider from serious knee injuries and fractures during a crash. 

When you reach the end, you will find an elaborated difference between a knee guard and knee braces, so that you can decide the best one of them as per your preferences. 

Best Motocross Braces

Knee braces can be considered a lot different from a standard pair of knee guards, for the fact that it provides better protection and a special hinge mechanism to mimic the natural movement of the knee.

This mechanism can be really helpful if the rider has suffered a previous knee injury or also in cases where the rider just opts for some added protection and knee movements.  

Knee guards come in a variety of ranges and offer different hinge mechanisms to suit every niche of riders wearing them. There are knee guards designed for people with slim knee structure, and there are knee guards in the market which are tailored to fit riders with chubby and healthy knees and thighs. 

Whatever be the case, knee guards are aimed at providing maximum movement to the rider’s knee alongside providing him with excellent crash protection. Read on to learn more about the five best knee braces for motocross. 

1. EVS Sports Unisex-Adult Axis Pro Knee Brace

The Axis Pro Knee Brace sits in the pro-line-up knee brace category and that seems evident from its sticker price of above $750, but it is way cheaper on Amazon around $550.

However, with that price, it does provide that kind of value and comes with an aluminum frame with carbon fiber upper and lower cuffs compared to the plastic ones in the lower sports model. 

These carbon fiber elements add to the rigidity and thermal resistance and protect the rider in extreme crash scenarios. 

Best Motocross Knee Braces

This pair of knee braces are usually made for professional riders, who need the ultimate safety standard when it comes to motocross, and they don’t mind spending a couple of 100 dollars extra for it. 

However, the main selling point of the EVS Axis Pro knee brace is the Tru-motion 2.0 hinge with dual alloy hinge technology which is pivoted at two points, used to mimic the natural movement of knees.

The hinges are designed in such a way that it moves forward with the knee along with the circular motion while bending. 

From a user review who is also a professional rider, it was evident that these knee braces passed all the tests and challenges while riding, and he also did a twisting test to examine the resistance to crashes, and it turned out that these braces did pretty good in the test which could have been catastrophic in real-life scenarios.  

All in all, many things go with the EVS Axis Pro knee brace, but some things might not appeal to some of the riders. For your reference, I have made a list of things that I like and the things that I don’t with the EVS Axis Pro knee brace. (Click here to know the latest price from Amazon)

Things I like

  1. Carbon fiber upper and lower cuffs
  2. Aluminum chassis.
  3. Tru-motion 2.0 hinge
  4. Hyperextension lockout 3.0
  5. Sharkskin inner liner

Things I don’t like 

  1. Expensive compared to the rivals~750$
  2. Might feel bulkier to some riders.
  3. Replacement might be very expensive

2. Leatt Brace C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces

Next up on the list, we have the C-Frame Pro carbon knee braces by Leatt. These braces come with a C-Frame technology, which provides three-point force distribution to the knees during hard contact with any surface to limit knee injuries (ACL, Meniscus, and MCL). 

Also, lab-tested built-in fracture points make the chassis break before the bone of the rider gets fracture, to enhance safety at any cost. 

This kind of safety standard ensures the rider fully exploits the potential of his motorcycle with support from knee braces in case of unfortunate events. Other highlights of these braces include the carbon shin plate just like the EVS Axis pro ones, to provide greater rigidity and safety from the crash.

Best Motocross Knee Braces
CC: Amazon

However, compared to the EVS Axis pro, these pairs of knee braces come at a much lower price point of around $450, which adds to the benefits it offers. 

From a user’s perspective, one thing which comes in handy with these knee braces is that due to the C-frame structure, there is more space for the knee to fit in, and also it feels like there is nothing between you and your motorcycle. But, they do support your knees during the ride and provide good comfort while riding. 

Also, as per my convenience, these knee braces include the variation in size from small to 2XL, which gives a wide range of options for you to choose from, depending on your knee size and overall physique. 

Now, let’s sum up the features of these Leatt C-Frame Carbon knee braces and find out whether it is suitable for you or not. I have made a list of things that I like and the things that I don’t so that you get a clear idea of it: (Click here to know the price of this brace from Amazon)

Things I like

  1. Unique C-Frame technology
  2. One part replacement
  3. Affordable than the EVS Axis pro
  4. Red clips for Hyperextension
  5. Carbon fiber lower half
  6. Varying size range- Small to 2XL

Things I don’t like 

  1. C-Frame is heavier compared to others
  2. Feels bulkier while riding
  3. Might feel loose by riders with thin legs and knees

3. Mobius X8 Knee Braces

This pair of knee braces cost around $600 mark and come with a lightweight, low-profile design with a nylon shell. The upper and lower part of the braces have a little flex in them due to the nylon, and it helps to enhance comfort for the rider. 

In terms of the hinge mechanism, the X8’s come with an overlap design with a locking mechanism, which covers the entire knee of the rider at all times.

Another interesting thing about the X8’s has to be the backplate, which comes with a system called CCRS meaning Continuous Cable Routing System, which adjusts the fit of the knee with a single turn of the CNC forged aluminum dial in the center. 

Best Motocross knee Braces

This helps to protect the ligaments from injury and also protects the back portion of the knee, as it has better grip and protection compared to the other knee straps from different knee braces.

The Mobius X8’s also come with three padding sets for the rider to choose from, ranging from thick to thin, depending on the size and preference of the rider. 

From a user’s perspective, these pairs of braces provide a comfortable fit and have no pressure points that might hamper the comfort.

Although in some long riding conditions, some riders experienced some movement due to sweating, so I recommend using knee brace socks in such situations. (Click here to go to the Amazon page for the updated price)

For some of the other pros and cons of these Mobius X8 knee braces, let’s have a look at the things that I like and the things that I don’t:

Things I like

  1. Provides full coverage with the overlap design
  2. CCRS improves grip and protection
  3. Comes with three padding sets
  4. Lightweight and low profile
  5. Locking mechanism for hyperextension 

Things I don’t like

  1. Might pinch the rider pants due to the overlap design
  2. Nylon shell is less rigid compared to carbon fiber on its counterparts

4. EVS Sports RS9-BK-LP Men’s Knee Brace

The EVS sports RS9 knee braces come in a budget category of under the $300 mark, and the company promises some pro-level features in these pairs of braces. For the build, these braces are made up of poly fusion polymer chassis with a two-piece, and it uses hard plastic for protection. 

This build ensures a lot of flex to the rider and also provides a very lightweight design to enhance maneuverability. Like the Axis pro, the EVS sport also comes with the same Tru-motion 2.0 hinge design coupled with dual-hinge alloy, pivots at two different points which follows the natural movement of the leg. 

Also, the sport knee braces have adjustable lockout from 0-30 degrees with an interval of five degrees each. This helps to prevent any kind of knee injury due to the twisting and turning of the knee during or after a crash. 

Best Motocross knee Braces

From a user’s standpoint, these are considered good entry-level knee braces. But, with that being said, many riders have complained about the elastic straps of these braces, which feel too weak to hold your leg properly during a ride, and also do nothing to prevent hyperextension of the leg. 

Also, many of them have complained about the knee braces being cracked after just a single crash, resulting in poor build quality. This one is the most affordable knee brace and comes below the $250 on Amazon. (Click here to find the latest price from Amazon)

Now, although the EVS sports are a good entry-level pair of knee braces, they have their own set of flaws. I have made a list of things that I liked and the things that I don’t for you to decide whether these knee braces fit your criteria or not: 

Things I like

  1. Lightweight and easy to handle 
  2. Affordable
  3. Provides a good amount of flex to the rider

Things I don’t like

  1. Quality issues reported by the users
  2. Plastic build might not prevent good crash resistance
  3. Elastic straps not upto the mark

5. Leatt Brace X-Frame Knee Brace

Here’s another pair of knee braces from Leatt which comes with an X-Frame chassis. This chassis provides a dual-axis guard with dual hinges on both sides, which means that the upper and lower part of the braces can move independently during a ride. 

Also, another highlight of these braces has to be the one-part replacement that Leatt offers, which makes it easier for you to replace one part instead of buying a new set of braces. Also, the X-frame braces come in a size range from small to extra large, trying to cope up with the riders with larger knees. 

Leatt Brace X-Frame Knee Brace

These pairs of braces are also medically tested to prevent ligament and knee injuries in case of severe crashes of the rider. This ensures that the quality of these braces is trustable and also you won’t find quality issues with these braces over a certain period. 

Also, while reading a user’s review, I found out that Leatt offers a choice of different sizes of braces for the left and right sides, making it convenient for the riders who have suffered previous injuries. (Check Latest Price from Amazon)

Additionally, at least have kept the braces thin on either side, so that it doesn’t dig into your leg while riding, and I found this very convenient for me. Now, let’s sum up the pros and cons of these X-frame knee braces by Leatt and figure out whether it would be a good buy for you or not: 

Things I like

  1. Dual-axis guard with dual hinges
  2. One part replacement
  3. Medically tested

Things I don’t like

  1. Slight pressure from the knee cup while bending 
  2. Not-so-easy wearability
  3. Slightly on the expensive side

Best Motocross Knee Guards 

It’s not always necessary that you are going for a long motorcycle ride and need to gear up at your best capacity.

For such casual riding days, be it inside your town or a small ride on a highway, you still need an ample amount of protection for any kind of unfortunate event, and in such situations, knee guards come in handy and also offer you protection as compared to none. 

However, when we compare knee guards to knee braces, the braces always have a superior position in the protection and crush resistance for the rider. Up until now, you have come across a wide range of knee braces to choose from and decide on. 

However, if you think that you might need an extra pair of knee guards for some casual rides or you are into something that offers a good amount of protection for a minimalistic design and price, here comes the list of some of the top knee guards, with their pros and cons, which might help you to make a perfect choice. 

Leatt Dual Axis Knee and Shin Guard 

The first up on our list is the dual-axis knee and shin guard from Leatt. These are dual sport riders and provide a good amount of comfort to the rider due to the dual-hinge system provided by the company. 

Along with this, these knee guards come with TPU protection for resistance towards crashes and provide a soft cushion to the rider’s knees for long motorcycle rides. 

Talking about the price, these knee guards come under $100, which is far less than the knee braces we discovered earlier. However, one cannot expect the same amount of comfort and protection from these as compared to its knee brace counterpart from Leatt. 

Best Motocross Knee Guards

From long-term user reviews and my own experience, I can say that these pairs of knee guards fit perfectly and are made up of good quality material. (Click here to read customer reviews on Amazon sales page)

Also, they do not slide around the knees during a ride, which is a must for any pair of knee guards and knee braces. However, these pair of knee guards have their set of pros and cons and I have listed them down below:

Things I like 

  1. A comfortable set of knee guards
  2. Great build quality
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Quick-release mechanism
  5. Dual hinge design

Things I don’t like 

  1. Not so good thigh support 
  2. Pivot points create wear and rips in pants

Fox Racing Titan Race Knee/SHIN Guard

Next up on the list, we have the Titan Race knee and shin guard from Fox. These pairs of knee guards provide mid-level protection to the rider and are made from plastic material.

In terms of protection, these knee guards cover the rider’s knee from the lower thigh to the shin and are made up of mesh material covered with bio-foam for protection and comfort. 

With all these features, this pair of racing knee guards come at a price point of $35, which is much affordable compared to its rivals.

However, it does provide a good amount of grip from the Posi lock system, which is used for keeping the velcro intact during the ride and ensuring the utmost stability and comfort to the rider. 

Best Motocross Knee Guards

From a user’s point of view, these pairs of knee guards offer an overall good comfortable fit with no sharp edges obstructing the movement of the knees during the ride. Also, I found these knee guards to be very sturdy and rigid, considering the price point in which it comes. 

With that being said, some cons come with these pairs of knee guards. The top one being the difficulty in getting in these guards due to the Posi lock, but once the knee is fit properly, then it offers a good amount of comfort during the ride. 

This one is the most affordable knee pad and yet very great (Click here to know the updated price from Amazon). Now, let’s sum up the pros and cons of these knee guards and list the things that I like and the things that I did not. 

Things I like 

  1. Affordable pair of knee guards
  2. Comfortable
  3. Decent build quality
  4. No sharp edges 

Things I don’t like 

  1. Difficult to get in
  2. Might not offer great crash resistance

Alpinestars Men’s SX-1 Knee Guard 

This pair of knee guards from Alpinestars offers a lot of things from knee braces which come at a much higher sticker price than these. The SX-1 comes with a dual gear system same as the knee brace to provide maximum maneuverability to the rider, alongside providing good levels of comfort while riding. 

Along with the dual gear system, the SX-1’s also comes with ventilated holes throughout to allow for air circulation in hot conditions, which prevents the rider from getting bruises and marks from the knee guards. 

Best Motocross Knee Guards

With a price point of $120, these are a little on the higher side as compared to its rivals, but at the same time, it provides much more features and protection when compared to other knee guards.

Along with this, this pair of knee guards CE rated for protection and also comes in a choice of small to 2XL for different shapes and sizes. 

All in all, these pairs of knee guards provide a great deal, and as a user, I do recommend going with these pairs of knee guards. However, from my experience and from other riders too, I have noticed that these knee guards might feel a little uncomfortable at times, and for this, a knee sleeve is recommended. 

This knee pad is a little expensive, it is available for $110+ right now, but the price fluctuates a lot (Click here to know the latest price from Amazon). Now, let’s dive into the pros and cons of these knee guards and determine whether they are a good buy or not.

Things I like

  1. Great fit
  2. Solid protection
  3. CE rated
  4. Variation in sizes

Things I don’t like 

  1. Not very comfortable for long rides

Fox Racing Titan Pro Knee/Shin Guard

Last up on the list we have the Titan Pro knee and shin guard from Fox. These are impact protection knee guards which are made up of a lightweight material including foam, padding, and shock absorption coating inside the guards. 

Best Motocross Knee Guards

Also, the Titan Pro comes with a three-part hinge design containing the biometric hinge to support the rider’s knees during a ride. I think that these pairs of knee and shin guards provide a good level of comfort and protection to the rider, compared to the not-pro version that Fox offers. 

From a users point of view, I think that these pair of knee guards offer a good amount of ventilation while riding and doesn’t cause sweaty knees after a long ride, however, the velcro position in these knee guard might not be very comfortable for everyone as it doesn’t offer great support at the portion around the shin. 

With a sticker price of around $80, the Titan Pro knee guards have a lot to offer and when I talk about the user’s perspective, I found these pairs of knee guards to offer great protection, with a great amount of ventilation on offer. (Check the latest price from Amazon)

However, these too have some things that I don’t like from my experience, and I have listed those things down. Make sure to read that before you make a choice!

Things I like 

  1. Biometric hinge design
  2. Offers great ventilation
  3. One size fits all
  4. Offers a good amount of protection with the shock absorption material

Things I don’t like

  1. Velcro not good enough on the bottom
  2. Not very comfortable due to the velcro placement

Difference between Knee Brace and Knee Guard

Now that you have read this so far and went through all the five different types of knee braces and four different types of knee guards, it’s time to decide which one to pick that perfectly fits your criteria and budget. 

While knee braces are expensive, they provide an overall greater amount of comfort and protection to the rider than the standard knee guards. However, it might not always be a need to wear knee braces, especially when you are just traveling in the city or maneuvering around casually on the street. 

And knee guards do just that, provide you with the optimum amount of safety in every situation that you put them in, and protect your knee from getting seriously injured in case of a fall or a crash. But, this amount of protection will only serve the riders who are riding their motorcycle at city speeds and do not fall into the stunting or speeding category. 

So, it is very important for you as a rider to figure out your needs and the conditions in which you are going to ride your motorcycle, and what amount of protection you need from your knee guards or knee braces. 

When we talk about knee braces, in particular, we are looking at some serious amount of protection and comfort and any pair of good knee braces will protect your knee from getting damaged fairly from a severe crash scenario, which might be more probable in motocross or racing situations. 

With that being said, it is your final decision to choose from the sea of options available for purchase, and which one to pick based on your riding preferences. And, as far as my opinion goes, I would always recommend investing a little extra in the safety department whenever you plan your motorcycling budget. 

So, if you are into any kind of sport or motocross that involves challenging situations and you are at risk of any kind of crash, then it is most advisable to invest in a good pair of knee braces. The $400-500 above price point might feel high initially, but considering the job that it does, it does offer a good cost-to-value proposition in my opinion. 

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